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6' 9"


300 lbs





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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


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Lieutenant J'Kodran is the Klingon Tactical & Security Chief serving on board the Ronin-class starship U.S.S. Nakatomi and he also serves as the ship's Second Officer. He was born sometime in the year 2345 though his parents and the exact location of his birth are largely unknown due to circumstances which led to the possible deaths of both parents somewhere along the Klingon and Romulan borders. Lieutenant J'Kodran has spent much of his career trying to figure out what happened to his parents though he holds high respect for his adoptive father Daniel Roberts who was responsible for his rescue and ultimately for his decision to enter into Starfleet.

General Information

Physical Description

J’Kodran stands around six foot nine inches tall and weighs about three hundred pounds comprised entirely of muscle. He has six large scars that decorate around his face the largest being located directly over the ridges of his head. Little is known on exactly how J’Kodran got these scars, including the one that is over his left eye. These wounds come sometime during his youth which he fails to remember much of.


J’Kodran is a warrior he is a strong believer in Klingon traditions though he was not raised in a Klingon home. He lacks any true ties back to his people or their Empire, but he has studied on them in hopes of someday finding out who his Klingon family was. J’Kodran is a very closed minded person not allowing others to penetrate his very core for fear of what they may find out about him. Personal information about him is not well known, nor does he make friends easily. He has a very thick skin when it comes to dealing with hurt, and he distrusts many of his peers.


Spouse - None
Children - None

Father - Unknown (Deceased?)
Mother - Unknown (Deceased?)
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - Unknown
Other Family - Daniel Roberts (Adoptive Father)



J’Kodran was born sometime around the year 2345 on a remote outpost along the Romulan and Klingon border much of what transpired remains a mystery however what little is known about his distant past wasn’t entirely shared by him. Sometime in his youth the remote outpost was attacked by two Romulan warships, and in a desperate bid J’Kodran’s parents placed their child inside an escape pod on the starbase and launched it. J’Kodran at the time may have been around three or four years old, and what little he does know was simply by researching the events. A passing medical ship the USS Good Hope discovered the badly damaged escape pod with a young child inside who’d suffered significant trauma.

The Captain Daniel Roberts could not allow such a young child to fall, and after the child healed from his wounds Captain Roberts decided to take the young Klingon in. Of course it was only a couple years later that Daniel would retire from the Federation and settle on Deneva where J’Kodran would spend the rest of his young life. J’Kodran had a very strong desire to learn all that he could about his people, and while he’d never met a Klingon he wanted to learn about them. And, his adoptive father didn’t stop him in fact Dan Roberts assisted the growing child in knowledge. He was able to learn where the escape pod had originated because the USS Good Hope hadn’t misplaced the information and Daniel Roberts gave the child the information once J’Kodran had entered into his teenage years.

Starfleet Career

Later he would decide that his best bet on finding out more about who he was and where he came from was by entering into Starfleet itself. Besides he almost felt drawn to it like he’d owed some sort of debt. And, in 2364 when he was just nineteen years old he entered into fleet service taking up tactical as his specialization. He graduated with a few honors, but never forgot what had gotten him to that point in his life. His first assignment was aboard the USS Vern a small Akira class vessel as a tactical officer. However, he let duty go on many occasions. J’Kodran took advantage of the Federation computers to see what he could find out about the mysterious outpost where he lived. This led up to him missing at least one promotion chance.

It wouldn’t be until 2374 when caught up in the middle of the Dominion War and the destruction of the Vern that J’Kodran would see his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and the assignment of Assistant Department head for his department. His ship was ambushed by a Jem’Hadar patrol. The young Klingon was responsible for fending off boarding parties on the bridge while the bridge crew escaped to the pods. He would be one of the last people to get to the escape pod, and that led up to his transfer to the USS Benson which was a Galaxy class starship. Once again and no longer hindered by the war effort the Klingon would return to trying to research his past. But, where he wasn’t hindered by the war that had ended, now he was hindered by his duties. And, he wouldn’t go six years before being made the Tactical/Security Department Head following the tragic death of his superior officer.

J’Kodran would serve on board the USS Benson until it was destroyed by some Romulan pirates along the neutral zone. The Benson wasn’t alone in the efforts to end the violence they were aided by a small Romulan attack ship much to the dissatisfaction of J’Kodran himself. For a short while after the destruction he transferred to Starfleet Headquarters to lead a security team for one of the Admirals feeling that ship life just wasn’t for him. The Benson was destroyed in 2384 and from then until 2389 after being promoted to Lieutenant did J’Kodran find himself once more serving on board a starship hoping for one last chance to find out more about his people and his parents along with their fate at that distant outpost.

Service Record

Y-c1.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year One 2364 - 2365
Y-c2.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Two 2365 - 2366
Y-c3.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Three 2366 - 2367
Y-c4.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Four 2367 - 2368
Y-o1.png U.S.S. Vern, Tactical Officer 2368 - 2374
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Benson, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2374 - 2379
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Benson, Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2379 - 2384
Y-o2.png Security Head, ADM Jake Hart 2384 - 2389
Y-o3.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Chief Tactical/Security Officer & Second Officer 2389 - 2390
R-o4.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Executive Officer 2390 - PRESENT