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A Ritorian Male
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Ritor system


Beta Quadrant



First Contact:

2291, USS Excelsior

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Ritorian Confederacy



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Warp capable



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Ritorian space

The Ritorians have been known to Starfleet as often looking to expand their borders. When the Archanis Sector (current location of Starbase 332) was discovered, the Archa system was controlled by the native Archaan Royal Family. However, when the system was next visited during the USS Excelsior’s 3-year mission the system seemed to be under the control of a new group calling themselves the Ritorian Confederacy - an occupation which the Excelsior’s crew ended.

It is alleged that the Thane system has resisted the advances of the Ritorians on five separate occasions but have always been the acid-test for Ritorian aggression in the area. Unfortunately for the people of the Thane system, their government has always been hostile to Starfleet stationing protective forces in their space.


Archaan Occupation

Little is known about how long the Ritorians had been in control of the Archa system, but it was quickly established that they were using a form of psyonic radiation to control the population of the system. Investigation by the Excelsior crew established that this was the Ritorians’ primary method of population control in areas they invaded.

The psyonic generators were placed throughout the planets of the system and controlled by an orbital facility above the central planet. According to studies carried out by Starfleet’s top scientists in Galactic South, over a period of time the psyonic radiation would placate the population to a point where they all but forgot that they were ever independent of the Ritorian Confederacy. Over this period (indiscernible by Federation scientists) the link could be broken by knocking out the Orbital facility from which the radiation is monitored and controlled.

It is estimated that there are more than 30 systems which have been ‘naturalised’ into Ritorian territory meaning that they are a very diverse race who, surprisingly, are quite forthcoming with their rights and acceptance of new races. Instead of enslaving, they merely conquer and utilise the skills of the races they have taken over.


See Ritorian Confederacy


Ritorian weapons systems are a modification of early disruptor technology bartered from the Klingons during first contact in the early 2200s. The evolutionary chain has been similar to their technology, though differing in power output and dimensions. Whereas the Klingon Disruptors have been built into ships with a fixed firing arc, and have limited area coverage relying heavily on their ships' mobility, the Ritorians have developed disruptor turrets to enhance their arcs of fire. Though mostly forward facing on all of their ship classes, they have the 360 pivot/180 angle feature to significantly increase firing capability.

Along with the bartered Klingon technology, due to their proximity with the former Ferengi Territory and their active involvement in Galactic South technology trading, the Ritorians have acquired the base of several significant torpedo technologies. Hence, they have developed plasma and quantum torpedoes based off Cardassian technology. These weapons are on par with Federation Starfleet development.

Some versions of Ritorian vessels carry and are capable of dispersing mines. Though a large enough task force would need to be fielded to deploy a sizeable minefield, Ritorian starships carry a limited number of Pulse and Gravimetric Mines.

Of particular interest, it is believed the Ritorians have began testing and field deployment of a next generation of torpedo advancement.

The Ritorian Confederacy is capable of cloaking their vessels. Though it is believed that this technology originated from purchase through Ferengi trade channels, Starfleet Intelligence has not ascertained the origin, reliability or effectiveness of the Ritorian Cloaking Systems. It is believed that their ships of the line are outfitted with this technology.

Ritorians have a hugely advanced understanding of medicinal techniques and have undertaken research in order to cure the bouts of a cholera-like disease which results from the polluted water on Ritoria.


The Ritorian tongue and dialect is difficult to pick up on first listen. Communications experts have referred to it as being applicable to hearing Russian for the first time. The alphabet is almost indecipherable with many letters altering based on their use in the word. However, standard issue Universal Translators are now able to process Ritorian very quickly.


Ritorian territory is located due west of Starbase 332. The exact expanse of the empire is unknown as a Starfleet science vessel was assigned to take in the outer border of the Confederacy but were stopped and turned back by a strike force of 10 Ritorian battle-cruisers. Later, in 2320 the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps became part of negotiations with the Central Government to buy the star charts of the empire. The Ritorians deal primarily in Latinum and as such, there is often a long convoy of Ferengi traders on their way to Ritorian space from their Southern trading port of Mira VII.


Very little is known about the religious beliefs of the Ritorian Confederacy. It is widely accepted that due to the nature of their control of numerous populations, they do not have a strict government policy on religion, despite their leader carrying the ancient title of Pontiff.