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Gorn Hegemony
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The Gorn Hegemony is the state government of the Gorn, and is a monarchy ruled by the Imperator of the Gorn Hegemony. Whilst many other civilisations have called it by a variety of names in the past - Gorn Alliance, Gorn Kingdom, Gorn Empire and Gorn Confederation amongst them - the Gorn Hegemony is the proper name for the organisation.


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The Gorn had achieved interstellar propulsion technology as early as 500,000 BC when they established funeral world on the planet Cenotaph. They marked this world by placing numerous kilometer wide stone sphere in equatorial orbit which were engraved with a warning that anyone who trespassed would be committing a grave sacrilege.

Early in their history, the Gorn people encountered the Paravian species. The encounter led to hostilities between both races and eventually to the extermination of the Paravian people by the Gorn's hand. The next species they encountered was the Romulan Star Empire. Because the Romulans lived in a poor region of space, the Gorn Hegemony and the Romulan Star Empire battled in a war for resources over the few planets they managed to discover. The Gorn achieve several victories but each were costly and bloody. This resulted in a constant state of conflict between the two races. Both set of hostile encounters clouded the Gorn’s view on other races.

In 2266, the Gorn Hegemony made first contact with the United Federation of Planets, destroying the Federation colony at Cestus III, a world they considered to be their territory before being pursued by the USS Enterprise. After intervention from the non-corporeal life-forms known as the Metrons, the Gorn Hegemony reached an agreement about the territorial dispute, and Cestus III was ceded to the Federation.

In 2375, the Gorn Hegemony suffered a civil war began by the Black Crest faction as the USS Enterprise-E visited their world in an attempt to enlist the Hegemony's aide in the Dominion War. The Gorn faction nearly attacked and occupied Cestus III, now a Federation Member State, before being thwarted. The Hegemony declined to join the Federation's cause against the Dominion.

In 2376, after the war's conclusion, the Klingon Empire, fearful of the repositioning of the Hegemony's assets, with much of the Gorn's military might being distributed along the border facing the Klingons, began focussing their wartime rebuild primarily on their Gorn-facing border. This action instigated both sides to practically declare a Cold War between the two powers, with only the Klingon's post-war wounds and the threat of Federation intervention being all that stopped outright hostilities.

A number of skirmishes were reported in 2386 between the Gorn and the Klingons - who had now been able to almost completely rebuild their forces following the Dominion War - in the space which acted as a barrier between their two territories, in addition to the space on the opposite side of their empires from the Federation. Though none of the skirmishes were considered major battles by either party, the United Federation of Planets lodged an official notice of disapproval with both Earth-based embassies.

Government and Politics

The leadership of the Gorn state consists of the Imperator of the Gorn Hegemony. However, in the 23rd century, it was ruled by a King, an old head of state who delegated his authority to several vassals who became at odds with one another for supremacy of the Hegemony. The king himself was sheltered from these political problems by those loyal to him. This led to degradation within the Gorn government. It was believed that, without a strong leader, the Hegemony might eventually collapse and fall into civil war.

In the 24th century, the Gorn Alliance consisted of many peace loving clans that maintained cordial relations with the Federation. However, equally, they were opposed by rival militant patriarchies that viewed a continued alliance with the Federation as being both demeaning as well as restrictive. This led to rival factions battling one another for power over the Gorn government across years and even led to renegade Gorn attacking Federation targets in order to provoke a war between the two. Though many of the rogue Gorn were destroyed, continued Federation presence within Gorn space has provoked an irritated reaction from what few rebels remained.

One political group within the Hegemony consisted of the Black Crest who attempted a coup against the government in order to engage in aggressive action against the Federation. This coup attempt was foiled by the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.


The Gorn species are noted to be aggressive and almost primitive by Klingon tacticians, though they are quite intelligent which means that it is a mistake to underestimate them at any point. The Gorn attack approach involves the use of brute force with overwhelming attacks against their enemies rather than making use of finesse involved in carefully planned strikes. As such, a Gorn is more likely to slug their way out of a situation then think of a solution through it. Another racial trait is a devotion to the Gorn Imperative where they believe that only the strong survive and that their race should not tolerate any form of weakness. Extreme forms of this belief leads to the Gorn ruthlessly butchering their own kind who demonstrate any kind of weakness to their foes.


Despite the political problems of the Gorn Hegemony, it is known that in the 2280's that the Gorn state possessed a strong, disciplined military that prevented overt attempts against Gorn colonies.

Gorn Space Command is the primary defence organization that manages the Hegemony. Even though the Gorn possess fewer ships compared to their neighbours, the Space Command maintain a fleet that is highly feared by its enemies. Gorn officers are highly trained with a great deal of combat experience. This combination makes the Gorn a fearsome foe to face in battle.

Gorn ship design closely mirrors that of the Gorn physiology itself; designed with shields far superior to those utilised by the Federation and Klingon Empire, as well as incredibly durable hull armour, Gorn vessels can take a severe beating in battle, allowing them to stay in a direct firefight for extended periods of time. Though their disruptors have incredibly high power settings also, with each incremental increase in setting, the weapons suffer a severe drop in accuracy. Gorn ship commanders must choose with each volley whether accuracy or raw power is what is required.

Starship classes

  • King Snake-class
  • Anaconda-class
  • Euromastyx-class
  • Grendel-class
  • CS6-class courier
  • MA12-class cruiser


The Gorn Hegemony is located between the portion of Federation space extending from the centre of the galaxy along the Alpha and Beta Quadrant border and the Klingon Empire. This positions the Hegemony squarely between the galactic arms which contain a sparse region of space with only a few habitable worlds that the Gorn have colonised.