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|name= Task Force 11

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Task Force 11

2386 - Present

Part Of:

11th Fleet

Command Staff

Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers


Task Force 11 is an organizational structure within the 11th Fleet, with its headquarters on Cestus III.

Task Force History

When the 11th Fleet was reconstituted under Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez in 2386, Task Force 11 was the first Task Force to be formed within the fleet's organisational structure. For a long time, the task force was the only one in the fleet, with its headquarters shifting between the Starfleet Command complex on Cestus III and Starbase 332 in the Archanis sector. The task force had to deal with a wide variety of issues in the region - it had been without a dedicated Starfleet presence for a decade, and lawlessness had risen unchecked. The Tholians had also began to prove more active in the region near the Federation border, and the Klingon-Gorn Cold War which had been ongoing since 2376 showed no signs of abating, with the neutral systems between the two powers potentially in the crossfire.

The task force was joined by Task Force 44 in 2389 as the fleet expanded operations closer to the Federation core worlds, but as Starfleet re-evaluated its fleet distributions in 2390, it was once again left as the only task force within the 11th fleet.

Klingon-Gorn War

As the intensity of the Klingon-Gorn Cold War escalated, Task Force 11 was forced to intensify its presence in the region directly around Cestus. When Rear Admiral Gates was appointed to head up the fleet's operations arm, he took up residence on Cestus and command from the Starfleet Command complex there; a different approach to most of those who came before him, who often commanded the Task Force from their own starship commands or starbases. More ships began to be assigned to the task force, and patrols were increased along the borders, with more frequent patrols out into the gulf of space that separated the Klingon and Gorn territories. When the Gorn attacked the Klingon worlds of M'Char, B'rel and Q'tahl, Task Force 11 was the first Starfleet unit to respond, sending ships in to Klingon space to assist those that made it out of the battles alive. The Gorn attacks were a complete surprise to the Klingons, and reports suggested that the Gorn had been joined by Ritorian and Tzenkethi ships too - a disturbing report if true, as any ships from either of those powers would either have to travel through Federation space in order to reach the Gorn Hegemony, or take a very lengthy trip around - a trip of a few months for the Ritorians, and years for the Tzenkethi. As a long trip seemed unlikely, Starfleet stepped up intrusion detection methods in an attempt to stop the supply line of ships to the Gorn war machine.

Area of Operations

While Task Force 11 ships are not restricted to any single area of the galaxy, the primary focus area for the Task Force is around the fleet's headquarters on Cestus III in the galactic south. The region has rarely been patrolled consistently, and stretches out sporadically, with most of the systems having been discovered and colonised during Starfleet's golden age of exploration, where starships were sent on five year missions and followed by colony ships. Between the start of the Dominion War and the 11th Fleet's establishment to the region, the area lacked a dedicated Starfleet presence, and systems saw an increase in lawlessness that the few forces remaining were unable to prevent. The situation has improved dramatically since Task Force 11 began regular patrols, but the region is still far from the safe bliss of the core worlds.

The region of space Task Force 11 focuses on is bordered by the Klingon Empire and Gorn Hegemony in the Beta Quadrant, and the Tholian Assembly and Ritorian Confederacy in the Alpha Quadrant.

Major Powers

Task Force 11
Vessels of TF11 USS TomcatUSS AsgerUSS ChurchillUSS Powell
Bases of TF11 Starbase 332
Major Species/Locations Archan systemCestus IIIGorn HegemonyKlingon EmpireMetron ConsortiumRitorian ConfederacyThe SojournersThaneTholian Assembly

Task Force Commanding Officer History

R-a2.png Rear Admiral Richard Gates 2391 - Present
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Gabriel Estabar 2391
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Jilrak 2391
R-a3.png Vice Admiral Veronica Constantine 2390-2391
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Jonathan Hansen 2389-2390
R-a3.png Vice Admiral Kellin Reynolds 2388-2389
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Alexander Gunning 2388
R-a3.png Vice Admiral Mark Reinhart 2386-2388
R-a1.png Commodore Robert Shafto 2386