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Emily Quinn, whose Real-Life name is Alexandra, is a member of Pegasus Fleet. She currently commands the USS Vesta within the fleet, and has two additional active characters, along with one staff and two PNPC characters.


Playing Characters
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Liarra Von Starbase 332

Staff Characters
Director of Research & Development R-a2.png Rear Admiral Emily Quinn
Galactic Anthropology Committee Member W-blank.png Dr. T'Lexa
Protected Non-Player Characters
Engineering Intern Y-c3.png Cadet Junior Grade Allison Price Starbase 332
Flight Instructor - Fighters File:W-o2.png Lieutenant J.G. Lynsi "Blaze" Mason Starbase 332
Inactive Characters
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Valerie Palmer USS Vesta
Executive Officer R-o5.png Commander Alana Tovan
Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Kendra Varas
Marine Commanding Officer G-o4.png Major Zhy'len Tarias

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