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(May 2012)
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*Alteration of GAC Methodology
*Alteration of GAC Methodology
*''Banner Exchange Request - Epsilon Force''
*''Banner Exchange Request - Epsilon Force''
*proposal for a policy to cover privacy issues
*''Sim Application - USS Alabama''
''Last updated: 31th May 2012''
''Last updated: 20th May 2012''
==Previous Months==
==Previous Months==

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This page has been adopted by the PFA as an official policy.

Organisation of this list is as follows; the current month's discussions shall be listed at the top of the page. Below will be previous months' discussions, categorised by month with the most recent at the end of the page. Items within each month's listing will be listed in the same order - oldest to newest.

Items in italics will be items of discussion carried over from the previous month. Items resolved by a month's end will have their entry in this list stricken through for that month - i.e. if Discussion A continues from January into February, but finishes before March, February's list would have Discussion A in it, whilst January would only have Discussion A.

This page will be updated on the 1st and 14th of each month.

May 2012

  • Sim Application - USS Chapman [PASSED - Transferred to USS Sedgemoor]
  • Fleet Canon Items - Cestus III, Klingons, Sojourners, Phoenicians [PASSED - Sent to COs for vote]
  • Alteration of GAC Methodology
  • Banner Exchange Request - Epsilon Force
  • proposal for a policy to cover privacy issues
  • Sim Application - USS Alabama

Last updated: 31th May 2012

Previous Months


2010 Archives


2011 Archives


January 2012

  • IC:OOC Time Progression
  • Award Suggestions [ADDITIONAL] [PASSED]
  • Applications for Task Force 11 Commanding Officer [PASSED - Kellin Reynolds]
  • Elevation of GAC to Admiralty seat
  • Approval of third Task Group for TF11 [PASSED]
  • Discussion regarding new logo submission by external party
  • Applications for Director of Personnel Management [PASSED - Matthew Baker]

February 2012

  • IC:OOC Time Progression
  • Elevation of GAC to Admiralty seat [PASSED - Part of Article II Revision]
  • Changes of Level 1 Awards [PASSED]
  • Merging Department of Fleet Recruitment into Department of Personnel Management [PASSED - Part of Article II Revision]
  • Sim Application - USS Niagara [PASSED]
  • Sim Application - Starbase 519 [PASSED]
  • Time period extension for rescinding of resignation; CAPT Anderson [PASSED - 2 weeks]
  • Review of Fleet Ban (Upon Request) - Drew Ketchen [UPHELD]
  • Sim Application - USS Omega TI-1 [DENIED]
  • R&D Deviations Requests - Visibility Issues
  • Sim Change Proposal - USS Atlas to Jacobi Medical Centre [PASSED]
  • Task Group Argonauts TGCO Applications [PASSED - Kennerett Marel]
  • Academy Commandant Applications [PASSED - Alexandra Vance]
  • Academy Cadet Course [REVISE DECISION] [PASSED - Revise, but use current course until complete]
  • Academy Standing Orders [REVISION]

March 2012

  • IC:OOC Time Progression
  • R&D Deviations Requests - Visibility Issues
  • Academy Standing Orders [REVISION] [PASSED]

April 2012

  • IC:OOC Time Progression [Passed to the Fleet membership for discussion]
  • Sim Proposal - Phantom [PASSED]
  • Sim Application - USS Chapman
  • Ban of N.Capp for plagiarism [PASSED]
  • Banner Exchange Request - Epsilon Force