Dalacari Ships

Listed below are the various classes of craft used by the Dalacari Republic in their exploration of space and in the defense of her people and her allies, as well as the unique weapon and equipment systems that the Dalacari use in their craft.

The Dalacari Drone Fighter Beta
Drone Combat System: Every Dalacari craft is also classified as a Carrier, with the exception of the actual Drones themselves. Dalacari ships carry drone fighters to supplement their offensive systems. The drones are stored in a flattened, collapsed state but quickly deploy and seemingly unfold once launched. These drones are not powered by their host ship nor are they remote controlled, so the standard tactic of frequency jamming does not instantly incapacitate the Dalacari drone swarm. Though, it will hinder the Thinking Engine from updating them on viable battle tactics.

Bi-Phase Array: The primary weapon system of the Dalacari consists of tightly packed dual beams of projected energy that resonate at dangerous modulations at an incredibly rapid rate. The oscillation of these energy beams is what causes the principal amount of damage, rather than the energy beams themselves. This allows for longer periods of fire as less energy is used, though even under optimal circumstances, Biphase Array systems are considered inferior to current phaser arrays, with the most modern Biphase Array being the equal of the Type VIII Phaser Array. Still consideration must be given to the Biphase Array, as it is still a dangerous weapon to encounter. Dalacari Drones are equipped with a miniature version of the same class of weaponry as their accompanied craft, so care must be given to these swarming fighters.

Plasma Warhead: The primary torpedo design of the Dalacari is a medium yield energized matter warhead. Rather than utilizing antimatter as a payload, a Plasma Torpedo generates a highly excited, electrically charged mass contained within an electromagnetic field. Upon detonation, the field is collapsed and the energized mass explodes. While incredibly destructive, the damage is inferior to a true anti-matter warhead. Though, plasma warheads do exceptional damage to any target within an atmosphere. The fact that the warhead is stable in a zero-power environment also helps armory chiefs breathe easier.

Dual-Core Matter Reactor: The Dalacari form of energy production is a two-core matter / anti-matter reactor system. Similar to the Federation designs, though differing only in the Dalacari mindset of never having ONE of something. Dalacari craft have EPS networks that are compatible with Federation technology with only minimal modifications to the installed system.

Thinking Engine: The heart of the Dalacari drone swarm is stored within the host ship. An advanced computer network used by Dalacari drone systems, the Thinking Engine is a cloud matrix where advanced combat tactics are stored and updated by the drones as they are utilized. Dalacari already allow their drones a high degree of autonomy to prevent a single jamming system or a simple hack to bring the network down, and the Thinking Engine allows those drones to ‘evolve’ as the combat continues. The Thinking Engine allows Drones to update every other drone in the swarm of which combat tactics are more effective than others at defeating the current enemy. Successful tactics are propagated while failed tactics are marked as such. Eventually, the swarm will begin to learn and adapt, making prolonged combat with Dalacari drones a risky venture. Whenever a Dalacari craft docks at a starbase to resupply, the Thinking Engine also provides the starbase with its full database of successful and unsuccessful tactics, and receives a similar listing.

Layered Shields: Dalacari defensive technology far outpaced their offensive technology, shown in the form of layered defenses. Utilizing multiple shield projectors of identical harmonics and repelling magnetic polarity, Layered Shields operate at a higher output, but that output is divided more or less evenly between two layers of protective energy. In total, Layered Shields provide 120% of the protective coverage as standard, Single Layer shields, though this protection is divided between two layers, each operating at 60% protection. When one layer is pierced, the second layer continues to protect while the outer layer recharges. Piercing layered shields requires more effort than standard shields, but layered shields usually require more energy to maintain. The largest class of Dalacari craft have an improved version of this technology. Only ships with an incredibly powerful reactor, an incredibly efficient energy system, or those that are built with a Redundant System Design have the energy output necessary to make Layered Shields a viable option. Only Redundant Systems can power the Improved Layered shield variant.

Redundant System Design: Ships designed with this in mind have at least two of every vital system, and perhaps more than two of any non-vital system. These ships will have a second reactor, additional shield generators, multiple vital systems and in-ship locations (Medical, Science, etc). Disabling one single system will require twice as much work. Though, ships built with this design are at least 20% larger than a ship of their class should be, to account for all the additional space such systems take up.

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