Omar Anoke

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Omar Anoke is a Starfleet officer that is currently in transit to Starfleet Medical.

Omar Anoke
Biographical Information

San Francisco, Earth









Physical Description



196 lbs




Deep Blue

Political Information



USS Washington


Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Played By:


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Physical Description

Omar stands at 1.68m (5'6) and weighs 88kg (195lbs). He has Brown hair in what was called a Crew-cut fashion in the 21st Century. He has a slight muscular frame. He has a bit of facial hair growing to accentuate his facial features. He often keeps it trimmed to almost a stubble but long enough to where it's not prickly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Omar is a little shy but very outgoing once you get to know him. Has a tendency to take his job very seriously, and has a bit of an attitude when giving orders concerning medicine.

He has an emotional side that he tries to keep under control with meditation that he learned in the first years of the Academy.

If he gets his heart broken he has the ability to forget the relationship he was in and never talk to the person again unless it is in a professional situation.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: His Medical Career, Family, Friends

Weaknesses: Emotions


Omar has hopes of one day to raise in the ranks to become a Bridge officer and hopefully wants to become Head of Starfleet Medical.

Hobbies & Interests


Federation Standard



  • Harold Anoke


  • Jade Anoke


  • Grace Anoke (18) Cadet at Starfleet Academy
  • Heather Anoke Thompson (25) Civilian on Cestus III



Omar's father is Harold Anoke is the Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Pasteur with the rank of Commander. He was born on the planet Earth to Jeanie and Carl Anoke. Omar's mother is Jade Anoke the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Pasteur with the rank of Commander. She was born on the planet Rigel III to Mark and Marie Hathaway.


Omar was born on stardate 44932.6 to Commader's Harold and Jade Anoke on the U.S.S. Pasteur. After he was born they found a hole in his heart. His mother's assistant preformed the surgery and repaired the hole. At age 5 Omar started school, since he was the only child on-board at the time, he was taught by different crewmen from different departments.

When he was 10 he got in a bit of trouble with the Commanding Officer and the rest of the crew. He would be caught in an area of the ship that was off-limits to civilians and was punished by both his parents. During the time Omar lived on the U.S.S. Pasteur he would see a lot of things that a child being raised on a medical ship should not have seen (ex. burn victims, dying people who could not be saved, etc.).

But as Omar's mother being the Chief Medical Officer explained everything to him that sometimes you can save one person but you can't save them all. When Omar was 16 yrs old he asked his mother if he could help her out one day in sickbay. She said she would have to clear it with the captain and that she would let him know. The next day she had told Omar he could help her out, she even showed him how to use a medical tricorder. After that day Omar knew he wanted to go into the medical field and become a Doctor just like his mother.

As the Pasteur headed back to earth Omar told his parents that he was going to apply for the Academy. They were proud of him and helped him study for the entrance exams. Once the Pasteur arrived Omar beamed down to the Academy and took the exam and passed. Omar told his family the good news and told them that he would be living on Earth til he graduates.


When Omar arrived at the Academy he was over come with joy and happiness. The first day he got himself oriented with the grounds and where the classrooms were at. The second day he did Basic Training and started his classes, he even applied to the Medical Academy and was accepted and began his training to become a doctor.

While in the Academy he participated in a wrestling tournament and dislocated his left shoulder, he dislocated it to the point that he had to have surgery or it would pop out of it's socket without warning. After the surgery he withdrew from the wrestling tournament.

While at the Academy Tim majored in Pediatrics, OBGYN, Neonatal, Medicine, Surgical Medicine and Minored in Emergency Medicine and Vulcan Medicine.

The second year he was at the Academy he met Nathanial Harper who was also becoming a doctor. Both of them became really good friends.

During the third year at the Academy Omar realized he had certain feelings towards Nathanial. After telling Nathanial that he had certain feelings for him Omar found out that the feeling were mutual.

As the fourth year rolled around Omar and Nathanial began to drift apart.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy

Star Fleet Medical

Velara Colony

USS Washington