Vinarian Syndicate

This article is official Pegasus Fleet canon.
Vinarian Syndicate
Basic information
Major Species


Official Language
  • "Tradespeak"
  • Federation Standard
Political Information

The Vinarian Syndicate was founded as a competitor of the Orion Syndicate and has since grown hugely in and around Galactic South. Since the USS Carthage’s thwarting of their over-zealous attempt to overthrow the Cardassian government, the Syndicate has been much quieter in their operations going in more for black-marketeering and small-scale piracy in the systems around Galactic South.

Religion is strictly outlawed amongst members of the Syndicate.

Starfleet Intelligence reports that they could be operating from just inside the Talosian area of space. However, these reports are, as yet, unconfirmed.

The Syndicate are notorious for holding hostages. If bounties are not paid, or even if they are, they will keep the captured person until they agree to work with them. It is alleged that a devastating system of psychological ‘breaks’ are used on the hostages until they eventually capitulate to the will of the Syndicate.


The Syndicate’s technology comes largely from the plundered technology of other races. They recycle ships, weapons, clothing and even people from those that they attack so they could be seen in a Klingon Bird of Prey one moment or in a Starfleet Miranda-class the next. Anything goes for the Vinarian Syndicate.


Attempts at negotiation have almost always failed.


There is a distinct structure within the Syndicate but no Starfleet operatives have ever managed to penetrate the group deep enough to understand how it works.


Structure is largely unknown but the standard rank of Captain of those who have plundered their own vessel are omni-present.