Eleventh Fleet

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Eleventh Fleet
Area of Responsibility

Milky Way Galaxy


Pegasus Fleet

Commanding Officer

Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn

Executive Officer

Vice Admiral D'era Virtam

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Pegasus Fleet

The Eleventh Fleet, colloquially known as Pegasus Fleet, is one of the numbered fleets that make up the Federation Starfleet. Founded in response to incursions and rising threats of the 2360s and 70s, it was rendered inactive after being destroyed at the Battle of Benzar during the Dominion War. The fleet was later re-established in the mid-2380s to ease strain on Federation resources as well as mitigate concerns that Starfleet had been neglecting the worlds of the frontier regions. Since then, the Eleventh Fleet has taken on additional duties and responsibilities throughout Federation space and beyond, including providing the core element of the Delta Quadrant Exploratory Group.


The Eleventh Fleet was one of several that saw considerable action during the early days of the Dominion War, often dispatched to help shore up defenses and assist other fleets weakened by Dominion attacks. In early 2374, the fleet was redeployed to protect Benzar, homeworld of a key member of the Federation. However, they were caught by surprise, quickly overwhelmed, and eventually destroyed by a Dominion strike force. Subsequently, Starfleet placed the Eleventh Fleet on inactive status, opting to transfer the remaining personnel and assets to other fleets.

Following the war, Starfleet was faced with the monumental task of establishing a foundation for a post-war era. This meant dealing with multiple (often competing) interests that demanded much of their time and resources. Not only were they concerned about the rebuilding within the Federation, they were also responsible for assisting in the Cardassian reconstruction, and later the Romulan evacuation. Further complicating matters was the fact that some who believed the Federation had not focused enough on the frontier regions began to speak of leaving.

It became increasingly clear that something needed to be done to better address these needs. And so, by the early 2380s, Starfleet Command had started to reconstitute several of its inactive fleets. Vice Admiral Roman Sanchez was assigned to oversee the reactivation of the Eleventh Fleet. Most of the assets that Sanchez chose to become part of the reformed fleet, nicknamed ‘Pegasus’ after the admiral’s well-known style in battle, were drawn from what remained of the Starfleet reserves or from other active fleets and captained by freshly-promoted officers.

The fleet’s headquarters was soon established on Cestus III and it was given responsibility for a patrol zone spanning much of the galactic-south of Federation territory, sharing borders with the Tholians, Klingons, Gorn, and Metron Consortium. Official operations began in 2386 and, within three years, the Eleventh Fleet had established itself and proven itself capable of carrying out its duties in the Galactic South. In light of this, Starfleet Command ordered an expansion of their operations into other areas of Federation space and beyond.

In 2392, the Eleventh Fleet took on additional responsibility for providing core elements of a new Delta Quadrant Exploratory Group based out of the Iota system.

Major Events

  • 2374: Eleventh Fleet is destroyed by Dominion strike force at the Battle of Benzar
  • 2386: Vice Admiral Sanchez reactivates Eleventh Fleet, headquarters on Cestus III
  • 2389: Starfleet Command orders expansion of Eleventh Fleet operations into areas of Federation space beyond the Galactic South
  • 2392: Eleventh Fleet provides core elements of new Delta Quadrant Exploratory Group
  • 2394: graviton catapults shut down following major accident, Eleventh Fleet tasked with two-pronged effort to re-establish support lines to the exploratory group