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Staffing Structure

  1. The head of the Fleet Operations department shall be the Chief of Fleet Operations; a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty as defined by the Constitution.
  2. The Chief of Fleet Operations shall be assisted by Task Force Commanding Officers; one for each active Task Force.
    1. If they so wish, the Chief of Fleet Operations may choose to serve as one of the Task Force Commanding Officers in addition to their PFA role.
    2. Except in cases where a replacement Task Force Commanding Officer is being sought, the Chief of Fleet Operations should not serve as TFCO for more than one Task Force.
  3. Task Force Commanding Officers may be assisted by a Task Force Executive Officer, who shall act as the Task Force CO’s deputy in all Task Force matters.

Chief of Fleet Operations

  1. The Chief of Fleet Operations (CFOps) shall be a voting member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty
  2. The CFOps shall coordinate all Task Force activities with the Task Force Commanders and ensure that TFCOs are actively participating in the management of their Task Forces and that good ideas are able to be shared freely between Task Forces
    1. To help accomplish this, the CFOps should maintain at minimum weekly contact with each TFCO
  3. The CFOps shall have the responsibility to appoint Task Force Commanding Officers for any active Task Forces, following a confirmation vote from the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
    1. Wherever possible and practical, appointments should be made following an open application process conducted amongst the fleet COs. Direct appointments should only be made under exceptional circumstances.
  4. The CFOps shall be involved in all CO applications, and coordinate the processing of these applications with the relevant Task Force CO.
  5. The CFOps shall handle transfers of sims between Task Forces where applicable.
  6. The CFOps shall serve as the final stage of approval for all items pertaining to the Task Forces which do not require a vote of the PFA or approval by the Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer.
  7. The CFOps shall submit a monthly report to the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Task Force Commanding Officers

  1. Each operational Task Force within Pegasus Fleet shall be led by a Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO)
  2. The TFCO shall be responsible for all aspects of running their Task Force, including but not limited to:
    1. Collection of monthly CO reports
    2. Submitting of monthly Task Force report
    3. Management and upkeep of Task Force section of Pegasus Fleet Forums
    4. Management of Task Force social media presence
    5. Processing Commanding Officer applications in conjunction with the CFOps
    6. Referring prospective COs who require it to the Command Academy and liaising with the Academy Commandant/Instructors on their progress
    7. Management of Task Force Story Arcs
    8. Maintenance of Fleet Operations Record-keeping in cooperation with the CFOps
    9. Monitoring of sim manifests to ensure the manifest on the sim's website matches up with the manifest on the IFS
  3. TFCOs shall be responsible for the appointment of a Task Force Executive Officer for their Task Force, if the Task Force is of sufficient size to warrant one (as defined by the CFOps).
    1. Wherever possible and practical, appointments should be made following an open application process conducted amongst the fleet COs. Direct appointments should only be made under exceptional circumstances.
    2. Task Force Executive Officers should be considered as TFCOs in training, and be treated as such; it shall be the TFCO’s responsibility to see to this on-the-job training.
    3. The TFCO’s selection of TFXO is subject to an approval vote of the next individual up in the chain of command. For most TFCOs this will be the CFOps; where the CFOps is also the TFCO, this will be the PFCO
  4. TFCOs should work actively in collaboration with COs in their Task Force to ensure all sims are active and that COs are receiving all of the help that they need.
    1. TFCOs should maintain regular contact with all of their COs. Contact should be maintained on at least a monthly basis, but the TFCO should aim for weekly contact unless circumstances make this impractical.
  5. TFCOs shall have the responsibility of promoting COs in-line with eligibility guidelines determined by the CFOps.
  6. TFCOs should ensure that the CFOps is made aware of any new developments within their Task Force and amongst their COs, and should not rely solely on weekly contact from the CFOps to raise issues.

Task Force Executive Officers

  1. Each Task Force Commanding Officer shall have the option to appoint a Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO) if their Task Force is large enough, as determined by the CFOps.
  2. TFXOs shall be the assistants to their respective TFCO, and shall assist them in all aspects of running the Task Force.
    1. The TFXO’s principal job is to handle the minutia of Task Force administration, freeing the TFCO up to deal with the larger issues.
    2. A TFXO is however considered a TFCO in training, and should not be excluded from any area of Task Force management
    3. The TFXO’s specific duties shall be determined by their TFCO, and may change on an as-needed basis
  3. As the TFCO’s deputy, the TFXO shall assume the responsibilities of the TFCO temporarily if the TFCO is on leave or otherwise unable to perform their duties.

Organisational Structure

Task Forces and Areas of Operation

  1. Each Task Force shall have a pre-defined area of operations (AoO).
  2. Sims shall not be forced to write within this area of operations, but the AoO shall be the basis for all Task Force Story Arcs
  3. The Task Force Area of Operations shall be defined by the Chief of Fleet Operations.

Niche Task Groups

  1. A niche Task Group is a group of sims defined by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty (PFA) to be a home to simulations that do not fit within the standard timeline, era or genre of Pegasus Fleet’s main sims.
  2. There shall always be at least one Niche Task Group within Pegasus Fleet.
    1. The Niche Group may be housed within an existing Task Force, or if large enough may form a Task Force of its own.
    2. Additional Niche Task Groups may be created by order of the PFA.
    3. There shall be no more than one Niche Task Group per Task Force.
  3. Niche Task Groups shall be the only Task Groups to exist within the Task Force structure; all other sims shall come directly under the Task Force Commanding Officer
    1. If approved by the CFOps, the Niche Task Group may be permitted to have a Task Group Commanding Officer. A TGCO is not necessary to the running of the Niche Task Group.
  4. Niche Task Group sims are considered to be special concept sims. As such, COs should be ready to provide a detailed plan of their sim concept when applying for a command within such a group.
  5. As they are separated from the main timeline and genre sims, Niche Task Group sims do not need to follow established Pegasus Fleet Canon.
  6. As per the Constitution, a player shall be permitted to hold a maximum of two commands within Pegasus Fleet, providing that one of them is hosted by a Niche Task Group.
    1. Secondary commands must be approved by a vote of the PFA
    2. A CO may only apply for a second command if they have held command of their existing sim for a minimum of 6 months, and their existing sim is considered active by fleet standards.

Issued: 26/06/2015 Updated: 21/08/2016