Mihmaetes Karrisan

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Mihmaetes Karrisan was the first Laerai of the Gemini Sovereignty and is also famous for having stopped a way that lasted a thousand years on his planet when he was only twenty-nine years old. He was born around the year 21640 BC and died at the age of seventy-eight around the year 21562 BC. He was originally the monarch of Terraneses, a medium-sized nation on his planet. His homeworld was Gemini Alpha and later his great-great-grandson also served as Laerai and was responsible for the colonization of Gemini Beta.

General Information

Physical Description

Mihmaetes was of avereage height for men of his time and area, and slightly on the slender side due to the fact that he cared more for his subjects having enough to eat than himself. He held himself with the regal poise of his station though he also had a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a warm grin for anyone who needed it. Like all Geminites, he had blue skin, and his hair was green and his eyes a shade of purple.

Personality Profile

Mihmaetes was a kind and generous soul, and his faith believed that all life was sacred though war did exist. The constant state of war weighed on his mind, though his advisors told him it was necessary. He liked to laugh and enjoy life, not just the finer things, but also the little things such as playing with his children and spending time with his wife or parents, because he never knew when one of them might be taken from him.


  • Father: Kaetaeren Karrisan
  • Mother: Maetares Karrisan
  • Wife: Shailao Karrisan
  • Children: Kaetaeren II (S), Shirae (D), Nihmouben (S)



Mihmaetes was born into a world at war, around the time that the world was fighting itself to extinction. The people could not see past their hatred of one another, including his father, Kaetaeren. Kaetaeren was always on the front lines with his men, fighting alongside them and not asking them to do anything he wouldn't do himself. This eventually led to his death shortly before Mihmaetes was born. Maetares gave birth a few days later and then was forced to act as the queen until her son became of age. Mihmaetes was alswyas with his mother, learning and growing into the kind leader that he would become. Maetares told her son that she wanted to find a way to stop the fighting but didn't see it. Hearing this from his mother would start the desire in the young ruler that would eventually bring peace to the Geminite people.

As a teenager, Mihmaetes trained for the Hi-Nehm, a trial of athletics that came every two years in Terranses. The finest athletes in the nation competed for food, mony, medicine, and the blessings of their gods. Just before he came of age, Mihmaetes won two events before finally taking the throne.

Adulthood and Taking the Throne

Mihmaetes took the throne from his mother at the age of 25, the age of adulthood for Geminites, and pledged that he would attempt to find a way to stop the continuous war. This was met with both approval and outrage as many in Terranses were tired of the wars, but others were bitter from the loss of loved ones. Mihmaetes traveled the world, asking the other rulers to stand down with him to end the wars. Some laughed at him while others threw him bodily from their homes. But Mihmaetes had not been taught to give up.

Three years into his reign as king, the scientists of their world proclaimed that if the fighting did not end the entire race would be extinct in 200 years. Mihmaetes was the most alarmed by this news, and came together with his friends in the nobility and the parliament to attempt to find a way to convince the other leaders of their world to stand down. One of his closest friends said nothing short of standing down themselves would convince the other nations, while another wondered why they couldn't come together as Terransesa did in the Hi-Nehm. And the idea was born.

A Leader For All the People

Mihmaetes withdrew his confused troops back within his own borders and ordered them to make children with their wives to ensure the survival of their race. The other kings and leaders, seeing this, were confused at first, and then cautious. Terranses had been winning almost every war that they had fought and they wondered why the Terransesa were suddenly giving up. Then Mihmaetes sent a message to every nation: Terranses would host a series of athletic games inside their borders, where the other athletes' safety would be guaranteed. If the other athletes won, Mihmaetes would award them food, medicine, and money for their families. The other nations were cautious, but accepted. The Hi-Nehm worked, and from then on it was hosted again every two years. Old grudges could be carried out through the games instead of violence.

Ten years after this, Mihmaetes approached the other nations to form a world government made of the various nations' leaders. They hesitantly agreed, and the new world government was established. Because of his contributions to the safety and survival of the Geminite race, Mihmaetes was elected to become the first Laerai. He served his people well, and always made sure that he kept their interests above his own.

Six years later, at the age of 46, Mihmaetes retired from public service and went to school to become a doctor. He wanted to save lives now instead of ending them. His wife, Shailao, disagreed and said he should become a judge instead. But Mihmaetes was set on becoming a doctor to help people instead of killing them. His children saw this and learned from their father the same lessons that he had learned from their grandmother. Shailao bent to the inevitable and agreed to get a job until Mihmaetes had finished school. His schooling was finished in 4 years as Geminite schools did not require one to learn subjects unnecessary to one's desired occupation. The people saw his dedication to life, and thus the new era of peace and life was born.

Later Life

Mihmaetes' love and hobby of painting had inspired many young people to become artists and others to become architects or writers, poets, sculptors, or other artisans. A few put their art into furniture such as putting a song around the edges of a desk. Mihmaetes would have bought them all if he could, but restrained himself. His love of medicine also inspired more people to become doctors and attempt to save lives and help save the Geminite race from extinction. He could not have been prouder of his people. His sons became leaders in the Terranses area for politics, holding to the same values as their father, while his daughter became a scientist.

Mihmaetes died at the age of 78, surrounded by his wife, children, and grandchildren. He is still known as the greatest leader Gemini Alpha has ever had.