Kaetlyn Ni Donal

Kaetlyn Ni Donal
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Physical Description

5' 7"


123 lbs





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USS Vaughan


Commanding Officer

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Kaetlyn Ni Donal is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Vaughan.

Physical Description

Kaetlyn was always tall in her youth. Even back to her schooling. When she hit 25, the height stopped. Yet, she has managed to maintain a healthy weight, even without the persistence of her mother. The copper-red hair she keeps in a curled style, and this adds to the bright and cheerful smile she usually wears. Sparkling blue eyes only enhance the innocent and sweet demeanour she can so easily adopt when needed.

Vital Stats

Age: 46
Height: 5' 10" (170cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56kg)
Hair Colour: Red (natural)
Eye Colour: Blue
Measurements: 36-28-34 in (93-72-88 cm)


General Overview

A pleasant, and amiable person for the most part, Kaetlyn is nevertheless not someone many would want to cross. A quick and fiery temper lies beneath the surface of the smile, and can easily come forth if she is pushed too hard. Very few things can push her that hard, however her mother is one of them, and her Step-father. When left to her own devices, Kaetlyn is a happy-go-lucky person, enjoying drinks with friends, and teasing the guys.

Strengths & Weaknesses

An organised mind, which helps her with her work, Kaetlyn can often be a touch too organised, bordering on OCD, and sometimes even stepping over the border. It is something that she struggles with to this day.

Some have been known to call her a pessimist, but that is simply because of the nature of her job. Kaetlyn tends to plan for the worst, and merely pray for the best.


A quite life. Contrary to what many believe, all Kaetlyn wants is a peaceful retirement somewhere out of the way. To that end, she has set her sights on a preferably uneventful career. So far, she has failed miserably.

Hobbies & Interests

A great musician in general, Kaetlyn played the piano in her younger years, and often carries on with that skill today, though the chances to do so are few and far between.


Father: Capt. Michael O'Donal (deceased)
Mother: Dr. Laoise (pronounced: Lay-SHa) Turner, PhD
Brothers: Sean O'Donal (age 35)
Sisters: Chloe Ni Reilly (age 19; Half-sister)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family: Seamus Turner (step-father)



Born and raised in the City of Galway, Ireland, Kaetlyn was the second child of a prominent Starfleet Captain, and a civilian Doctor with a PhD in Palaeoarchaeology. Perhaps it was at this early period of her life that Kaetlyn developed the keen intellect that would shape the way for her future.

Kaetlyn’s life was cruel by most standards. At the sweet age of 8, Mícheál Donal - the girl’s father - skipper of a Starfleet Cruiser was killed in the line of duty. To many, the loss of a parent is a thing that happens after a long, fruitful life, in which the son or daughter can adjust to the idea. Yet not for Kaetlyn.

Lost in a sea of her own emotions, the poor girl sought for the support of her mother and elder brother. The former barely noticed her daughter, whilst Seán took on the role of looking after his baby-sister.

Some might say her future was decided then, others claim Starfleet was an escape from home. Whatever the reason, it soon became apparent that Kaetlyn Turner, daughter of a Starfleet Captain would follow in her father’s shoes.

Laoise, seemingly uninterested in her daughter found comfort in the arms of another man, and so the animosity between mother and daughter began. It was a difficult few years as Kaetlyn went through school, almost hating her mother and her new step-father.

When she was old enough to understand the information, Kaetlyn began looking into her father’s death, the cause, consequence of action, and the relationship between the two. While most of the information was classified, this only led her further and further down the Rabbit Hole, until Kaetlyn was no longer just poking at her own father’s death, but events throughout the Quadrant. The girl of 16 was well on her way to being an Intelligence operative.

"All Jazzed Up"

In her mid-teens, Kaetlyn got together with some like-minded friends in her High School, and they formed a school band: All Jazzed Up. Their success was variable, depending on the venue, and crowd. However, on the whole, it wasn't an overall failure. Kaetlyn herself played the piano, a skill and interest she still carries - when she can find the time.

Unfortunately, the band dissolved as it's members went on to do other things, and while the four friends are still in touch, and often talk about getting back together for a reprisal, it has not yet happened. It wasn't until the year 2384, almost a full 30 years after the group ended that the original line=up would once again meet. At Starbase 315, while Kaetlyn and the Vaughan were sat in dock, the original group got back together for one last gig in the Starbase's Lounge.

The original members of the Band were:

  • Kaetlyn Ni Donal - Piano
  • Erika Ni Ryan - Lead vocals
  • Colin Shae - Lead Guitar
  • Michael McTaggart - Bass Guitar

Final members when the group dissolved:

  • Kaetlyn Ni Donal - Piano / Vocals
  • Colin Shae -Lead Guitar / Vocals
  • Simon O'Fallon - Bass Guitar
  • Sonya Phillips - Backing Vocals

Starfleet Academy

In broad strokes, the Academy was a roller-coaster ride for Kaetlyn. Due to the tuition she had given herself on politics, and relations, and the brief time with her father, she was ahead of the game on basic Starfleet information, and the sciences. Also, her own interests had led to hours spent pouring over xenopolitics and alien societies. Yet, for all her intellect, the young woman of 18 was far, far behind in her histories, and even in her social development.

Making friends never came easy to Kaetlyn. She often found it difficult to relate to others in her class. Such was her determination for her career; she often left behind such "frivolous" things as fashion, dating, and the latest Holodrama. Conversations with her class-mates were short and oft awkward for the Irish lass.

Yet, this was something she wasn’t going to let deter her from her goal. Starfleet Intelligence held an appeal to the woman like no other department could. The four years she spent at the Academy were intensive. Running to catch up with some of the basic subjects, and offering her fellow Cadets help in others.

Early Starfleet Career

Once she graduated from the Academy, Kaetlyn was assigned to the central SFI offices of the San Francisco complex. Her desk was located in the Romulan Analysis Division, and this post would last for two years. The job was fairly basic, and tedious, but Kaetlyn loved it all the same. Information came her way, and she would read it, understand it, and analyse it, in the form of a Report, which she handed to her Division Commander.

After two years, Kaetlyn was posted to a location closer to the Romulan border, much closer than she would have liked. But one can’t choose one’s assignments. Relay Station Gamma-12 was on the border of the Neutral Zone, which meant faster information, and the reports were dispatched quicker.

What this also meant for Kaetlyn, was her own team. No longer was she a mere paper pusher. Kaetlyn Turner, an experienced analyst had a staff of 4 Intelligence Officers, all of whom she could teach, mould, and form into her own idea of Intel perfection. Consequently, the quality of the analysis from G-12 was unparalleled by any of the other Relay Stations.

This success earned her what most Intel Officers dreamed of: the glamour of her own fully-fledged Intelligence Department. While it may not have been a ship-board posting in the classic sense, Kaetlyn was not going to squander the chance tom serve on board the USS Interceptor.

Later Career

Starfleet Intelligence operated a small number of Starships. It was to one of these that Kaetlyn was posted, the Intrepid-class USS Interceptor as not just a member of her crew, but the Chief Intelligence Officer. It seemed many were pleased with the clarity of her work at G-12, and so the department was hers alone. While would miss G-12, and the people there, the Interceptor afforded her the chance to relax, and enjoy life on a Starship.

The six years she spent on the Interceptor were pleasant ones for the most part, and Kaetlyn made friends with the rest of the senior Staff, and indeed, she made very good friends with the ship's XO. News of the blossoming romance spread through the ship like wild-fire, and the more they tried to keep it their business, the more people seemed to know. Nothing serious ever came of it, and the romance ended when Kaetlyn's career took an unexpected turn.

The Interceptor had no room for advancement, as the senior staff and command team were far too settled to move or step down, so if Kaetlyn was ever to go up in Starfleet, she would need to transfer. The day came when orders arrived for her to move to the Nova-class USS Geiger, as both the Chief of Intelligence, and the ship's Second Officer. At first, Kaetlyn was torn, wanting the career she had envisioned, but not wanting to leave those she cared about.

With a heavy heart, Kaetlyn took the post, and bid her farewells to friends and loved ones. She didn't know the Geiger would change her career in a way no one could have foreseen.

The small Nova-class was a scientific vessel by nature, but Kaetlyn was still kept busy. Starfleet wanted regular updates on activities in her area of space, and the DSI was curious about the research being conducted on-board. It was a job that would be brief, yet memorable. Only 2 years would pass before Kaetlyn would again see a promotion, this time with another change. The Geiger's Executive Officer had been placed in charge of a Starfleet frigate, which left a gap in the ship's roster. With no experienced officers available for transfer, it was down to Kaetlyn to step out of the silver and into the red of command.

Serving as XO was a whole new ball-park for Kaetlyn. The Irish lass felt uncomfortable at it, at first, as she had to radically shift her mental focus from Intelligence to the greater good of the whole. It tok time, but Kaetlyn once again found her comfort zone. The crew, and Captain alike learned to trust her as they had her predecessor.


That comfort and happiness however, would last for just 5 short years. In a cruel twist of fate, the Geiger was sent to broker a deal to gain access to a dilithium mine on a populated world. The Nova-class vessel was met with hostility, and the ensuing battle claimed the Captain’s life.

It was Kaetlyn who led a shell-shocked crew back to Dock, and a ceremony laid the dead to rest, with full honour, and more than a few tears. The bitter reality of the events finally hit home when Kaetlyn Ni Donal herself was chosen to take centre seat on the Nova-class.

Unsure about herself once more, the woman found herself once again wondering if it had been the right choice, if there wasn’t something else she could have done, some other choice she could have made.

Yet, it was the friends she had made on the Geiger, and respect to a man who had helped her grow that she took the captain’s chair, and a new era began for the USS Geiger. This era, however, would only last a total of five years. Starfleet had plans for the bright woman, and moved her from a Nova class to the much large Akira-class. Pegasus Fleet was in need of Commanding Officers, and the experienced ones were being transferred in to fill the gaps. How would she take to such a new challange? Only time will tell.

USS Vaughan

Love Interests

William Vickers

Her first serious, long-term relationship came on the USS Interceptor. Cmdr Vickers was the XO of the Intrepid-class vessel, and the two began a relationship shortly after her posting.While they tried hard to keep it low-key, a ship run by SFFI quickly became rife with rumour and gossip. The romance lasted for almost 6 years, and though neither one actually proposed, the topic of marriage was mentioned several opver the course of their time together.

The relationship ended in 2378 when Kaetlyn transfered to another vessel. It is unknown if the two remain in contact.

Isaac Haines

For the full article, see Isaac Haines.

Perhaps the most dramatic venture into the world of relationships for Kaetlyn was her interest in the Marine Pilot Isaac Haines. Word is they met while on Shore-leave, though the details seem to change depending on who's telling the story. What is agreed on, though, is that it was a case of bad-boy meets playful-girl. The relationship itself was much of a physical nature, as opposed to an emotional one, yet both will admit to caring for the other.

After a few months, Kaetlyn became concerned with Isaac's drinking problem, and ended the relationship. After that, the two had little or no contact, until Isaac Haines, who had been made a Major, turned up out of the blue while the Vaughan was in Dock awaiting final system checks and crew placements. The annouhncement that he was the ew CAG for her boat threw Kaetlyn through a loop, and neither knew how things would unfold.

Service Record

Stardate 36668.3: Entered Starfleet Academy. Major: Intelligence, Minor: Intelligence
Stardate 36668.3 - 37499.6: Freshman Year, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 37668.3 - 38499.6: Sophomore Year, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 38868.3 - 39499.6: Junior Year, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 39668.3 - 40499.6: Senior Year, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 40499.6: Graduated Starfleet Academy

Stardate 40567.8: Assigned Intelligence Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence
Stardate 40567.8 - 42315.7: Intelligence Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence

Stardate 42315.7: Assigned Intelligence Officer, Relay Station Gamma-12
Stardate 42315.1 - 46692.7: Intelligence Officer, Relay Station Gamma-12
Stardate 46692.7 - 49137.5: Shift Supervisor, Relay Station Gamma-12

Stardate 49715.8: Assigned Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Interceptor
Stardate 49715.8 - 55317.5: Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Interceptor

Stardate 55317.5: Assigned Chief Intelligence Officer / Second Officer, USS Geiger
Stardate 55317.5 - 57649.8: Chief Intelligence Officer / Second Officer, USS Geiger
Stardate 57649.8: Assigned Executive Officer, USS Geiger
Stardate 57949.8 - 60447.3: Executive Officer, USS Geiger
Stardate 60447.3: Assigned Commanding Officer, USS Geiger
Stardate 60447.3 - 65589.4: Commanding Officer, USS Geiger

Stardate 65589.4: Transferred to USS Vaughen, Commanding Officer
Stardate 65589.4 - PRESENT: Commanding Officer, USS Vaughen