Starbase 332

Starbase 332
Technical Details
Class: Stardock-class
Registry: SB-332
Role: Orbital Repair and Manufacturing Facility
Status: Operational
Task Force: Task Force 11
Task Force CO: Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Liarra Von
Executive Officer: Commander Leonardo Luciano
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Starbase 332 is a Stardock-class station commissioned in 2370. It sits in orbit of vacation planet Archa IV and is currently under the command of Captain Liarra Von. The station is a primary trade hub of the Galactic South and the closest Starfleet facility to the Ritorian Confederacy and the emerging threat of the Sojourners. The starbase comes under the command of Starfleet's 11th Fleet.


Construction and Relocation

Starbase 332 was originally designed to be positioned between the border of the Federation and the Ritorian Confederacy. However, midway through its construction, a joint decision between the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet and the Archan Government meant that the station would be relocated to the Archa system, in orbit of Archa IV, to act as a protectorate station and trading outpost for the region.

The station's relocation served to reassure many of the species in the immediate vicinity of their safety from incursion by the Ritorians, who had been beginning to aggressively raid systems close to their borders.

In Service

The stardock was finally commissioned in 2370 to be the frontline station in Galactic South and all vessels operating in Galactic South were redirected to 332 as their forward base of operations. She was to operate at half-complement until decisions were reached about Starfleet's role in the region. The station sat, almost forgotten, in orbit of Archa IV for nearly 16 years.

It was not until the reconstitution of Pegasus Fleet in 2386 that the base was to be fully commissioned with its full crew complement and active starships. Captain Tyka, who was originally assigned to the station as Chief Engineer in 2370, was to be permitted to maintain command of the station.

However, in the early months of 2387 Starfleet decided that it would be advisable to upgrade the Station's status to fully operational and assign a new senior staff to the region, one that was more used to dealing with diplomatic and tactical situations. The station was transferred to Commander Alexander Gunning in April 2387.

In Popular Culture

  • The popular series of holonovels "Threshold" are loosely based on the early years of the Federation in Galactic South in which Starbase 332 features heavily.
  • Most Federation citizens know of the Starbase as the location of the mysterious deaths of a contingent of Federation & Cardassian ambassadors. At the time of writing, very little is known about the exact nature of the incident but the noted author Thersoan ch'Sas is said to be researching the incident for his latest book.


As of 2191, at least 19 species were represented amongst the thousands-strong crew compliment, including Trill, Human, El-Aurian, Klingon, Bynar, Caitian, Bolian, Vulcan, Tellarite, Betazoid, and others - including several crew members whose parentage is of a hybrid nature.

Although Starfleet crewmembers staff the vital positions onboard Starbase 332, the station is home to a large civilian population, who work in various areas of the station, such as the commercial promenade, where vendors can run shops, restaurants and entertainment suites, amongst others. The station is also a major trading hub, seeing transports from various public and private entities regularly docking with the station and making use of its facilities.

Commanding Officers

Captain Tyka was originally assigned as commander of the station, having continued his stewardship from the lengthy period of the station's construction. The station's first change in command was brought about in 2387, when Starfleet assigned then-Commander Alexander Gunning as the station's new commander, which brought in an almost complete change of the station's senior staff along with it. When Captain Gunning was killed in an explosion orchestrated by the Sojourners in 2389, command of the station was handed to his first officer, Captain Liarra Von.

Command Crew

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For a full listing of Starbase 332 personnel, see Starbase 332 personnel

Notable Residents

  • Samantia Akiashiro (Owner of Warp 12)
  • Karx (Operator of "Alexander's")
  • Venin (Operator of "Alexander's")
  • Traxx (Owner of Traxx's Personal Spacecraft Emporium)
  • Vendenje Kamdram (Captain of the independent freigher Alei)
  • Vincent Reed (Captain of the SS Crescent Star)

For a full listing of Starbase 332 civilian residents, see Starbase 332 residents

Support Vessels

Starbase 332 has a number of support vessels on hand. From 2387, the Defiant-class ship USS Jackal has been assigned as one of the station's primary garrison vessels. It was joined in 2389 with a Excelsior-refit-class vessel, and later with a Diligent-class in 2390. In addition, it has a grand total of over 800 runabouts, shuttles and captain's yachts stored in its 200 shuttlebays, over 200 fighter craft, 6 Grommet-class towships, 5 Richardson-class couriers, 5 Raven-class science vessels, and 6 Wallace-class light escort vessels. The Starfleet Academy training vessel USS Wainwright has also recently been attached to the station.

Active Garrison Vessels

Starbase Air Wing 17

Starbase has assigned to it a division of Starfleet's Fighter Corps, under the designation SVW-17. The air wing is staffed by highly qualified pilots, and are responsible for the upkeep of the stations 242 fighter craft, including 50 Peregrine Interceptors, 60 Razor Interceptors, 60 Scorpion MkII Assault Fighters and 72 Viper Advanced Tactical Fighters. The Air Wing forms a large part of the station's perimeter defence and patrol protocols, and operate flights in the Archan system on a constant basis.

The air wing is commanded by Colonel S'er'in'e, and contains four squadrons; each of which are commanded by a squadron leader.

The previous commander of the air wing was Marine Lieutenant Colonel Edward Maxwell

Starfleet Marines 14th Battalion

Starbase 332 serves as the operating base of the 14th Battalion of the Starfleet Marine Corps, also headed up by Colonel S'er'in'e as the ranking Marine on board. The marines form an active part of Starbase operations, and frequently accompany Starfleet personnel on missions aboard the various garrison vessels assigned to the station. The Archan government has also given the battalion special permission to conduct training exercises on the planet surface.

The battalion comprises four companies in addition to the Headquarters/Command company; each led by a company commander who reports directly to the marine commanding officer.

The previous commander of the Battalion Major Naomi Griffiths

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