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{{Shipclass |color = Blue |image= |name= Nor-class |duration= 100 years |resupply= 5 years |refit= 10 years |role= Starbase |length= |width= |height= 368.8 m |diameter= 1451.82 m |mainheight= |overallheight= 969.26 m |decks= Main Structure - 98, Total - 250 |cruise= |max= |emergency= |crew= |officers= 250 |enlisted= 1600 |marines= 100 |civs= 5000 |passengers= |evac= |dockingcap= 24, consisting of:

  • 6x large docking pylon ports
  • 3x medium docking ring ports
  • 9x small docking ring ports
  • 6x landing pads

|bays= 3 |yachts= |garrison= |shuttles= *3x Hunley class

|runabouts= 6x [[Danube class |transports= *1x Argo class

|fighters= |phasers= *48x Type IX Array (rotary)

|launchers= *66x Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher |torpedoes= *5000x Photon Torpedoes

|shields=*Auto-Modulating Shielding System

|other=*Ablative Hull Armour

}} The Nor class starbase is a Cardassian designed space station used by the Federation before and after the Dominion War. Two notable Nor class starbases are Deep Space 9, positioned at the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole, and Templar Station, lying at the mouth of the Veridan Corridor.

General Overview

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 Station Commander's Office, Operations Center, Transporter
2 and 3 Deflector Array, Polarised Graviton Generator, Primary Communications Array, Upper Sensor Array
4 Senior Officer Offices, Emergency Medical Facilities
5 Upper Promenade, Observation Deck, Holosuites 1-4
6 Central Promenade, Security Office, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Replimat, Transporter Rooms 1-3
7 Lower Promenade, Atmospheric Chemistry Subsystem & Airflow Handlers, Fluid Storage
8 Merchant Stockrooms, Armory
9 Science Labs
10 Escape Pods, Quartermaster's Office, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Upper)
11 Atmospheric Chemistry Subsystem, Airflow Handlers, Fluid Storage, Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Upper)
12 Arboretum, Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 1), Conference Rooms, Upper Landing Pads (Pads A-F)
13 Secondary Medical Bay and Noncritical Care Wards (2), Station Counselor's Office, Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 2), Transporter Rooms 4
14 Computer Core (Upper), Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 3), Transporter Rooms 5, Landing Pad Access (Pads A-F), Tractor Beam Emitters
15 Computer Core (Mid), Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 4), Transporter Room 6, Conference Rooms
16 Computer Core (Lower), Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 5), Escape Pods, Defense Sail Access
17 Duty Operations Officer/Engineer of the Watch (EOW), Engineer's Mess, Residential Quarters (Habitat Level 6), Gymnasium, Natorium, Upper Cargo Bays (Dock Level 1)
18 Residential Quarters, Residential Recreation Facilities (Habitat Level 7), Cargo Bays (Mid), Cargo Transporters (Dock Level 2)
19 Cargo Bays (Lower), Upper Shuttlebays, Airlock Maintenance (Dock Level 3)
20 Cargo Handling, Dock Maintenance Offices, Main Docking Ring Ports, Main Shuttleabays (Dock Level 4)
21 Cargo Bays (Upper), Lower Shuttlebays, Shuttle Maintenance, Airlock Maintenance (Dock Level 5)
22 Cargo Bays (Mid), Shuttle Storage, Cargo Transporters (Dock Level 6)
23 Cargo Bays (Lower) (Dock Level 7), Transient Quarters
24 - 25 Transient Quarters, Secondary Science Labs, Enlisted Quarters
26 - 30 Marine Barracks, Training Facilities, Additional Holding Areas
31 Emergency Medical Facilities, Equipment Storage
32 - 98 Ore Processing, Ore Storage, Waste Reclamation, Fluid Stores, Engineering Access, Tertiary Sensor Grids, Communication Arrays, Secondary Computer Core, Fusion Power Core Assembly, Emergency Core Ejection Bolts, EPS Management

Starships Commissioned

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