The Sojourners

This article is official Pegasus Fleet canon.
The Sojourners
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Thane II (Sojourner Alpha)



Official Language
  • Tradespeak
  • Federation Standard
Political Information

Very little is known about the Sojourners as a set-up but it is known that they are a radical offshoot of the Vinarian Syndicate who believe that the Syndicate's 'downscaling' over the last five years has been to its detriment. Starfleet Intelligence first reported signs of escalating pirate activity at the edge of known space around the end of 2387 but no more information is available as to the beginnings of The Sojourners.

That being said however, it is thought that the USS Shiloh encountered The Sojourners during its last mission in the Galactic Salvage Yard. The Shiloh was tasked to locate a number of missing Starfleet vessels and soon found that they were being stolen and moved onto another group. It was never given the opportunity to investigate further.


In mid-2388 Starbase 332's resident Private Investigator came to the fleet with intelligence on a mooted attack on Federation territory by the Ritorian Confederacy in the Thane system. When the crew of 332 was assigned to investigate and repel the attack, it was discovered that the planned attack was not the work of the Ritorian Confederacy at all and was actually an act being carried out by a group calling themselves The Sojourners.

The Sojourners were in negotiations with the government of Thane to open trade routes and 'put them back on the map' as a trade and commerce centre. Upon their arrival in the Thane system and after a short period of discussion with the Commanding Officer in charge of the Expeditionary Force, the Regent of Thane and the Warlord Head of The Sojourners (referring to herself as Vaishaa), the Starfleet force was fired upon by the assembled might of The Sojourners' force, a cobbled together group of reclaimed starships from the Galactic Salvage Yard to the North.

The force of assembled vessels greatly outnumbered the vessels that the Starfleet force had at its disposal and quickly overwhelmed the Federation group. Just as the odds seemed to have turned against them, the USS Vesta arrived on the scene to provide tactical assistance and bought the Expeditionary Force enough time to jump to warp and limp back to 332.

The level of resistance and the willingness of the Thane Government to submit to The Sojourners (or the Ritorians in the first instance) had not been accounted for at Pegasus Fleet headquarters at Cestus III. The Thane Government later submitted formal motions to remove itself from the protectorate agreement and work with The Sojourners. With little choice in the matter, Starfleet was forced to accept the motion and allow The Sojourners a valuable foothold in the area.

It is thought that The Sojourners were gifted the least densely populated planet in the Thane system for their efforts in assisting the Governor of Thane, Sallarus in expelling the Federation who he saw as not doing enough to repel the threat of the Ritorians and had convinced his people of such. His motivation was to bring trade and consumer confidence back to the area by siding with a potentially dangerous ally.


The Sojourners have no technology of their own but have the brilliant minds of Vinarian Engineers to call upon. When they left the Syndicate, The Sojourners began reclaiming vessels from the Galactic Salvage Yard and refitting them to suit their needs.