Julia Hildebrandt

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Julia Hildebrandt is a Science Officer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Eisenhower.

Julia Michelle Hildebrandt, PNPC
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Physical Description



118 lbs


Dark blonde



Political Information



USS Eisenhower


Assistant Chief Science Officer

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Physical Description

Julia is a young human female with a slender build, blonde hair, and brown eyes. Her hair is cut in a cute yet efficient bob. She is somewhat slender in build, being neither curvy nor skinny but has long strong legs and good upper body strength.

To create a sense of family, LtJG Jackson insisted on everyone having a nickname. Juila was given the nickname 'Girlie' since she was the only girl in the department at the time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Julia is a bright, smiling woman who believes in making the most of every moment that you can. She says that if you have a life that is routine to the point of being mundane, then you are not living. She prefers to live life to the fullest extent possible, loving, laughing all she can with everyone she meets. Her passion for life has caused a few friendships to fail, but she knows that if they do not want her to be herself, then they are probably not very good friends.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Good Concentration
+ Follows Orders Well
+ Confident
+ Physically Strong
+ Even Temper
+ Vivacious
+ Generally Gets Along With Others

- Somewhat impatient with lazy personnel
- Love of Life Gets in the Way of Friendships Sometimes


To someday become Chief Science Officer of the USS Enterprise and eventually be a painter like her father.

Hobbies & Interests

Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Ballet, Reading, Pen and Paper Writing, Theatre (Watching and Acting), Holodecks, Holonovels, Gymnastics, Painting


Federation Standard with accent, Cajun French, German, Klingon, Caitian, Andorian, Betazoid



  • Michael Donovan


  • Sarah Donovan


  • Capt Thomas Donovan, SS Jelus, Cruiseliner


  • Ens Nicole Donovan


  • Dierk Hildebrandt, Teacher


  • Karl Hildebrandt, 3
  • Daughter on the way


Julia was born in the city of Baton Rouge to a painter and a ballerina. There was always art and music in their home. Her father, as a painter, knew the benefits the arts could bring to a kid. Thus he taught all his children about art, dance, music, and theatre. Julia thrived on painting in particular. She loved to paint and sing. She took the dance lessons but unlike her mother and sister she preferred the ballroom and Latin dancing to the ballet. She was also very interested in theatre. She loved acting in her school’s plays and was often picked for the lead roles. Har When the Dominion War started Michael joined many other artists and athletes and enlisted in Starfleet. Sarah didn’t like it at all but she understood how important it was to him and knew of the need for more men. Julia applied as soon as she was eighteen, a full 5 years after the war. When the war was over and Michael came home, he was a changed man. When Julia applied for Starfleet Academy, he couldn't have been prouder.

Shortly after receiving her first orders, she met Dierk Hildebrandt at Starbase 12. He was on his way to a colony with his sister and brother in law when their ship was damaged. They spent a good deal of time together until he decided to leave his ship and be with her. He worked as a day care worker on the ship and they were married two years later.

Five months after she turned 24, she and Dierk welcomed a son, Karl. He was perfect in her eyes, but she did not spoil him. Dierk was always the one who had trouble with the discipline. All Karl had to do was turn his puppy eyes onto his father and Dierk was gone. Exasperated, Julia urged Dierk to go to parenting classes with her. He was a little offended when the counselor told him he was doing a lot of things wrong and Julia was doing a lot of things right, but he listened and became a better father because of this.

Eventually they had to leave the Starbase. They were assigned to Deep Space 8, which was recently attacked. This left Julia and Dierk shaken, and wondering if Julia would remain in Starfleet. She didn’t know if she wanted to now that she knew what her son could go through. After a talk with the counselor of the Britannia, the ship that saved them, she realized she loved her job too much to just throw it away now. She asked Dierk what he thought and he agreed; they both loved their jobs. They asked for a transfer to a different ship and now they have been assigned to the USS Eisenhower where they have been for a year.