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The current year is 2396

This database contains all information relating to Pegasus Fleet including our canon storyline, official documents, and organization’s history. The majority of entries pertain to our vision of the future, set shortly before events of Star Trek: Picard.

It is worth noting that this database is not a complete repository of what we consider to be canon. We have tried, where possible, not to simply duplicate information available from Memory Alpha. Rather, what is contained here is exclusive to Pegasus Fleet, and provides important context for our stories.

This wiki is a collaborative effort between our Resources Department and our membership. Any member of Pegasus Fleet is welcome to add or edit information on our wiki. However, only articles with a Pegasus Fleet icon in the top right corner have been approved as fleet-wide canon. All other pages are relevant to a specific game or story, and may be used at the discretion of our members.

For an overview of what Pegasus Fleet considers canon, please see our Canon Policy.

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January - June 2022 – Eleventh Fleet


The Eleventh Fleet, known colloquially as Pegasus Fleet, is one of the several numbered fleets that make up the Federation Starfleet. Founded in response to incursions and rising threats of the 2360s and 70s, it was rendered inactive after being destroyed at the Battle of Benzar during the Dominion War. The fleet was later re-established in the mid-2380s to ease strain on Federation resources as well as mitigate concerns that Starfleet had been neglecting the worlds of the frontier regions.

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Fleet Canon Portal

Fleet Canon is an important aspect to Pegasus Fleet's fibre of In Character devotion. The members of the fleet work hard to ensure that entries are created that add an impressive, and unique flavour to our universe, tailored for Pegasus Fleet, and chronicled here on the Pegasus Fleet Wiki. See below for just a selection of the items that have been deemed as Canon by the Commanding Officers of the Fleet:

Elaborated Trek Canon

Unique Fleet Canon

Galactic Anthropology Committee

The Galactic Anthropology Committee is the primary organisation within Pegasus Fleet, charged with the creation and extension of In Character articles and information regarding species, governments, planets, locations, ships and persons of note. Their purpose is to enhance the universe in which the membership of the fleet partakes their simming endeavours in by providing captains and crews with new possibilities, and a deeper understanding of the region of the galaxy in which we play.

The Galactic Anthropology Committee has the primary responsibility for assisting items towards GAC Article status, or for nominating more major items for vote and acceptance as Fleet Canon. The GAC is a division of Pegasus Fleet Research & Development and consists of the following members;

Non-Canon ArticlesGAC ArticlesFleet CanonTrek Canon

If you are interested in joining the Galactic Anthropology Committee, contact the Director of Research & Development.