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Survey Data
Star System:



Other side of Romulan space


Beta Quadrant

First Contact:

2386, IRV Gorget, Commander Telek

Political Information

Gemini Sovereignty


Dae'elra, Gemini Alpha

Political System:



35 Billion

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Peaceful, Academic

Number of Eyes:


Empathic species:


Telepathic species:


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The Geminites are a blue-skinned bipedal race from the planets Gemini Alpha and Beta and the surrounding colonies that lie in the Beta Quadrant.


25,000 years ago the world of Gemini Alpha was at war with itself, the body count fast approaching epidemic proportions. By the time 1,000 years had passed, their scholars were telling them that if the people did not stop trying to kill each other, their entire race would be extinct within 200 years. In this setting, one leader emerged from this chaos, named Mihmaetes Karissen. He said his nation would lay down its arms and invited the others to do the same, bringing his military back within his own borders, alert yet not attacking. The resulting confusion caused a 2 year standoff between the various states and Mihmaetes suggested a trial of strengths instead of the fighting. He allowed their athletes to come within his borders, guaranteeing their safety. The trials were archery, hunting, wrestling, foot race, far jump, swimming. The Hi-nehm combined foot races, swimming and archery. When someone won an event, he was given food and money. Seeing the generosity of Mihmaetes, the other heads of state agreed to repeat the process every 2 years and things calmed down completely after another 25 years. Mihmaetes was made the first planetary head of government, and his great-great-grandson was in the office when they colonized Gemini Beta. Though the planet was habitable, it was quite different. The terrain was more mountainous and the winters harsher. Snow was unheard of on Gemini Alpha, but on its sister planet it came every winter save in the tropics.

They achieved warp flight around this time and within a century had colonized the two moons and discovered the asteroid belts were full of valuable resources. Thus, their technology began to grow. However, the populace on Gemini Beta was having problems with illnesses. This is where healers began to be valued as they saved 3 colonies on Gemini Beta and inside 2 years also helped 2 lunar colonies in that time period. Artists emerged around 15,000 BC and scientists for stellar cartography. Around 2230 the Geminites left their home system to colonize the stars for farming and now live in 32 solar systems, on 54 planets and 8 moons. They do not settle in an area where there is another race, but do not make contact, as they are set on their goal of colonization and are simply not curious enough to meet others. However, during the past 200 years, the Geminites have become aware of threats in their region of space. These threats have weapons that outstrip their own, so the Geminites went to their strengths: science and medicine. They wanted to kill these people who were making war on them, but wanted their planets after they were dead. Thus, they would kidnap around 200 of the enemy and use their own prisoners who had committed capital crimes, experimenting which bioweapon would kill the enemy yet leave themselves alone. The thought was simple: If you cannot defeat the enemy with force, break their spirit. In this way, they have taken nearly 30% of their current worlds. However, that is not to say they are warlike; on the contrary, they would much rather not kill, but simply be left alone and only kill when necessary. It was in this type of situation that they met an expansionist empire that wished to enslave them, a brown skinned race with pointed ears and ridged brows.


The Geminites are a mixture of colors. Their hair can be green, pink, or blue depending on their parents. Their eyes do not have any whites, but instead the entire thing is colored with vertical slits for pupils. Gold eyes are dominant, violet is recessive, red is uncommon and a very dark green is rare. Their blood is a dark blue, and as such their skin is a light to medium blue in color. They are born as twins, however triplets are not uncommon and there is an occasional single birth. Due to the demands of the potential triplets, the women have three breasts to accommodate their children's hunger. They have two stomachs and three intestines, and as such have a much higher metabolism and rate of consumption of food.


They are telepaths without vocal chords and some can even force a person to feel a certain emotion, plant a thought in their head, and a few have limited telekinesis. This, however, comes with many problems. Some are born with the telepathy "switched off" and thus are completely unable to communicate since the Geminites have no spoken language although they are working on a sign language. However, it also comes with a great deal of illnesses, including one that enhances the patient's psionic abilities to the extent that they become a danger to themselves and everyone around them. Although a cure is unknown there are several treatments though many become insane and commit suicide to escape the pain and chaos of others' thoughts. Another illness is that it weakens the mind, body, and psionic abilities and is said to weaken the kaepa, or the spirit. The body becomes incapacitated, the mind reduced to one of three different things namely dementia, senility, or maniacal personality. With this disease, the psionic abilities are reduced, some barely telepathic at all.

Culture and Society

They are academics and healers. Librarians, historians, and doctors are held in highest esteem, followed closely by artists, poets, philosophers, and other creative people with engineers, athletes, and non-medical scientists a distant third. They fight only when needed as they prefer mediation over arguing. However, their telepathy has come to cause problems as the more powerful ones can force a person to experience whatever emotion s/he wants. This caused a number of problems in the distant past and now it is considered extremely rude, along with attempting to keep secrets and being polite versus being straightforward. They have multiple spouses, who also have multiple spouses. This is to create offspring as children are life's greatest gift.

The use of color is everywhere as the Geminites themselves are extremely colorful. Their love of color is so complete that many men are most attracted to women who wear very colorful makeup. Even their technology is based around the love of color.

Political System

Each 'area' of the Geminite Worlds (whether city, province, planet, or interstellar) have four representatives in the lower Senate chosen by those educated well to fill slots in the two bodies of their government. The lower Senate must have 3/4 vote to pass a pending law. There are three representatives for each district in the upper Senate. They must have a 2/3 majority to pass a pending law in the upper senate and lobbying of any kind is strictly outlawed. The Laerai is the official head of the government and s/he vetoes or signs pending laws but s/he can also draft pending laws. The judicial system is based on innocent until proven guilty however it is run by a panel of 5 judges who sit the bench for 6 years. Their sole purpose is to enforce the law as it is written, and are prohibited from legislating from the bench.


They have no religion. What is just is and what will be will be. They are, however, curious about other worlds' religions and sometimes individuals will adopt them.


Despite going outside their home system for over 200 years, the Geminites had never had contact with any race until the Romulans. The encounter did not go smoothly as the Romulans attempted to conquer the Geminites for their worlds and for slaves, but the Geminites, gifted in medicine and science, fought back. The Geminites know that they will never defeat their enemy and are desperate for a way to stop the conflict.


Geminites have a quantum singularity warp engines similar to the Romulans, however they have phaser technology similar to the Federation. Their ships are equipped with regenerative shielding and their crews have bio neural interfaces with the ship to allow for faster response time. Their medical technology is far beyond the the superpowers of the Alpha Quadrant, as are their bioweapons. They have the ability to create a weapon that, if the enemy differs enough from them physically, will kill all those people on the planet and leave behind a planet ready for colonization by the Geminites. Though they have the ability, they do not use it to dominate, merely for defense, though there are those in the government who would like to see it used for offense. Their shields are such that it would take a while for a Federation starship or a Romulan warbird to get through them, but their disruptors and torpedoes are behind the AQ powers by nearly half a century. Their medical technology has cured most physical diseases, though some still remain, but cures for psionic diseases are eluding them. Even so, they have cured arthritis, the senility of old age, and extended the natural life expectancy from 87 years to 140. Their mining and astromining operations are comparable to the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, as they mine for gems and latinum in the ground of Gemini Beta, still leaving the environment in tact, and harvest duranium and dilithium from the inner asteroid belt and titanium and a form of blue gem from the outer asteroid belt. Due to the enormity of their population and the nominal amount of fertile land, they have also created replicators.

OOC Information for COs

  • This species is a thought for a Task Force story arc. The idea is that the Romulans try to conquer these people, but the Geminites attack the outer Romulan colonies, killing the entire population with their bioweapons and leaving them open for anyone else to take. However, the Romulans have better weapons and decide they need help so they call on the Federation to help them with this problem since they aided the Federation during the Dominion War. This is a battle story arc until decided otherwise by the GAC.