Leave of Absence Log/Archive/2009

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This is an archive of Leave of Absences logged in 2009.

Completed Overdue In Progress Planned

LOA ID Name Rank Posting Position Reason for LOA Leave Dates
2009-01 Miranda Crawford R-o4.png USS Gallant Commanding Officer Loss of Internet 10-13-2009 - 10-27-2009
2009-02 Robert Shafto R-a1.png USS Hastings Commanding Officer, Chief of Fleet Operations Vacation for end of school 11-27-2009 - 12-01-2009

Benjamin Byrne

Roman Sanchez
R-o5.png R-a3.png USS Endeavour

Command Staff
Commanding Officer

Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer
All day rehearsals 11-28-2009 - 11-29-2009
2009-05 Benjamin Edwards R-a2.png Command Staff Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer Visiting Family 12-20-09 - 12-22-09
2009-06 Steven Larson R-o4.png USS Strauss Commanding Officer Moving Until Jan. 1, 2010