Task Force Commanding Officer

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A Task Force Commanding Officer is a of the Fleet's staff, and is in direct charge of up to two dozen starships and starbases of various classes within their Task Force. They have the responsibility to represent the Commanding Officers under them to the Chief of Fleet Operations, to manage and delegate responsibilities to the commanding officers under their Task Force and to serve as the first point of contact between the commanding officers and the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. Task Force Commanding Officers are not responsible for disciplinary action against their commanding officers, but are responsible for reporting infractions up the chain of command.

Task Force Commanding Officers are deputy positions, and are chosen by a majority vote of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Current Task Force Commanding Officers

John Thompson Chief of Fleet Operations Email

  Jasmine Lynne Somers Task Force 11 Commanding Officer Email

  Evelynn Haught Task Force 37 Commanding Officer Email

  Yoraan Task Force 56 Commanding Officer Email

Vacant Division 74 Commanding Officer Email