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June - August 2012 – Mark Reinhart


Rear Admiral Markus D. Reinhart is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. He serves as 11th Fleet's Chief of Fleet Operations and Task Force 11 Commander. Reinhart is also the Commanding Officer of the USS Shiloh, a a Lexington-class carrier, the flagship of Eleventh Fleet and Battle Group Shiloh. He also served as the commanding officer of the USS Anubis, a Wildcat-class class frigate. Rear Admiral Reinhart served throughout the Dominion War as a Star Fleet Marine Corps pilot, and an Air Wing Commander.

During Reinhart’s early years, he grew up mild-mannered and pleasant. In his teens, he developed a passive-aggressive temperament and it now affects his judgment and politics. He can be intimidating, and sometimes overbearing to work with. One of the reasons why he never had aspirations to run for public office was because his father told him that "if [he] were down in the polls, [he] would deflate the tires on [his] opponent's campaign bus." His passive aggressive attitude and actions became more aggressive and alpha-male when he commissioned in the Marines following college, and only hardened to the months of Officer-Candidate School (OCS).

September - December 2012 – Benjamin J. Byrne


Captain Benjamin James Byrne is a noted Starfleet officer, archaeologist and diplomat serving in the latter half of the 24th century. The highlights of his career are his assignments as commanding officer of the USS Hendrix, USS New York, and most recently, the USS Endeavour.

Byrne holds diverse intellectual interests, though his recreational interests are often overshadowed by his work ethic and his fascination with ancient history. He has had a life-long interest in archaeology, inspired by his parents and the archaeological digs that they took him on all over Earth, having studied the various ancient cultures of his world with fascination since his youth, and he has even visited seminars of the Federation Archaeology Council when his duties have permitted him to do so.

January - March 2013 – Andorian


The Andorians are an important member of the United Federation of Planets and are one of the founding members. They are known for their blue skin, white or silver hair, and for their "Andorian anger", which is possibly one of the most famous emotions along with Deltan love and Klingon rage. The Andorians are a cousin race to the Aenar and hail from the icy world of Andoria. Many Andorians choose to make service to Starfleet or the Federation their life's goal.

Originating from an icy moon, Andorians were in contact with a race in the distant past known as Aenar (pronounced EE-nar). Sometime before the 2100s, they lost contact. The first ice cutter to circumnavigate the Andorian homeworld was called Kumari, a name that would be carried on to future Andorian vessels.

Contact with Vulcan came during the early 20th century. According to the Vulcans, their First Contact with Andorians...

October - December 2013 – Kingdom Come (USS Endeavour Mission)


Immediately off the bat of their most recent encounter with danger, the crew of the USS Endeavour are ordered post-haste towards their scheduled rendezvous with a duo of Federation Diplomats, before setting a rapid course for the Nevarra Cluster; a densely packed cluster of stars which recent contact has shown to contain many fully-fledged and habitable star systems, all aligned under one isolationist government, who is now seeking to expand its horizons and trade with outsiders. Whilst the diplomats discuss the details of the trade agreements, Captain Byrne and his crew are free to explore; and they make a rather ground-breaking discovery about Nevarra's past.

January - December 2014 – Andorian Am Tal


The Am Tal is a group of Andorians who have dedicated their lives to the protection of Andoria and her allies. They operate independently of Starfleet, much to Starfleet Command's chagrin. Starfleet Intelligence does not see a need for the Am Tal, however they cannot find fault with their results. The Am Tal is also the one intelligence organization that refuses to assassinate persons of interest.

The Am Tal was formed in 1814 (Earth Calendar) by Lortik th'Kavel as a means of spying on his enemies, thus enabling an easier victory. Am Tal agents even underwent surgery to replace people close to the leaders of the other clans, family members or close friends. However in 1817 the Am Tal went to the other clans and asked to be allowed to help them defeat Lortik. Suspicious at first, the clans eventually agreed and allowed the Am Tal to join them. However, they were dismayed not all the Am Tal agents arrived at the prescribed meeting place. The Am Tal leaders explained that many of them remained behind to spy on Lortik and Clan Kavel for the other clans. It was this action that enabled Andoria to create a world government; without it, it is possible they would not have succeeded for another 300 years.

Upon the crowning of the Andorian imperial family, the Am Tal took its place as the intelligence organization of the day...

January - June 2015 – The Earth-Romulan War

The-beginning romulan-war.jpg

The Earth-Romulan War was one of the most defining conflicts in Federation history. The war was fought between the Coalition of Planets, led by Earth, and the mysterious Romulan Star Empire from 2155 to 2160. The solidarity created by the fledgling alliance would help lead to the formation of the Federation, and thus drastically change the galaxy’s political climate and shift the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

During the early part of the 22nd century, the Romulan Star Empire had followed a policy of covert expansion. Through subterfuge and destabilization tactics, they were able to disrupt control of minor empires and followed up the chaos with their fleet, promising to bring order. This early expansion favored to the galactic northeast as the burgeoning Klingon Empire to their south followed a more aggressive expansion policy. The Romulans, not to be deterred, had their sights set on the territory claimed by the Klingons, but knew that an outright attack could be devastating. Instead, the shifted their attention to their southwest, where a number of smaller empires had been vying for power in the region.

July - December 2015 – Andrew Sheppard


Andrew Sheppard, MD is a celebrated Federation Starfleet officer, physician, and linguist serving during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career center around assignments as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Intrepid, USS Frontier, USS Vesta, and Starbase 484. In these roles, Sheppard not only witnessed major events involving the Elyshan Cold War, the Hobus Disaster, unrest in the Romulan Empire, and growing awareness of the Yang Zutal, but played a key role in them also. He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer of the Ethereal-class Starbase 484.

Andrew Sheppard was born on April 14, 2351 to Kestra Ellus, a young Betazoid woman, in New York City on Earth. Shortly after giving birth, Kestra passed away and the yet unnamed child was placed into the temporary care of Charles and Annabeth Sheppard. Charles Sheppard was an ordained United Methodist pastor in New York City and his wife, Annabeth, was the youth director at Charles’ church. The Sheppards eventually decided to formally adopt the young child, giving him the name Andrew.