IRW Rovaran

IRW Rovaran
Technical Details
Class: Mogai
Registry: RSE-20239
Role: Warbird
Status: Waiting for Crew
Task Force: Task Force 56
Task Force CO: Lieutenant Commander Canaan Serine
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht
Executive Officer: Enarrain Farra t'Echae
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Nearly six years has past since the Hobus Supernova was unleashed and the Romulan Empire is rebuilding. After the near destruction of Romulus and Remus seismic shifts Both literally on the planets, and figuratively within the Empire, and throughout the Beta Quadrant have taken shape. The Federation has become an ally while enemies such as the Klingons and the Tholians attempt to encroach the borders and take advantage of the rebuilding.

Under the leadership of Praetor Chulan, the Empire is rebuilding yet that's both internal and external remain. The Galæ s'Shiar in the year 2392 decided it was time to strengthen the defenses of the Empire and towards the end of the year they began construction of the Imperial War Bird Rovaran, the most up to date War Bird in the fleet. The Rovaran serves not only as a symbol of strength and inspiration for all Rihannsu, but as a warning to the enemies of the Empire as well. The Romulan Star Empire will not stand idly by as it's enemies attempt to take advantage of its rebuilding nor will the Empire stay silent any longer.


Construction and Launch

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