Devinona Ral

Devinona Ral
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Under the Twelfth Sky Cycle of the Deities Grace.

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5' 10"


147 lbs


Chestnut Brown



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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS CarpathiaTemplate:Task Force 11


Commanding OfficerTask Force Commanding Officer

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Devinona Ral is a Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, and currently serves Starfleet as the Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force 11 and the Commanding Officer of the USS Carpathia.


Devinona was born on Betazed, to parents Lwazanda and Sabin. Her upbringing was mostly traditional, or as traditional as a Betazoid upbringing could be. She and her brother, Reittan,and their half-brother Derin, spent a lot of time together at the family's residence on the sea coast.

When she was still quite young, her parents had their marriage dissolved. Neither urged Devinona to choose a side, as many separated parents do, instead they assured her and Reittan, that this would make them all much happier. Devinona's mother married Kon, the man who fathered Derin just before her first wedding.

Upon her 10th birthday, Devinona was given the titles of Holder of the Orb of Vathrax and Keeper of the Zintaba Diadem.

Starfleet Career

When she was old enough, she applied to the University of Betazed for Art and to Starfleet Academy. She notes choosing between the two as the most important and difficult decision she has ever made. Ultimately her love for a challenge won out and she chose the Academy.

The Academy was an interesting transition for Devinona, and not an easy one. She had issues keeping her mind closed to other people's thoughts, as a stressed mind is difficult to control. Once she decided to pursue the intelligence field, she knew that it was the right fit.

Following her graduation from the Academy, Devinona was assigned to the USS Diligent. Here she served as a Junior Intelligence Officer, continuing to learn from her superiors.

She stayed aboard the Diligent for several years, until the position opened on the Atlas. She was excited to transfer. Not because she disliked the Diligent in any way. She just felt it was time to grow and expand. The Atlas offered her the opportunity to work with several Diplomats as well as the intelligence team.

When the Atlas went in for a scheduled refit, Devinona accepted a position at Starbase 17, an amazing opportunity to work with numerous unfamiliar species.

Her performance aboard Starbase 17 was admired by several officers passing through, and her love of exploring new opportunities was well known. This resulted in Devinona being offered a position aboard the USS Dauntless.

The Dauntless presented a whole new set of challenges to overcome, as she was thrust into the roles of Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer. The Dauntless spent three years patrolling the Romulan Border before being recalled to earth for decommisioning.

It was at this point that Devinona accepted a transfer to Starfleet Academy, where she taught specialized Intelligence courses, including one on the topic of the Romulans.

Devinona found joy in teaching, and while she busied herself in instruction she also took on a few courses herself. Qualifying in Diplomatic Procedures and Languages. She soon requested a transfer to active duty to pu ther skills to the test.

Her request found her a spot on the USS Georgetown and a change in post. She took on the roles of Chief Diplomatic Officer and Second Officer. During the First Mission, settling a border skirmish along the Gorn border, Lieutenant Commander Ral was force to step in as Commanding Officer when an attack left both the Captain and First Officer dead.

Rounding out the engagement with a win in battle, Devinona was promoted to the rank of Commander and given the Georgetown. She served as Commanding Officer for 3 years before being offered command of the USS Carpathia, a Diligent Class ship assigned to the burgeoning Gorn-Klingon Conflict. She accepted and was promoted to Captain.

In the the year that ensued, Devinona was appointed Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force 11 and kept the Carpathia as her flagship for the job, splitting her time between Earth and Cestus III.

Personal Life

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Personal Relationships


Devinona has mixed relationships with many of her immediate family members. Her half-brother derin is a member of Starfleet as well, serving in the Intelligence Division. Presently he is assigned as the Chief Intelligence Officer on Roosevelt Station. He and Devinona have bonded over their shared career path.

Her brother Reittan is by far her closest firend. He also pursued a career in Starfleet, following a diplomatic route. Reittan has, as of recently, resigned his comission and taken his place on the Betazoid Council of Rixx.

When it comes to her mother, the relationship is loving but strained. Lwazanda loves her children dearly, but was always preoccupied by her career and her husband.