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Lieutenant Commander Kejal Buris is a Starfleet officer currently serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS Dauntless.

Buris' very early history is unknown, to him and to everyone around him. The earliest that is known is that he was found as an orphan outside a work camp in early 2346, and adopted by two members of the Resistance (and their cell) - given the only appropriate family name they could think of, Kejal, meaning "freedom" in the Bajoran language. He was never a happy child, always understanding that he was the outsider, but this was his family nonetheless. They taught him, they clothed him, they fed him. And most of all, they trained him. His parents died in a raid on a Cardassian food supply convoy when he was 13, and it was then that he officially joined the front line of the Resistance. Two years of direct conflict with the Cardassians as the smallest member of the cell, the one used for both infiltration and repairs, made him aware of just what war really was. When the Cardassians left Bajor, he was too young to join the Militia, but he was old beyond his years, so school wasn't an option. He flitted between the last vestige of the Resistance, the Maquis, and even for a month, the Circle. But he left when he was old enough to do so, and applied to Starfleet Academy on Earth, inspired by the stories of Ro Laren and Sito Jaxa, which had filtered all the way back to Bajor.


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