Toras Selos

Toras Selos
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31 July 2351

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179 lbs





Political Information



Galactic Anthropology Committee

  • Chairwoman
  • Anthropologist
  • Historian
  • Sociologist
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Toras Selos is an Andorian alien archaeologist/anthropologist assigned to the Galactic Anthropology Committee. She lives at Cestus III with her bondgroup and their children.

Physical Description

Toras is a tall Andorian woman with long white hair, violet eyes, and the typical blue skin and antennae of her species. She likes to dress tastefully in muted colors and rich earth tones. On the job, her long white hair is generally pulled back into a clip, keeping it out of her way. Off the job, she allows it to fall freely around her shoulders. She generally has a smile on her face as she is a happy person. Her figure is curvy yet slender.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Toras is a generally happy person and tries her best to spread that happiness to the people around her. Because of this, people typically gravitate towards her. She does not, however put up with people who think they are above the rules or that thrive on drama. In her opinion, you follow the same rules as everyone else, or get out. You keep the drama to a minimum and everyone is happy; being overly dramatic only causes strife among friends and colleagues and she does not put up with it. However, if one attempts to be kind and courteous to the people around them, she is a very cheerful individual and will generally make friends with you.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • Diplomatics
  • Patient Most of the Time
  • Friendly
  • Team Worker
  • Energetic
  • Fun Loving
  • Happy
  • Good mother


  • First Aid
  • Piloting
  • Impatient with goofs or jerks
  • Hates dramatic people
  • Impatient with people who think they are above the rules
  • Becoming a holodeck addict
  • A lot of nervous energy
  • Soft spot for her children


Toras's ambitions have been filled: to have a family and become a prestigious scientist

Hobbies & Interests

Music of many different kinds including Andorian, Betazoid, Earth from the 20th and 21st centuries, Bajoran, camping, hiking, martial arts, languages, cooking and eating real food, playing with her children, spending time with her bondmates, dancing of all kinds, playing several instruments, reading science journals, dancing and volleyball of all kinds


As Chairwoman of the Galactic Anthropology Committee, Toras has learned to speak more than 19 languages throughout the Galactic South, in addition to Andorian, Federation Standard, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Latin (written form), Russian, Finnish, Betazoid, Tellarite, Rigellian, Romulan, Vulcan, Old High Vulcan (written), and Klingon.



  • Torin Selos, M - Starfleet Officer
  • Birev Selos, M - Starfleet Officer
  • Remat Selos, M - Homemaker


  • Rani Selos, F - Homemaker



  • Nilas Thane, F - Homemaker
  • Jaras Selos, F - Andorian Planetary Police
  • Bela Selos, F - Homemaker
  • Cmdr Linu Zharan, F - Starfleet Officer


  • Utban Selos, M
  • Finas Selos, F
  • Balin Selos, M


  • Naila Selos - F, 6
  • Rejan Selos - M, 6
  • Retan Selos - M, 6
  • Jolen Selos - M, 4
  • Luni Selos - F, 4
  • Birek Selos - M, 3


Toras was born to a bondgroup of three men and one woman. Torin and Remat married each other, but Rani, being the only woman, bore the children for all three males. Toras never found out which one of her fathers was the one who gave her life, but she didn't care: they were all her fathers and she loved them. Because there were three men competing for womb-time with one woman, Rani was almost always pregnant with one man's baby or another. When the doctors finally said she had to stop, she had given birth to eight children, 3 boys and 5 girls, Toras being the oldest after Malin. Malin and Toras were expected to help look after their little brothers and sisters during the day. They did it well. Their quarters were huge since the eight children never wanted to leave the frigid quarters for the more temperate climate of the rest of the ship. When Torin was given command of his own ship, he requested that it be an all Andorian ship, and Starfleet obliged. The temperature never went above -2C (29F). Toras and Malin took their siblings to the holodeck regularly. When it came time, Toras and Malin went into martial training and they both exceptionally well, but Toras wanted to meet new people. She didn't want to be in Starfleet, she wanted to be a scientist. Malin, more of a fighter, never understood her obsession with people. Thus, he went to Starfleet Academy, Linu, Ralen and Giren soon following.

At Berkeley University on Earth, Toras found out the meaning of the word HOT. She did not like it and generally spent all summer in her room, in the cold. In the winter, she would emerge and intermingle with the other students. She discovered body temperature control suits and soon could go out even in the summer. She did very well in school, passing with high honors. When it came time to make a career, she went on several digs with renowned archaeologists, and also worked on Starfleet vessels as a civilian scientist. She did not, however, think of going to the Galactic Anthropology Committee until she met Balin. He was tall and handsome with light blue skin, deep blue eyes, and silver hair. He suggested they go to the Galactic Anthropology Committee and apply for jobs. They were both accepted, and soon Toras and Balin became romantically involved. They met two other Andorians, Utban and Finas Narn. The two couples made overtures to each other and began to realize that they wanted to get married together. Thus, Toras's bondgroup was formed. Balin and Finas stayed home with the children while Utban was security and Toras continued her work with the GAC. They soon had three children as Toras discovered more and more peoples. When not in the field, she has since stayed on Cestus III with her family as a member of the GAC, soon being elevated to Chairwoman.