Kingdom Come (USS Endeavour Mission)

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"Kingdom Come"
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January 2388


Nevarra Cluster

  • Trade Agreement Signed
  • Ancient sealed chamber in Nevarran Archives discovered
  • Federation Embassy on Nevarra Prime commissioned
Ships Involved:
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Immediately off the bat of their most recent encounter with danger, the crew of the USS Endeavour are ordered post-haste towards their scheduled rendezvous with a duo of Federation Diplomats, before setting a rapid course for the Nevarra Cluster; a densely packed cluster of stars which recent contact has shown to contain many fully-fledged and habitable star systems, all aligned under one isolationist government, who is now seeking to expand its horizons and trade with outsiders. Whilst the diplomats discuss the details of the trade agreements, Captain Byrne and his crew are free to explore; and they make a rather ground-breaking discovery about Nevarra's past.


The Endeavour makes its rendezvous with the runabout Jankata precisely on schedule. Negotiators Grintol S'Reln and Arthur Schniedt are onboard, and after a brief conversation over subspace, the two pilot their vessel to dock with the Endeavour, which resumes its warp journey towards the Nevarra Cluster as soon as the shuttlebay doors have sealed behind the craft. Upon meeting with the diplomats in the shuttlebay, Byrne invites the both of them to join him and his family for dinner in his quarters.

The dinner affair goes by nervously for both Captain Byrne and Commander Ballard, as the former dislikes performing such guest entertainment as the host, and the latter is still not used to his new status as an officer onboard the ship; let alone a senior one. Byrne's wife, Sarah, does her best to ease the event along, and the two negotiators are either too polite or ignorant of the two officer's reactions to pass comment on their discomfort.

As the Endeavour drops out of warp at the periphery of the Cluster, they are greeted by Bann Edan Finn, a minor noble within the hierarchy of the Cluster's government, in command of the Nevarran vessel Anorevin. After a polite exchange by both sides, Bann Finn leads the Endeavour into the cluster, and towards its heart where the homeworld of the Nevarrans is located. Lieutenant Tyler notes that the Anorevin is likely capable of supporting a passenger and crew count of one thousand, but that the hull's composition and the interference of so many closely packed stars and stellar phenomena is distorting scans. Captain Byrne encourages him to allow the Nevarrans that bit of privacy, as one of the events scheduled for the crew whilst in the Cluster is a tour of their facilities, and the Captain hopes that they may be able to include a tour of one of their ships with that.

As the Endeavour reaches orbit over Nevarra Prime and the senior staff begin descending to the surface inside three of the starship's shuttlecraft - including the Captain's Yacht - the small convoy is joined by a full diplomatic honour guard escort of the Nevarran Navy, and greeted to an almost state visit-like welcome on the grounds of the Royal Palace. A number of the officers note that they feel out of place in such a situation, and feel that the event has been over exaggerated, but the captain and Federation negotiators allay and suspicions some of the crew may have by reminding them that the Nevarrans have had no contact with the Galaxy outside of their star cluster for almost two hundred years, and that they are likely to make a big show to their first official diplomatic guests from the Federation.

The crew are treated to a brief audience with King Aengus Tasgall III, before being told that they may explore the capital city whilst the official state dinner is being prepared. Captain Byrne and many of the ship's senior staff decide to visit the city's old market district, where many of the historical aspects of the market area have persisted through the ages.

Later that evening, the senior staff and Federation negotiators attend the state dinner put on by the King and his noble council as guests of honour, and many complain about their dress uniforms. The various opinions of some of the more notable nobles on the matter of contact with the Federation are explained to the crew by Bann Finn, and it becomes apparent that a number of nobles are strongly opposed to continued contact with any organisation external to their Cluster, but that it is not a view shared by the majority or by the King. At the dinner, Captain Byrne receives permission from the King to visit the Nevarran Archives, held in a large series of caverns deep under the capital city.

The next day, Captain Byrne - an archaeologist himself through his past with his father - and Lieutenant Maeik Gaius, the ship's resident archaeologist and contact specialist are permitted entry to the Archives, and spend several hours studying the artefacts, writings and data held within. Upon reference to a storage of information deep under the ancient city, they quiz their chaperone on the subject, and are informed of the existance of various caved-in tunnels and caverns deeper than the main archives as they are intact today. They investigate, and discover a very highly advanced illusion system at the mouth of the deepest of these tunnels, which they are able to deactivate. Inside they find a man who describes himself as a 'guardian' of information regarding a technology that has been sealed away in the chamber at the orders of a past monarch almost two hundred years in the passing, and responsible for the closure of the Cluster's borders to the external galaxy. Asked to return to their ship whilst the Nevarrans debate the significance of this discovery and what actions they want to take following it, the two officers return to the Endeavour.

Two days later, the captain is informed that the Nevarran government has come to a decision. Though they wish the Federation not to be involved in the initial study of the artefacts and data in the sealed cavern, they formally sign the trade agreement and request to make Grintol S'Reln the Federation's Ambassador to Nevarra, appointing Bann Finn as his counterpart to Earth. The Captain and crew, along with Arthur Schniedt depart for Federation space the next day, their primary mission to Nevarra a success.

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Background Information

  • The Nevarran Cluster, and its ruling Kingdom were both inspired by the Star Wars government the Hapes Consortium, with many concepts and ideas borrowed from the successful faction of that same name in the Star Wars Combine browser-based web game.
  • The Nevarrans are part of the first attempt to create an ongoing and recurring story arc within Star Trek: Endeavour, and are the first organisation due to make a return appearance on the sim at a later date.

Guest Appearances

  • This mission marks the first appearance of a number of Nevarran characters who are set to appear in later Star Trek: Endeavour missions.
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