Veronica Constantine

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Veronica Constantine
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Pegasus Fleet Admiralty


Pegasus Fleet Academy Commandant

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Veronica Constantine is a 24th Century officer serving as the Fifth Academy Commandant in the 11th "Pegasus" fleet. She is most noted for her decryption algorithm used to decipher Dominion communications during the war as an Ensign aboard the USS Cobra. She currently holds the rank of Commodore

Notable Quotes

The Academy is my child and I will form it in my image. My position serves not only as a teacher but as the guardian of the ideals and the foundation of Pegasus Fleet. I have spent my years dreaming about being the hero out there without realizing that I am part of every battle, every ship, every decision. This fleet, this...this is what I live for, this is what I bleed and this is what I would die for. This is my charge Admiral, and I will not stop until I am so relieved.

- Veronica Constantine to Vice Admiral Walford and Captain Reynolds on her position as Academy Commandant.

Appearance & Personality

Physical Appearance

Veronica is a shorter, slender woman of thirty eight years benefitting from the extended appearance of youth common with Betazoids. She has the trademark deep brown eyes, fair complexion and brown hair which she keeps at shoulder length.

General Personality

Veronica is a strong willed and often stubborn woman whose determination to succeed has ascended her quickly through the ranks of Starfleet. Although she does not openly show it, Veronica nurtures her students and Academy staff forever encouraging the zeal for learning and to not limit one's potential, however this is sometimes seen by others as a strict, stubborn individual (tyrant to a stretch) pushing the materials and ideals down their throats. Behind closed doors, she simply wants all of her staff and students to rise above their limits. Veronica has always taken a keen interest in both others and the fleet itself often working outside the Academy on ways to improve daily operations. This trait has carried for the duration of her career as she was always keen to assist where needed regardless of her skill level. She was taught that someone had to do even the most mundane tasks and that she should not be an exception to such as a group effort was required to achieve most larger goals.

Strengths & Weaknesses


-Strong Willed
-Self Sufficient


-Sometimes Overzealous
-Actions sometimes viewed as overly strict.


Veronica strives to always grow and increase her potential. Her zeal to improve herself and others is unwavered and she wishes to simply achieve as much as she can in one lifetime. She also wishes to one day be able to Command a ship and a Task Force.

Hobbies & Interests

Veronica has always been interested in understanding her surroundings. This can manifest from simply reading a book to getting deeply involved in Fleet matters and politics.


A Younger John Constantine

Father: John Constantine - Armed with a no-nonsense personality and a strong work ethic. John taught the girls the importance of hard work and the fruits of such labor. He did not agree with Anastasia's more positive outlook on the universe preparing and educating the girls on the perils that existed outside of Betazed. He wished them to see the universe for what it was and not as a 'fairy tale'.

Anastasia Constantine

Mother: Anastasia Constantine - A strict feminist who instilled the importance of a good heart and a strong will into her daughters. Anastasia always told the girls not to think themselves as less than men and that determination could drive them to an unseen potential. Her nurturing personality would manifest itself differently on each sibling however it would not be lost on either. Myralia would hone this trait as the baseline for her future progression into counselling and expertise in PTSD whilst Veronica would mask it instead choosing to use it only when Myralia was not watching.

Lieutenant Myralia Constantine

Sister: Lieutenant Myralia Constantine - Commodore Constantine's sister Myralia currently serves aboard the USS Eisenhower as the Chief Counselor. The two share a turbulent relationship with Veronica often showing a more dominant attitude towards her sister. However when not in Myralia's presence, Veronica is constantly watching her younger sibling and often puts extra effort into protecting her from harm or unfounded scrutiny. Most notably Veronica approached Admiral Roman Sanchez to have Myralia transferred from the troubled Deep Space Ten to the USS Eisenhower to allow Myralia the chance to exhibit her talents and get a fresh start.


Early Years

Veronica at Age 12

Veronica was born in a rural community just outside the Betazed capital on February 15th 2352. She was the first child to John and Anastasia Constantine whom had another girl, Myralia 3 years later. Her early years were filled with nurturing care from her parents and given all the pleasures that a small child of Betazed could want. However when Veronica was eight, the Constantine's left Betazed when Anastasia's mother on earth became gravely ill and her father was unable to care for her. Without thought, the family picked up and moved to the rural farm on earth, returning to Betazed two years later following the death of Anastasia's Father.

It was in these years that followed that a rivalry between Myralia and Veronica began to form. The two sisters were always in direct competition for the approval of their parents but often Veronica would bear over the younger Myralia. At times Veronica would become overly tough on her smaller sister spatting harsh criticism and giving her 'tough' lessons such as having to deal with lesser injuries to herself on her own.
Some, most likely her parents would have disapproved of this unseen rivalry and the actions of Veronica however it would serve to build the backbone of Myralia's strong will. Unlike Myralia, Veronica would not be as open to exhibit her nurturing personality and often masked it behind closed doors. Nevertheless behind the stubborn, confident visage Veronica still cared for all those around her and had not lost the most important teaching of her mother like Myralia had come to believe.

Starfleet Academy

Veronica leaves for Starfleet

Into the teenage years the sibling rivalry would continue but Veronica soon believed herself to win over Myralia as when Veronica reached eighteen she left the farm to join Starfleet. Given her personality profile many assumed Veronica would join as a counselling or medical officer however she shocked them by enlisting as an Intelligence Officer focusing the arts of encryption. She was driven to this path simply by knowing the importance of communication in a battle and how intercepting such could change it's course and save lives in ways other's could not. Veronica did not wish to see the after effects of combat and wished to do whatever possible to avoid it. Her outlook would propel her to achieving high marks in her academy tenure even giving her top student in her second year. Despite her course load and the nature of her profession she still found time to connect with others and form friendships.
Following her third year in the Academy Veronica learned her younger sister Myralia had enlisted in Starfleet as a Counselling Officer. Veronica would often portray herself as superior to her freshman sibling often reminding her of her final year status. However behind the scenes Veronica intently watched Myralia even going so far as to assault a Cadet who was found to be harassing the younger Constantine. As the injuries to the cadet were fairly minor Veronica was not severely reprimanded and allowed to continue her learning. Graduating in 2374, Veronica was commissioned as an Ensign assigned to the USS Cobra as an Encryption Specialist.

USS Cobra

Her first assignment; the USS Cobra was tasked with the interception of communications between Dominion forces.

USS Skyfall

USS Blackbird

USS Umbra

USS Night Hawk

Veronica gets her first taste of Command as XO

Starfleet Intelligence

11th Fleet Academy

Veronica as Academy Commandant

When Veronica arrived in the 11th Fleet Academy she immediately began to change the way the facility operating. Seeing the need for reforms, she quickly began to adapt the institution to the changing needs of the fleet. Starfleet was changing but the Academy had not and thus Veronica began fervorously rewriting and creating materials to suit the changes. However only 6 months into her tenure, Veronica experienced something she had never felt before. The fire that burned within her so deeply and drove her to success, the will instilled in her by her mother was 'burning' out. For the first time in her career, Veronica was contemplating resignation. However it was not in the cards as her sister Myralia serving on the very ship Veronica was visiting picked up on her sister's turmoil and rushed to aid her dwindling sibling. It was now Myralia whom needed to push Veronica. Her efforts would succeed and Veronica would once again find the will to push forward forever changing the face of the 11th Fleet's Academy, a feat noted by her superiors.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2370-2374 Starfleet Academy
Intelligence Cadet
2374-2377 USS Cobra
Encryption Specialist
2377-2379 USS Skyfall
Lieutenant JG
Encryption Specialist
2379-2381 USS Blackbird
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
2381-2383 USS Umbra
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Intelligence Officer
2383-2386 USS Night Hawk
Executive Officer
2386-(Mid)2388 Starfleet Intelligence
Deputy Director of Dept. of Internal Affairs
(Mid)2388-2389 StarFleet Intelligence
Director of Dept. of Internal Affairs
2389-Present 11th Fleet Division of Starfleet Academy
Academy Commandant