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The Bajorans are a very artistic, peaceful, and religious people and are one of the newer members of the United Federation of Planets.

Bajor has a very long history, dating back hundreds of thousands of years. Not as much is known as Federation historians would like, but it is enough to keep an archaeologist busy for their entire career. The Prophets influenced much of Bajor’s history after their orbs were found by Bajorans and they began to worship them as gods. The most well-known part of Bajoran history is the Cardassian Occupation which lasted from 2319 to 2369.

Bajoran civilization stretches back a million years, long before Humans learned to make tools or to speak. The Bajorans of the ancient past were well-known for their science, art, philosophy and mathematics. The greatest of the early Bajoran civilizations is the First Republic which existed from 25,000 to 20,000 years ago. This was the civilization that built the ancient city of B’Hala, which was known for its advanced science and art at the time it existed. The city was lost to time until Captain Benjamin Sisko rediscovered it.


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