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| colspan="2" | [[Jacob Byrne]]
| colspan="2" | [[Jacob Byrne]]
| align="center" style="background:#6A0C05; color: #dddddd" | '''Starfleet Command Officer'''
| [[Image:R-a1.png]]
| colspan="2" | [[Richard Gates|Commodore Richard Gates]]
|-style="text-align: center; font-size:8pt; width: 100%;"
| align="center" style="background:#6A0C05; color: #dddddd" | '''Commanding Officer'''
| align="center" style="background:#6A0C05; color: #dddddd" | '''Commanding Officer'''
| [[Image:R-o6.png]]
| [[Image:R-o6.png]]

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Inactive Characters
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer R-a4.png Admiral Roman Sanchez Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Benjamin J. Byrne
Executive Officer R-o5.png Commander Brian Ratchford Chief Science Officer T-o4.png Lieutenant Commander Nilani Prax
Chief Medical Officer T-o4.png Lieutenant Commander Samantha Jones Chief Medical Officer T-o4.png Doctor David Deschanel, MD
Chief Intelligence Officer S-o4.png Lieutenant Commander David Murdoc Marine Commanding Officer G-o4.png Major Ryan Grimes
Chief Security and Tactical Officer Y-o4.png Lieutenant Commander Thomas N. Byrne Chief Engineer Y-o3.png Lieutenant George Carlstrom
Chief Tactical & Security Officer Y-o3.png Lieutenant Rosaria Corsi Chief Operations Officer Y-o3.png Lieutenant Elraim Dalsur
Security Officer Y-o2.png Lieutenant JG Zam Stott (Deceased) Chief Operations Officer Y-o1.png Ensign Jennifer Lockheart

Operations Officer Y-o1.png Ensign Lhamepha Kitonuh Geologist T-o1.png Ensign K'tan Jur
Private Investigator W-blank.png James Wilson
Background Characters
Benjamin Byrne's Grandfather File:TNGR-o5.png
(Last known)
Commander Robert G. Byrne

Benjamin Byrne's Father
W-blank.png Dr. James R. Byrne Galactic Anthropology Committee
Benjamin Byrne's Mother
W-blank.png Dr. Annika Byrne

Benjamin Byrne's Sister
Science Officer
T-o3.png Lieutenant Elizabeth Byrne Deep Space 8
Benjamin Byrne's Sister
W-blank.png Dr. Natasha Robinson

Benjamin Byrne's Wife W-blank.png Sarah Byrne
Benjamin Byrne's Son W-blank.png Jacob Byrne Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Alan MonRoe USS Antarctic