Galactic Anthropology Committee

The Galactic Anthropology Committee is a civilian group, attached to the Daystrom Institute and tasked with the study of previously unknown or little-known races, both living and extinct. They are also tasked with the compilation of data from this research for the Federation Archives.

This mission takes its members all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and in the past into the Gamma Quadrant though with the Treaty of Bajor, no Federation citizen is permitted into that area. The Committee consists of some 200 historians, archaeologists, and other social scientists, who often bring young scientists or Starfleet cadets on their missions.


The GAC was founded as the Daystrom Anthropology Committee in 2341 by Margaret Jenks, one of the founders of the Daystrom Institute of Technical Learning and granddaughter of Richard Daystrom after whom the Institute was named. The Committee was formed 6 years after the founding of the Institute, due to the established presence of the Daystrom Institute Archaeological Council. However, due to the nature of the Archaeological Council, the Committee was formed to include the histories and cultures of these races as well. Eventually, in 2371, the two were combined into one department, the Galactic Anthropology Committee, which lent itself out to scientific endeavors across the quadrant, including Starfleet and the Federation Archaeology Council.

The first head of the Galactic Anthropology Committee was Dr Domenic Tyrell, a man who from Earth and a descendent of a long line of scientists. Dr Tyrrell started the chronicling of current species and their histories, including Klingons and Tholians. He also was the one to make contact with the Anirians, though the price of that contact was a great number of wounds that he suffered. In 2388, The Galactic Anthropology Committee was then placed into a partnership with Starfleet in addition to the Daystrom Institute, whereupon the 11th Fleet headquarters on Cestus III also became the headquarters for the GAC. It was during this time that Domenic Tyrrell was given the title of Rear Admiral in the 11th Fleet. Under his care, the GAC thrived and its databases grew ever larger to include the Romulans and Andorians, but also the Jenefrans and Myaz Sovereignty among others. Several Starfleet officers, including Lieutenant JG Kimberly Holmes and Ensign Claire Johnson have spent time in it as cadets.

In 2389, saw the reassignment of RAdm Tyrrell to another part of space. It has recently gained its second chairperson, and first and only woman to hold the position, Cdre Dr Toras Selos.

In the year 2390 the R&D Department recently integrated the GAC department under the watchful eye of Vice Admiral Emily Quinn.


The Anthropology Committee has numerous staff members.

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