Pegasus Fleet Policies

This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

Here, the official Pegasus Fleet Policies are listed, including the issue date and any further relevant dates (such as revision/voiding dates).

Restricted Characters Policy

Whilst Pegasus Fleet recognises and welcomes a wide array of variety in the characters that are included within, there are some races within the Star Trek universe that are simply too powerful, or would have no place In-Character on a sim within the fleet. As such, the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty enacts the following list of characters and races which are restricted from sims for use for player characters in the fleet, pending approval from the sim's CO and the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty:

  1. Shapeshifter (Changelings, Chameloids, 8472...)
  2. Androids, Augments or mobile emitter-equipped Holograms.
  3. Races from the Delta Quadrant.
  4. Races from the opposing side of recent wars or of a hostile nature to Starfleet.
  5. Characters with physical or mental powers beyond those shown by major characters on the shows/movies (Excluding other restricted or disallowed races)
  6. Characters with physical appearance or behavioural traits dissimilar enough so as to cause confusion over the characters actual age. (ie: Adults that look like children or characters appearing childlike behave as adults)
  7. Characters from official sources, or their relations.

The following characters or races will be disallowed for all player characters.

  1. Borg, unless free from the collective.
  2. Q, half-Q, Q in human form, etc
  3. Any race that is prohibited from any form of contact with other races, such as the Talosians.

Pegasus Fleet recognises that at times races or characters on this list may be an important aspect of missions sims within the fleet run. As such, this list only applies to active Playing Characters, and does not restrict the use of mission-specific Non-Player Characters (NPCs). If you are unsure whether a character or a race would qualify as a restricted race, then you may consult with the next step up on your Chain of Command, who will attempt to clarify on a case-by-case basis where required. If a player wishes to use a restricted character or race, it can be used if it approved by both the sim's CO and the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. If the CO approves of the character, the player and CO must submit a request directly to pfadmiralty[at]pegasusfleet[dot]net with at least the following:

  • Name of your ship
  • Name of the proposed character
  • Character that you wish to allow
  • Reasons for the player wanting to use this character. Please give as much detail as possible.

Once the proposal is received, the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty will discuss the proposal and may ask you questions regarding it before voting on it. Once the vote is complete, you will be notified of the decision as quickly as possible.

Issue Date: 9th July 2010
Updated: 16th July 2020

Equal Opportunities Policy

Pegasus Fleet firmly believes that people should not be subject to discrimination or harassment, and that equal opportunities are paramount to the fun gaming environment that is meant to be the goal of the Pegasus Fleet.

We therefore work fervently to prevent discrimination against any person or group of persons on the grounds of race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, religious or political beliefs, illness, marital status, or age, save that persons under the age of 13 may not join because of COPPA (or similar as proper for their locality) regulations, and that certain sims within the fleet have been granted higher age restrictions that have been authorized as per the Sim Rating Policy.

Pegasus Fleet will view any violations of this policy with the utmost seriousness, to the point that violators will face expulsion from Pegasus Fleet unless it is believed that the severity of the offence does not warrant such action.

Issue Date:

Discord Policy

The Pegasus Fleet Discord server is the primary hub of non-simming related activity in Pegasus Fleet. It is open to members and non-members alike. The most important goal of Pegasus Fleet is to create a welcoming and safe environment for our guests and members, and the following rules and expectations are in place in order to facilitate this goal.

  1. Conduct
    1. Joining the Pegasus Fleet Discord is encouraged for all Members, although it is not required. Access to the Discord is a privilege, and not a right, and sim membership does not guarantee continued access to Discord if chat rules are not followed. Similarly, sim membership is not required to join the Discord, and we encourage all guests and prospective Members to join us in chat.
    2. Fleet Members and guests alike are asked to respect Fleet Laws while visiting this server.
    3. Be respectful of others. Do your best not to offend or provoke others, and to not be easily offended. Assume the best intent. Often, some things that are said could be taken in multiple ways. Without hearing it spoken by a human voice, some things can be taken negatively when in fact no such bias was intended. If you find something being said that's offensive to you, stop a moment and think about other ways it could be meant.
    4. The Pegasus Fleet server is open to the public, and any personal information posted in public channels should be considered as such. Sharing another user’s personal information or personal situations (including, but not limited to: email, phone numbers, address, real names, or medical information or status) without their explicit consent is strictly prohibited.
    5. Harassment and abuse on any basis (including, but not limited to: personal comments, age, race, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, politics, or fleet affiliation) of Fleet Members, visitors, and other parties, or derogatory remarks targeted at persons or other organizations that are not on the server, is strictly prohibited.
    6. While moderate swearing and violence is allowed, users must control themselves and remember that this is supposed to be a PG-13 environment and that others in the room may not find it acceptable.
    7. As a courtesy to others, conversation is only allowed in English. Should users wish to speak in another language, they are advised to converse in either a direct message or another room.
    8. Debate on topics is usually encouraged, however if the discussions get too heated or the debate becomes disrespectful, Fleet Staff will call for a halt of any such discussions. Topics of a sensitive nature should be restricted to #indelicate-sensibilities. While more topics are allowed in #indelicate-sensibilities, this does not mean that it is a free pass to be disrespectful or intentionally offensive.
    9. Discussions of new shows or movies should not occur in public channels. Appropriate spoiler channels have been provided. If spoilers in a public channel cannot be avoided, they should be marked using spoiler tags ("||" placed on either side of the spoiler text). Unmarked spoilers outside of the appropriate spoiler channels may be subject to deletion. If a channel does not exist on the server, ask a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty if a channel can be made available.
    10. If there is any doubt if something violates a rule, users should err on the side of caution or consult with a member of the Pegasus Fleet Staff prior to posting.
  2. Recruitment
    1. Recruitment on the server is limited to Pegasus Fleet sims only, and is only allowed in the #recruitment channel. Recruitment posts must follow the rules and guidelines pinned in #recruitment. Recruitment is prohibited in all other channels.
    2. Players looking for a sim may post character information and they type of sim in which they are interested in the #looking-for-homes channel. Interested commanding officers should respond to the player in a direct message.
    3. The sending of unsolicited recruitment messages via direct message is prohibited.
  3. Nicknames
    1. While in the server, you should try to stick with using the same nickname or variations thereof whenever possible. This reduces confusion and promotes easier communication.
    2. Nicknames must be kept appropriate for all audiences. Offensive, vulgar, or derogatory nicknames will be changed by Staff and the offender will be warned.
    3. Nicknames must either be generic or relevant to Pegasus Fleet. Nicknames may not include advertisements for other communities/servers, or include names for characters or sims in other fleets. Offending nicknames will be changed by Staff and the offender will be warned.
    4. Changing a nickname or handle, or using a secondary Discord account, in order to bypass a disciplinary action is strictly prohibited and will result in further disciplinary action, up to and including a permanent ban from Pegasus Fleet.
  4. Moderation and Disciplinary Actions
    1. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty and Staff may interpret the rules stated in this policy at their discretion in order to maintain good conduct in the Pegasus Fleet server. Requests made by a member of Admiralty or Staff should be considered to be in good faith and should be addressed immediately.
    2. In order to ensure that proper communication can be maintained, members of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty and Staff may not be impeded from their moderation duties in any way. This includes users blocking Admiralty or Staff members in an attempt to avoid receiving direct messages. Doing so may result in disciplinary action against the offender, up to and including removal from the server.
    3. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty and Staff reserve the right to delete any post deemed to be inappropriate at their discretion and without the poster’s knowledge or consent. A deletion may or may not be accompanied by a formal warning or disciplinary action. If disciplinary action is taken, the offender will be notified by direct message.
    4. Rule violations may result in disciplinary action against the offender. First violations may result in a formal warning. Continued violations or willfully ignoring the requests of Staff may result in timeouts and/or removal from the server. Egregious violations may result in escalated disciplinary action on the first offense, up to and including a permanent ban, at the discretion of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
    5. Users may appeal the decision of a Staff member up the Pegasus Fleet Chain of Command as established in the Fleet Constitution and the Player Appeals Process.

Issue Date: 10th September 2021

Player Appeals Process

Pegasus Fleet is a community with many people from many backgrounds coming together for a common goal. As much as it would be preferred to have everything always go well, there will be times that disagreements arise. Typically, these disagreements can be resolved via the normal chain of command (Department Head, Executive Officer, Commanding Officer, TFCO, etc) but from time to time it may be necessary to appeal a decision that has been made at the highest level. The following sections will describe the steps for such an appeal.

  1. The player may submit a request for an appeal by sending a message to
    1. The PFA MAY NOT under any circumstances deny a player their right to appeal.
    2. Players MAY NOT under any circumstances request multiple appeals for the same issue.
    3. If players do not receive confirmation from the PFA within seven (7) days, they may publicly post their request to the Questions for PF Staff forum.
  2. A council of five (5) COs from the fleet will be assembled.
    1. The PFA will assign numbers to each CO in the fleet.
    2. The PFA will use a Discord bot to draw random numbers to select the COs. Any duplicate selections will be thrown out and another random number will be drawn.
    3. This selection will be done in a public Discord channel (#COCouncil) for all to witness
    4. The Player appealing my request up to three (3) members of the council be re-selected should they feel that there is any sort of conflict of interest.
    5. Standing members of the PFA or former members who were involved in the decisions being appealed will never be eligible to be a part of the CO council.
  3. The player will provide the COs on the council all information regarding the decision that they have, and the PFA will provide their reasoning for the initial decision.
  4. The CO Council will have seven (7) days to discuss and come to a decision in the matter. If need be, the CO Council may request one (1) extension of no more than three (3) days.
  5. The CO Council will choose a Council Head to deliver decisions, request extensions, or ask for further information.
  6. The CO Council will send their decision to and CC the appealing player.
  7. The CO Council's decision will be final. No further appeals will be allowed after a CO Council decision has been made.

All COs in the fleet will be required to serve on a CO council if chosen, barring any extraneous circumstances.

No retaliation regarding a CO Council decision will be acceptable.

Issue Date: 5th January 2017

Leave of Absence Policy

  1. If a Fleet Member thinks that they may be unable to fulfil their duties for a time, then they should ask their superior for a Leave of Absence (LOA). LOA requests must state when the Fleet Member expects to both leave and return. Superiors should not refuse a proper request for LOA. Similarly, personnel should not abuse the LOA system. The Fleet recognizes the following types of leave:
    1. Leave of Absence- This type of absence is where a Fleet Member will not be able to perform their duties. This is a short term absence only and the Fleet Member's position will be preserved. Standard LOAs do not excuse the Fleet Member from the need to file any report required of their position.{Time Frame: 1 week – 1 month}
    2. Extended Leave of Absence- This type of absence is where a Fleet Member will be away for an extended amount of time and unable to perform their duties. In cases where the absence is greater than a month's time, it is not reasonable for the Fleet Member to continue to hold their position, however, upon their return, they may petition their superior to return to their position, or if that position is no longer available, an equivalent position that they are qualified for within the Fleet. If such a position is not available, then they will be put on a waiting list and will be considered as the primary candidate for any such positions that may become available. {Time Frame: 1 – 3 months unless specific}
    3. Absence Without Leave- This is not actually a type of leave, but needs to be noted. If a Fleet Member, through absence, has not lived up to the duties expected of their position in the fleet for a period of no less than 1 month, then they may be removed from that position at the discretion of their superior.
    4. Emergency Leave Without Notice - Sometimes life sneaks up on us without notice and at these times, there may be no way that a Fleet Member can make the proper notifications. In such cases, it is likely that the Fleet Member will be removed as AWOL. If that Fleet Member returns with a valid reason for their absence before 3 months of absence have expired, then they may petition their superior to return to their position, much like with the similar provision under ELOA. If they return after 3 months have expired, such petitions must instead be made to the PFA instead.
  2. Who needs to be informed?
    1. Their Subordinates- A Crew will need to know that the Executive Officer will be running the sim for a bit, and will be handling from New crew Applications to Mission completion. CO's under a TGCO will need to know that requests should be passed on to a higher level. Admiralty should inform at least the staff members directly under them.
    2. Their Immediate Supervisors - Whether this is their TGCO, TFCO/CFCO, The PFA or the PFCO. This person needs to be notified of your LOA so that they can keep an eye on your duties and assist your Subordinates if need be.
    3. Department of Personnel Management- This person needs to know so that new applications for the ship can be re-routed, either to the ship's XO, or to another ship, and to update the LOA Logs kept by the Fleet.(COs and up only)
  3. What is considered abuse of the LOA system?
    1. Chaining multiple LOAs together in such a way as to exceed the time limits on LOAs or ELOAs. While extensions can be granted up to the limits of the appropriate type of LOA when needed, chaining them together beyond the limits is considered an abuse of the system.
    2. LOAs may not be used to evade disciplinary actions or proceedings. If the character is under the effects of a strike or other timed disciplinary measure, then at the point where the LOA is requested, or at the start of their absence in the case of an ELWON, the countdown of that measure will be put on hold until such time as they have returned from leave. If they are under the effect of such a measure, it is grounds to refuse a petition such as are found under I.2 and I.4.
    3. LOAs for only certain characters, whether Playing or Administrative (PFA, Fleet Staff) and not other characters that the Fleet Member may have. If they request LOA for one, they must request it for all of them.
  4. What is required to be in a Leave Request?
    1. The Names and Positions of all characters, whether Playing or Administrative.
    2. The beginning AND ending dates of the leave.
    3. The reason for the leave.
    4. Additionally, upon your return from leave, you should contact all the people you told about your leave and inform them that you have returned to duty.

Issue Date: 15th December 2010

Recruitment Policy

Just as there are great ways to recruit that will give your sim good publicity, there are bad ways to recruit that will give your sim poor publicity. As such, the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty enacts the following list of recruitment and advertisement which are disallowed from sims in the fleet, effective on the date this policy is passed:

  1. Recruiting in places (Chat Channels, Groups, Boards, Other Games) not specifically made for advertising or recruitment purposes
  2. Spamming IM lists, Email address books, or Group/Board/Members lists for advertising or recruitment purposes
  3. Opening another Sim for the sole purpose of advertising or recruiting for your PF sim
  4. Advertising on behalf of other CO's unless a member of the Recruitment Department, or that CO's Players, TGCO, or TFCO
  5. Advertise other Simulations in a negative fashion to gain kudos for your own sim

One thing to remember is to know who it is that you are recruiting. If you are good friends with them, then it can be seen as OK to mention your sim to them. If they are consequently interested, they may ask for more information about it. Sometimes even your friends aren't interested, so make sure that they have an interest in your sim before attempting to recruit them. Or else, you might be going down a path that can get you into serious trouble.

The act of spamming is to send unwanted messages to people. Spamming a person, makes a person extremely irritated, no matter how patient or nice that person may be in RL.

Issue Date:

Selection Policy

  1. Pegasus Fleet is devoted to an environment where people are encouraged to live up to their full potential, and as part of that at times will offer positions for advancement within the Fleet. It is with those ideals in mind that we set forth to provide a fair method for the selection of properly suited and qualified applicants to fill these positions.
  2. Individual Application Process – This process is reserved for use when only one such position is available.
    1. The Availability of applications will be posted to the IFS, Fleet Forums and CO List, along with any prerequisites for that position, and who to request the application from.
    2. It will fall to the COs of the Fleet to make sure that their crews are made aware of these opportunities, where appropriate.
    3. Applications will be available for 1 week, and must be returned to the PFA Member in charge of that position (For Admiralty positions, this would be the PFCO) before 10 days after the applications were first made available.
    4. In the event there are no applicants, the process may be re-started no sooner than 15 days after the week to receive applications has ended.After the application taking process has been completed, the applications will be presented to the PFA along with the recommendation of the PFA Member who took the applications.
    5. The PFA will then consider the applicants in a similar manner to the process used for Standing Orders, with an additional voting slot titled “None of the Above” included in the vote.
    6. The majority will be considered to be the greatest number of votes rather than 50%. In the event of a tie, there will be a run-off between the two leading candidates.
    7. In the event of “None of the Above” wins the vote, the process may be re-started no sooner than 15 days after the conclusion of the PFA Vote.
  3. Open Application Process – This process is reserved for use where many possible positions are available on a continuing basis, such as Academy Instructors or Tech Team Members.
    1. The availability of positions will be posted on the appropriate department web site, along with a link to the application, if any.
    2. At times, no more than once a month, and only if there are no more than 5 staff total, the PFA Member may post an ad for more members to the CO list.
    3. It will fall to the COs of the Fleet to make sure that their crews are made aware of these opportunities, where appropriate. For example CO Instructor positions would not be shared with normal crew.
  4. In all applications, consideration should be based on the applicants merits, application and history, in accordance with the Laws of the Fleet.

Issue Date: 15th December 2010

Sim Rating Policy

  1. Pegasus Fleet recognizes that the content of some sims may not be appropriate for all ages.
  2. Because of this, all sims withint the fleet will use the Universal RPG Rating scales for language, sexual content, and violence. Each category will be independently scaled from 0 to 3.
  3. Unless approved by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, all sims within the fleet will be no more than 0 or 1 in any of the three categories. Higher ratings must be approved by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
  4. Sims must display a banner stating the sim rating prominently on their site.
  5. Existing sims coming into the fleet will be grandfathered in that if their ship application is approved, their existing rating will be considered approved. However, they will be asked to display the appropriate Universal RPG Ratings for all three categories.
  6. It is not acceptable to remove an existing player because you wish to change your sim rating. If you have such a player, and their legal guardians agree to let them stay aboard if the change is made, the player only then can be considered grandfathered to the sim rating change, otherwise, do not apply for the rating change.
  7. Sims should consider carefully their reasons for wanting such a change; content such as violence or the writing of other more mature subject matter are acceptable reasons for such a change.
  8. A change simply to exclude younger players from your sim is NOT acceptable. The exclusion in the Equal Opportunity Policy is not meant to provide a means of discrimination.
  9. Ships in joint missions with other ships or docked at a starbase or colony where the other sims involved have a lower rating than themselves should be respectful of these lower ratings and not share message with the other sims of a nature unacceptable for those sim's ratings.
  10. Commanding Officers who wish to apply for a sim rating change should apply directly to pfadmiralty[at]pegasusfleet[dot]net with at least the following:
    • Name of your ship
    • Current sim rating
    • New sim rating desired
    • Reasons for the change. Please give as much detail as possible.
    • List of any players below the age of the new rating, include what their parents said.
  11. Once the proposal is received, the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty will discuss the proposal and may ask you questions regarding it before voting on it. Once the vote is complete, you will be notified of the decision as quickly as possible.

Issue Date: 29th May 2010
Updated: 6th May 2015

Sister Fleet Policy

  1. Sister Fleets are defined as other simming fleets or organizations that wish to ally with and have an official close working relationship with Pegasus Fleet, yet still remain an independent organization from Pegasus Fleet.
  2. Members of Sister Fleets do not fall under the scope of the 11th Fleet Constitution.
    1. A Sister Fleet is free to set their own rules and regulations for their members. The PFA shall have no authority over the operations of a Sister Fleet.
    2. The Commanding Officer or unit of a Sister Fleet, and their laws, do not have any standing or authority within Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, save that there should be mutual respect between both parties.
    3. Not withstanding the above, members of Sister Fleets will be expected to abide by all relevant Pegasus Fleet guidelines when making use of Pegasus Fleet resources (such as forums, the wiki, etc) or when enacting joint missions.
  3. Sister Fleets shall be established by means of a by-law for each sister fleet which is officially recognized as such. Said by-law shall list the name of their fleet and the URL of their website. The Sister Fleet can also define the nature of their relationship with Pegasus Fleet, including, but not limited to, exchanging links, joint missions, and use of fleet resources.
  4. The status of a Sister Fleet is an at-will agreement and may be dissolved by either party at any time.
    1. The Sister Fleet's Commander/Commanding unit may do so by informing the Pegasus Fleet CO, who will then inform the PFA to update the aforementioned by-law. This is one of the few cases where the by-laws may be altered without a PFA vote.
    2. Pegasus Fleet may dissolve a Sister Fleet arrangement through a vote to update said by-law as directed by Article VI, Section 3.

Issue Date: 12th July 2010

Disciplinary Policy

In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable simming environment for all members of Pegasus Fleet, it is sometimes necessary to take disciplinary action against a player for violations of Fleet Law. Historically Pegasus Fleet utilized a strike policy that is similar to what is done in other fleets. However, the limitations of this policy is that it is often limited to members of the Fleet staff and the commanding officers. The Disciplinary Policy used by Pegasus Fleet is designed to cover violations of Fleet Law by any member of the Fleet. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty will assign Demerits of varying levels depending on the severity of a violation of Fleet Law as determined by the Pegasus Fleet Constitution, Policies, By-Laws, Standing Orders, the Judicial Code of Practice and any additional documents as determined by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

  1. The Pegasus Fleet Disciplinary Policy is intended for use with Fleet Members of all Levels.
    1. It is to the COs to develop and maintain their own disciplinary systems on their sims, so long as they follow the Laws of Pegasus Fleet and don't interfere with the Judicial System of the Fleet. Sim rules and disciplinary systems are at the discretion of the sim’s commanding officer. If there is a contradiction between Fleet Law and the sim’s rules, the sim’s rules will be superseded by Fleet Law.
    2. Disciplinary action due to violations of sim rules should not be entered into the Fleet’s Integrated Fleet System, and should be independent of disciplinary action as a result of violations of Fleet Law.
    3. Players will be given Demerits for violations of Fleet Law. Demerits exist at three different levels of severity, as described below, and may only be issued following review by the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.
    4. Violations of Fleet Law pertaining to conduct in public areas, such as the forums or official Fleet IRC channels, or harassment of any type should be reported directly to the PFA immediately.
    5. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty reserves the right to determine Demerit level based on the severity of the infraction, and may assign them as they deem fit.
  2. Demerits are entered into a Player’s record, and not the Character’s record. Demerits entered will affect all characters of that player.
    1. Before entering a Demerit into IFS, The Superior should first examine the Player Records of that Player to insure that no other Demerits are in effect, which could affect the player’s command eligibility or status in the Fleet.
    2. Demerits entered in the Player's Record must include their expiration date and the reason the strike was issued
  3. Demerits will be removed upon reaching the appropriate expiration date of that Demerit Level. New Demerits will not delay the removal of previous Demerits, but the expiration date of each successive Demerit will be determined by the expiration date of the previous Demerit. The exception is in the event that successive Demerits result in an upgrade to a higher severity level as noted below.

Below is a description of the three levels of Demerit, the associated punishment for each level of Demerit, and examples of the type of rule violations that may result in this level of Demerit.

  1. Level 1 – Green Demerit
    1. Level 1 (Green) demerits are for basic policy violations or unobtrusive misconduct. These demerits are for simple violation of policy, or very unobtrusive rule breaking.
    2. Green demerits last for 90 days before being removed from the player’s record. If the player accrues 3 green demerits at once, it becomes 1 yellow demerit.
    3. Examples:
      1. Failing to submit a report two months in a row
      2. Allowing a banned race on your ship without PFA approval
      3. Failing to adhere to PF ship specs without PFDR approval
      4. Mild harassment of another player after warnings from presiding CO or forum/chat moderators (non sexual or violent in nature)
      5. etc.
  2. Level 2 – Yellow Demerit
    1. Level 2 (Yellow) demerits are for more intrusive violations, or repeated offenses on the green level. These demerits either indicate a continued lack of adherence to fleet policy, or more egregious violations of fleet rules.
    2. Yellow demerits last for 90 days before being removed from the payer’s record. If the player accrues 3 yellow demerits at once, it becomes 1 red demerit.
    3. Yellow demerits may be accompanied by temporary bans from official Fleet IRC channels if the player is in violation of the Fleet’s IRC policy.
    4. Examples:
      1. Refusal to remove banned-race characters from your ship after being instructed to do so by the Admiralty
      2. Disobeying directives from CO on a repeated basis
      3. Being disruptive to IRC or Forum goers
      4. Frequent misuse of PNPCs or other player characters
      5. Poaching players from other sims
      6. Causing trouble with other players
      7. Being overtly rude or combative
      8. etc.
  3. Level 3 – Red Demerit
    1. Level 3 (Red) Demerits are reserved for repeated violations on the second level, and the most egregious violations of fleet rules.
    2. A player earning a red demerit will immediately lose command of any ship in the fleet. In addition to this, all COs in the fleet will be notified of the players actions and they will be allowed to remove the player from their sims at their discretion if they so desire.
    3. Red demerits last for 365 days before being removed from the player’s record. Earning a green or yellow demerit while under a red demerit will result in a 1 year ban from all fleet activity.
    4. If the player earns a second red demerit while under the red demerit, they will be permanently banned from Pegasus Fleet. Earning another red demerit after returning to the fleet form a 1 year ban will also result in a permanent ban.
    5. Depending on the severity of the red demerit violation, the admiralty reserves the right to immediately inflict a 1 year or permanent ban from Pegasus Fleet.
    6. Examples:
      1. Insubordination and refusal to follow orders from COs, moderators, or Admiralty
      2. Online stalking; sexual harassment
      3. Threats of physical violence
      4. Gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religious based slurs
      5. Consistent disregard for fleet rules and regulations
      6. Blackmail
      7. Hacking fleet servers or systems
      8. etc.

Issue Date: 15th December 2010

Revised: 13th August 2016

Communication Policy

Pegasus Fleet is committed to emphasizing open communication and transparency between its members and the Fleet Staff. Consistent and open communication is key for the smooth operation and growth of the Fleet. In order for the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty and the Fleet Staff to optimally perform their duties, feedback and responses are needed in a timely fashion. In order to ensure that communication is conducted in a timely manner, Pegasus Fleet has enacted the following Communication Policy.

  1. Communications requesting information or requiring acknowledgement pertaining to official Fleet or Sim business, including but not limited to emails and private messages, sent to a member of the Fleet Staff or Commanding Officer, or sent from a member of the Fleet Staff, shall receive a reply from the original recipient in no more than fourteen (14) days from the date of the original message.
  2. If the recipient of a communication pertaining to official Fleet or Sim business has not responded within the aforementioned time period, the original sender should elevate the communication to the next member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty in the appropriate departmental chain of command. On reminder of the original message by the member of the PFA, the original recipient has seven (7) days to respond to the second communication.
  3. If the recipient has not responded to the second communication within the aforementioned time period, the communication shall be elevated to the Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer. At this point a Green Demerit will be issued to the original recipient.
  4. For every seven (7) days following the issue of a Green Demerit that the original recipient fails to respond to the original sender, an additional Green Demerit, along with any Yellow Demerits associated with repeated infractions, will be issued.
  5. Exceptions will be granted for planned Leave of Absence and appropriate emergency situations that will limit the recipient's access to the communication. However, the appropriate person in the chain of command should be properly notified of the planned Leave of Absence prior to taking leave, and as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. Failure to do so may result in consequences as described above at the discretion of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Issue Date: 5th September 2018

Privacy Policy

The fleet takes the privacy of it's members quite seriously, and due to the complexity of the Pegasus Fleet Privacy Policies, the details of the policies can be found on a separate page.

Pegasus Fleet Privacy Policies

Issue Date: 15th July 2012

Revision Date: 25th May 2018

Digital Copyright Policy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, is a U.S. copyright law that addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. Even though DMCA is copyright law in the USA it is enforced internationally under the WIPO treaty, Copyright Treaty and Performances and Phonograms Treaty. DMCA is designed to protect Intellectual Property by enforcing Copyright Protections.

To avoid receiving a DMCA complaint, all relevant copyrights must be respected. Pegasus Fleet COs should follow the requirements below for all content used on sim websites or the Pegasus Fleet Wiki.

  • Do not remove any copyrights, trademarks or watermarks from images.
  • Provide sources and credit titles for ALL work you are using that is not your own.
  • All sources and credit titles should be used where the work is displayed.
  • Do not blatantly copy the written works of others
  • Do not claim work as your own if you did not create it or write it.

If a DMCA complaint is filed against content used on a site, the following actions must be taken to remain in compliance with the law.

  • If the complaint is regarding an image that has been modified, we would request that you replace it with the original version leaving the artists copyright intact (if applicable), or remove the image.
  • If the complaint is regarding the lack of a credit, add one! It only takes a few minutes to give credit where it’s due!
  • If the complaint is over written text, we would request that the text be credited accordingly (if appropriate) or removed completely.

As DMCA is legally enforceable, it is expected that ALL Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, Staff, Commanding Officers and Members comply with the DMCA requirements. Failure to do so will be considered a direct violation of Pegasus Fleet Rules and Regulations and may result in disciplinary action per the Pegasus Fleet Disciplinary Policy, up to and including the issuance of red demerits, at the discretion of Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Issue Date: 26 February 2020