Veronica Constantine

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Veronica at Age 9

Veronica was born in a rural community just outside the Betazed capital on February 15th 2352. She was the first child to John and Anastasia Constantine whom had another girl, Myralia 3 years later. Her early years were filled with nurturing care from her parents and given all the pleasures that a small child of Betazed could want. However when Veronica was eight, the Constantine's left Betazed when Anastasia's mother on earth became gravely ill and her father was unable to care for her. Without thought, the family picked up and moved to the rural farm on earth, returning to Betazed two years later following the death of Anastasia's Father.

It was in these years that followed that a rivalry between Myralia and Veronica began to form. The two sisters were always in direct competition for the approval of their parents but often Veronica would bear over the younger Myralia. At times Veronica would become overly tough on her smaller sister spatting harsh criticism and giving her 'tough' lessons such as having to deal with lesser injuries to herself on her own.
Some, most likely her parents would have disapproved of this unseen rivalry and the actions of Veronica however it would serve to build the backbone of Myralia's strong will. Unlike Myralia, Veronica would not be as open to exhibit her nurturing personality and often masked it behind closed doors. Nevertheless behind the stubborn, confident visage Veronica still cared for all those around her and had not lost the most important teaching of her mother like Myralia had come to believe.

Veronica leaves for Starfleet

Into the teenage years the sibling rivalry would continue but Veronica soon believed herself to win over Myralia as when Veronica reached eighteen she left the farm to join Starfleet. Given her personality profile many assumed Veronica would join as a counselling or medical officer however she shocked them by enlisting as an Intelligence Officer focusing the arts of encryption. She was driven to this path simply by knowing the importance of communication in a battle and how intercepting such could change it's course and save lives in ways other's could not. Veronica did not wish to see the after effects of combat and wished to do whatever possible to avoid it. Her outlook would propel her to achieving high marks in her academy tenure even giving her top student in her second year. Despite her course load and the nature of her profession she still found time to connect with others and form friendships.
Following her third year in the Academy Veronica learned her younger sister Myralia had enlisted in Starfleet as a Counselling Officer. Veronica would often portray herself as superior to her freshman sibling often reminding her of her final year status. However behind the scenes Veronica intently watched Myralia even going so far as to assault a Cadet who was found to be harassing the younger Constantine. As the injuries to the cadet were fairly minor Veronica was not severely reprimanded and allowed to continue her learning. Graduating in 2374, Veronica was commissioned as an Ensign assigned to the USS Cobra as an Encryption Specialist.

USS Cobra

Her first assignment; the USS Cobra was tasked with the interception of communications between Dominion forces.

Veronica gets her first taste of Command as XO

Veronica as Academy Commandant