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===Strengths & Weaknesses===
===Strengths & Weaknesses===
+ Strong-Willed
+Physically Fit<br>
+Especially loyal and caring to those close to her.<br>
+Intelligent, open minded<br>
+ Caring
+ Confident
-Overly Emotional<br>
- Stubborn
- Overemotional at times

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Jailynn Beckinsale
Biographical Information







2357 (34)

Physical Description



112 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet




Played By:


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Lieutenant Jailynn Beckinsale is a Federation Starfleet officer serving at Starfleet Security Headquarters.

Physical Description

Jailynn is a tall woman with long smooth blonde hair that sits down to her mid-back and hazel eyes. She has an athletic build from years of physical training from her time in the Marine Corps.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jailynn is what some would consider rough around the edges. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she will not bow down to those that think women cannot do the same tasks as men. Jailynn enjoys physical activity and is not afraid of a challenge.

However despite her brash attitude Jailynn is easily approachable and her devotion to the well-being of her friends and family is unending and unconditional. She would gladly put herself in harms way for them.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+Physically Fit
+Especially loyal and caring to those close to her.
+Intelligent, open minded

-Overly Emotional


Myralia simply seeks to help others see their way through their problems.

Hobbies & Interests



Federation Basic


A Younger John Constantine

Father: John Constantine - Armed with a no-nonsense personality and a strong work ethic. John taught the girls the importance of hard work and the fruits of such labor. He did not agree with Anastasia's more positive outlook on the universe preparing and educating the girls on the perils that existed outside of Betazed. He wished them to see the universe for what it was and not as a 'fairy tale'.

Anastasia Constantine

Mother: Anastasia Constantine - A strict feminist who instilled the importance of a good heart and a strong will into her daughters. Anastasia always told the girls not to think themselves as less than men and that determination could drive them to an unseen potential. Her nurturing personality would manifest itself differently on each sibling however it would not be lost on either. Myralia would hone this trait as the baseline for her future progression into counselling and expertise in PTSD whilst Veronica would mask it instead choosing to use it only when Myralia was not watching.

Commodore Veronica Constantine

Sister: Commodore Veronica Constantine - Lieutenant Constantine's sister Veronica currently serves as the Commandant of the 11th Fleet's division of Starfleet Academy. The two share a turbulent relationship with Myralia often submitting to Veronica's dominant personality. Myralia believes the once friendly competition as children has no turned into a heated rivalry over whom is the better sibling. However recent events have made Myralia question this as she has found Veronica in close proximity to her when she is faced with troublesome situations especially prevalent during her transfer to the 11th Fleet. Despite the rivalry Myralia will always rush to her sister's aid and most recently stopped Veronica from resigning her fleet position during a troubled episode.


Early Years

Myralia was born in a rural community just outside the Betazed capital on July 27th 2355. She was the second child to John and Anastasia Constantine whom had another girl, Veronica 3 years earlier. Her early years were filled with nurturing care from her parents and given all the pleasures that a small child of Betazed could want. However when Myralia was five, the Constantine's left Betazed when Anastasia's mother on earth became gravely ill and her father was unable to care for her. Without thought, the family picked up and moved to the rural farm on earth.

It was in these years that followed that a rivalry between Myralia and Veronica began to form. The two sisters were always in direct competition for the approval of their parents but often Veronica would bear over the younger Myralia. At times Veronica would become overly tough on her smaller sister spatting harsh criticism and giving her 'tough' lessons such as having to deal with lesser injuries to herself on her own.

Some, most likely her parents would have disapproved of this unseen rivalry and the actions of Veronica however it would serve to build the backbone of Myralia's strong will. Unlike Veronica, Myralia would openly exhibit the same nurturing attitude passed onto her from her mother. Once her mother had tripped on a rock and scraped her knee and Myralia came running with a fresh towel and bandage to dress the wound.

Into the teenage years the sibling rivalry would continue but Veronica soon believed herself to win over Myralia as when Veronica reached eighteen she left the farm to join Starfleet. Although the act made Myralia jealous as she could not join at the age of 15, she still wished the best for her sister and was sad to see her leave.

At age 16, Myralia met up with her first love in the form of her classmate Jason Stillman. The relationship began as a typical high school crush but Myralia's betazoid heritage gave her a maturity beyond most females her age and as such the relationship soon blossomed within the coming year.

Upon reaching the age of 17, Myralia had moved away from the farm to an apartment in the city with Jason much to the pleasure of her parents whom shared the strong Betazoid beliefs. After Myralia had settled in with Jason she soon found it hard to find herself coming to ground so quickly. The prospect of marriage and children made her uneasy as she felt she had so much to give to the world and others, but she had not yet had the opportunity.

Shortly following her 18th birthday after living with Jason for one year he proposed to her. As much as Myralia loved him and wanted to say yes, her heart could not bring herself to betray him and mask her real intentions and as such, she told him that she could not marry him, because she belonged in Starfleet. 2 Weeks later, Myralia was on her way to Starfleet Academy as a Counselling cadet.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy

Her first year at the Academy would prove tough as it was her first time at a great distance from her family and her heart was still aching over her shattered relationship with Jason. While her studies would not falter, Myralia often found herself alone in her room left with only her thoughts. It was during this time that a small group of her classmates noticed her distant behaviour and would introduce her to a social practice she had never been privy to in her life...alcohol.

In her later years in the Academy, when she was not studying for exams or partaking in sessions she would be out with her friends at the local bar. It was during this time that Myralia picked up her premiscuous streak. She because extremely flirtatous and her increased hormones would often lead her to the rooms of a male in the bar.

In her final year in the Academy. Her turbulent lifestyle began to show as her techniques became more unorthodox and her emotions at times ran wild. While the instructors would be concerned at first in time they realized that Myralia's strong will and nurturing attitude overtook when a person showed great need and as such, she graduated with honours with the instructors noting that a heart could not be refined, but technique could.

Thus she was given her first assignment aboard the USS Olympus.

USS Olympus

Her first assignment aboard the Olympus would be spent in an apprentice role taking notes about the techniques and basic duties of a counselor aboard a Starfleet vessel. Although the Chief Counselor had read over her personnel file before Myralia's arrival she took the troubled teen under her wing keep her focused on counselling vice the temptations of boys and booze. Her assignment would last three years after which her good service was rewarded with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and move to the USS Plymouth.

USS Plymouth

As a counselling officer on the Plymouth Myralia was now entrusted to care for patients on her own only needing to file reports with the Chief Counselor. This would be where Myralia would first become exposed to a condition she would soon specialize in, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Her first patient was a Security Officer whom had suffered from the condition as a result of the loss of a friend on his last assignment. The man was suffering from flashbacks and at times he would daydream on shift and hear voices. His supervisor was beginning to see him as a liability and even went so far as to suggest he be released from Starfleet. Myralia went to the XO and ensured him and the CO that this officer would recover with time and treatment, instead a compromise was found and the officer was able to move to administrative duties whilst Myralia tended to him. The road to recovery was long but her persistence resulted in his full recovery and a commendation from her CO. With this came a promotion to full Lieutenant however instead of an assignment to a new vessel Myralia instead requested a transfer to Starfleet Medical where she could continue her studies into PTSD.

Starfleet Medical

This peculiar request triggered the interest of her sister Veronica whom always kept an eye on her younger sister despite getting her first taste of Command as Executive Officer of the Night Hawk. Although she still succeeded her sister in both position and rank Myralia would be doing something Veronica felt she would never get the opportunity to and it woke up her jealous streak. This would drive her to visit her sister at Starfleet medical and try to convince her to return to a ship citing that the being away from front line duty would stunt her career. Myralia however would not be deterred by her sister's apparent deception and instead would go on to write several papers on the condition. At first the community was not receptive to her techniques and ideas however they would soon warm up when the treatments were tested and with the success of her former patient her paper soon became heralded.

Once her tenure at Starfleet medical came to an end, she would personally inform Veronica of her promotion and assignment to the newly commissioned deep space ten. It was her way of showing her sister that she would no longer be overshadowed by her flag officer sibling and would instead define her own life.

Deep Space Ten

Deep space ten would prove her biggest challenge. She had been assigned to the station to deal with Captain Dorin Kilus, the former Admiral plagued by his past and recently captured and tortured by members of the Hand of Helsa most notably Gul Morat whom sought revenge on Kilus for the death of her father. She knew her battle would be uphill as Dorin was now forced to work in the very environment he was tortured in. While he did not suffer from flashbacks or any other severe symptoms he was extremely resistant to treatment shutting her down at every turn insisting he was fine and accusing her of being a federation tool to remove him from command.

To add to her complications Kilus gave her the added responsibility of station second officer and to help organize the incoming Betazoid ambassadors shifting her focus away from his treatment. Frustration would get the better of the counselor and a heated argument with Kilus confronting him of his condition resulted in her being relieved of duty. That night Myralia would turn to her vice once again and her intoxication lead to an injury from a bar brawl. Lieutenant Commander Gibbs would care for her injured comrade and in a surprising twist Commodore Veronica Constantine would ensure Myralia was reinstated to her former position.

Following the incident Myralia and the crew turned their attention to the Betazoid debate where again trouble would find the turmoiled station. An explosion injured the federation ambassador and killed the station's executive officer. Myralia would now be required to fill the role and investigate the death.

However the eye of Starfleet namely her sister Veronica pleaded that a more experienced and sound executive officer was required to stabilize the station and better guide the troubled Kilus. As such Myralia was transferred only 6 months into her service and subsequently demoted until it could be proven she was ready for the burdens of command.

Her next assignment would be aboard the USS Eisenhower as Chief Counselor in the eleventh fleet. It was the hope of command that Myralia would be able to regain her focus away from the chaos of Deep Space Ten.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2373-2377 Starfleet Academy
Counselling Cadet
2377-2381 USS Olympus

2381-2384 USS Plymouth
Lieutenant JG
2384-2387 Starfleet Medical
2387-(Mid) 2388 Deep Space Ten
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Counselor/Second Officer/Acting Executive Officer
(Mid) 2388 - Present USS Eisenhower
Chief Counselor