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|Status=Waiting for Crew
|Status=Waiting for Crew
|TF=[[Task Force 44]]
|CO=[[Mecatl Qian|Commander Mecatl Qian]]
|CO=[[Mecatl Qian|Commander Mecatl Qian]]
|XO=[[4 of 6|Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6]]
|XO=[[4 of 6|Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6]]

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USS Sphinx
Technical Details
Class: Centaur-class
Registry: NCC-60009
Role: Cruiser
Status: Waiting for Crew
Task Force: Task Force 44
Task Force CO: Position Vacant
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Mecatl Qian
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6
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  • "...Just because it doesn't make sense to you, doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense."

~Professor Penelope Stonum

The USS Sphinx (NCC-60009), is a Centaur class Federation starship currently assigned to the Eleventh Fleet (also know as "Pegasus Fleet), as apart of Task Force 44 currently under the command of Commander Mecatl Qian, a joined Human/Trill hybrid.

Ship History

First commissioned on stardate 41152 in 2364 at the Androsa Prime Fleet Yards, she was the fourth in an order of seven ships commissioned by Starfleet Command to explore the Rilakk Expanse; a previously unexplored region of space far from the edge of the Federation Boarder (at the time). Unfortunately, seven months into her mission, she was attacked by a previously uncontacted species, whom attacked and disabled her while answering a distress call from a Triakian Freighter. While she was able to destroy the attacking vessel, her life-support systems had been disabled, forcing her crew to abandon ship and await rescue on a nearby Class M Planet. It wasn't until ten years later that she was recovered by another starship, USS App'lachia, while exploring the Rilakk Expanse. When the USS App'lachia searched the planet for her missing crew, their search came up empty. They then spent the next two weeks searching all of the surrounding planets and star-systems within a two-lightyear radius, with no luck.

After being returned to the Seta Adrenas Ship Yards for refit and repairs. After her relaunch in early 2375, at the height of the Dominion War, she was reassigned as a Red Squad training vessel and sent to patrol the Federation Boarders. After several months of patrolling, the Sphinx was again attacked and heavy damaged, but not before destroying the Cardassian Warship which had attacked them. While the damage to the ship, was severe, they were still capable of limping back to port for repairs. However, while on-route, a mutiny broke out among the Red Squad Cadets over who should be in command following the captain's death: The ranking Chief Medical Officer, or the Red Squad Cadet whom had assumed the bridge at the very end of the battle. Eventually, the mutiny escalated to the point where it took the arrival of another ship, the USS Nagarjuna and her captain to subdue the situation and return the ship to port.

Following her return to starbase, the Dominion had agreed to sign a Peace Treaty, effectively ending the war. Seeing as there was no longer any need for a warship, the Sphinx was sent to the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards to receive another upgrade and refit; this time, for peace. This time, she was retrofitted with the latest science and research facilities before once again being sent out on a new mission of exploration, where she served her time until she was mothballed in 2378.

Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer R-o5.png Commander Mecatl Qian
Executive Officer R-o4.png Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6
Second Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Security and Tactical
Chief Security & Tactical Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Chief Operations Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Chief Engineering Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Chief Science Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Medical and Counseling
Chief Medical Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Chief Counselor File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Chief Intelligence Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Diplomatic Detachment
Chief Diplomatic Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
Marine Detachment
Marine Commanding Officer File:B-blank.png Position Vacant
391St Starfighter Wing
Group Commander File:B-blank.png Position Vacant

USS Sphinx Missions Log

USS Sphinx Missions
Mission 0: Recommissioned Recommissioned
Mission 1: Shakedown by Starbirth Shakedown By Starbirth
Mission 2: A Crack in the Stained Glass A Crack in the Glass

USS Sphinx Missions by Type
Main Missions Recommissioned
Upcoming Missions Shakedown By Starbirth A Crack in the Glass
Pegasus Fleet Story Arc Missions None
Guest Appearances None
Miscellaneous Missions None

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