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Serena Vance
Biographical Information







2360 (31)

Physical Description



103 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet




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Lieutenant Commander Serena Vance is a Federation Starfleet officer currently unassigned.

Physical Description

Serena is a slender woman on a tiny frame. Her long flowing brown hair reaches down to her lower back and her deep black eyes are typical of a betazoid.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Serena is a caring individual with a bubbly personality always caring for others and giving herself to any situation or person. She sometimes has a tendency to become too personal with others and devote too much of herself to them. This causes her to become especially heartbroken. She also is unable to explain the 'voices' in her head and tends to verbalize what they are saying without realizing the consequences nor the nature of the words.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Loyal
+ Caring
+ Intelligent

- Has no verbal filter
- Doesn't know she's a Betazoid


To find out where the "voices" are coming from.

Hobbies & Interests

- Reading - Researching various mental disorders which cause "voices"


Federation Basic


Father: Jethro Vance -

Mother: Katherine Beckinsale -

Commander Alexandra Vance

Half-Sister: Commander Alexandra Vance - Commander Vance currently serves as the Executive Officer aboard the USS Calypso in the 7th "Theta" Fleet.


Early Years

Early Life

Serena was born in 2060 to Jethro Vance and Deanna Dalera on a fringe colony near the planet Betazed. During a vacation, Jethro became overly intoxicated and met with Deanna leading to an eventual intimate encounter. A night of passion and alcohol would result in the accidental pregnancy and eventual birth of Serena. Ashamed of his actions and fearful of Kimberly's reaction to what had transpired, Jethro fled the colony with Kimberly leaving Deanna and Serena alone.

In another tragic turn of events, Serena's mother Deanna was killed in a terrible farming accident when Serena was only 2 years old. The colonists came together and raised the young child in Deanna's memory devoting themselves to ensuring Serena was given a loving, caring childhood and given the skills she would need to survive.

Serena would take into her mother's footsteps very early learning the basic skills such as cooking, cleaning and the responsibilities of being a member of the colony.

It was in her early teens she became interested in technology and computer work. She would see the men tinkering with the various farming equipment and transports and instantly became enthralled by it. This would be the path that led her to the academy.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy

Serena entered Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen as an Engineering Officer. This is also when she first discovered the "voices" in her head that would fill her thoughts in a room. She had no idea where these voices originated or why it took eighteen years for them to appear. All medical scans determined she was in perfect help and she was allowed to continue her work.

Although Serena had a high aptitude for engineering she found that the "voices" would assist her in the diagnosis and engineering process aiding her to avoid frustration as the toughest problems were solved by "a voice".

Her marks excelled as such and her study was limited allowing her to venture deeply into the social gatherings of the academy. In her second year she met a human named Mark and fell head over heels for his charm and good looks. However the relationship only lasted a month when a voice sounding coincidently like his told her that Mark thought she was a psychopath. When Serena approached Mark about this he reluctantly confirmed her suspicions and was equally devastated by his cold-heartedness and having her heart broken. Following this she would get deeply involved in her work avoiding intimate relationships for fear of having her heart broken once again.

Two years later she would graduate and be assigned to the USS Orion.

USS Orion

Serena's first tour of duty was aboard the Orion and she was nervous not only for her first taste at an actual assignment but also of the medical personnel finding out she heard voices. She did her best to keep this a secret from anyone however her inability to filter her words often got her in trouble. Regardless her superiors felt it was simply inexperience as her engineering abilities were quite remarkable. She was able to perform complex engineering tasks with little trouble and could often be left to work on her own with little to no supervision. A such after a three year tour her CO reluctantly promoted her to Lieutenant Junior Grade and she was assigned to the USS Aurora.

USS Aurora

Now taking on the responsibility of a junior leader Serena was tasked with developing the young ensigns into skilled technicians preparing them for a career in star fleet. While her teachings were technically sound once again her thoughts and lack of self-preservation created an obstacle for her and the learning process of the students as her criticisms of the young officers were made known. Some would become stiffled by this method while some would improve upon themselves through it. Her superiors while thinking it awkward felt it was a necessary step in the development of their young officers and as such rewarded Serena with a promotion 2 years later to full Lieutenant. Only this time she would join Starfleet's Research and Development department.

Research and Development

The change of atmosphere from a bustling starship to the solemn confines of Research and Development headquarters came as a comfort to Serena. The "voices" became less frequent allowing her to place an increased concentration to her work. During her time in R and D Serena worked heavily with new technology for warp drive and even developed a modification to increase the efficiency of conventional warp drive by twenty percent. Her superiors were increasingly impressed by her technical aptitude feeling she had mastered her trade and would need to take the 'next step'.

As such Serena was sent from R and D to undergo Command training. Serena knew this would take her out of her comfort zone and was reluctant to accept at first however she knew the Federation had a higher purpose for her and accepted nonetheless.

One year later she would find herself assigned to the USS Nimitz as Executive Officer.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2378-2382 Starfleet Academy
Engineering Cadet
2382-2385 USS Orion
Engineering Officer
2385-2387 USS Aurora
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Engineeering Officer
2387-2389 Starfleet Research and Development
Engineering Consultant
2389-2390 Starfleet Command Academy
Command Training
2390-2391 USS Nimitz
Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer