Kevin Enola

Kevin Enola
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Physical Description

6' 8"


235 lbs


Light Brown



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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


Chief Tactical & Security

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Lieutenant JG Kevin Enola was the Chief Tactical and Security Officer on board the U.S.S. Nakatomi in the year 2389, and was born in the year 2351. He is married to Jennifer Enola and they have one son named Joey, and served honorably during the Dominion War. The Iwo Jima was the first ship he was a department head on board.

General Information

Physical Description

Kevin physically is a well built and well rounded person constant work out routines and such have helped keep him in shape, and constant care for his toddler son has helped. His body is covered in tattoos around his midsection, and he has a long scar on his arm from the time he served during the Dominion War. He is six foot eight inches tall and weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds with blue eyes and dirty blonde to light brown hair. He sports a beard and wears all the hair in a more unkempt fashion.


Kevin is a well rounded individual he has a very caring attitude towards his child and his wife, while showing the loyalty to the Federation and to his family. He didn’t get to where he was by being soft, and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to get through his life and through his career while protecting those he loves and cares for deeply. His biggest fear is losing his family and will fight to the death if it means protecting them, the ship he is on board, and his Commander who is in charge of the lives which are at stake.


Spouse - Jennifer
Children - Joey (M/4)

Father - Richard
Mother - Heather
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - Ben
Other Family - None



In a small quiet fishing village in western Canada Kevin Enola was born as the second child to Heather and Richard Enola and three years after his older brother Benjamin Enola, or Ben for short. Kevin was always a large child and constantly was getting into trouble with law enforcement it was a constant concern of his parents. When he was fourteen years old he was involved in an armed robbery that had gone completely wrong, and as a result he had been stabbed by his friend Tyler who was also involved in the armed robbery when a dispute erupted. The police were called and while he was not charged his father told him that he had a choice either he continued down the path he was going and ended up dead, or he found a way to release the anger that had filled the child.

Choosing the latter he started lessons in mixed martial arts because the fights helped relief the anger and stress that he’d allowed to build up his entire life. It was in these fights and when he was sixteen years old that he would meet a girl a year younger then himself named Jennifer. With a great deal of nerves and help from his father he managed to get a first date with Jennifer, and then a second and a third. The couple though young managed to fall for each other, and another large bit of his anger escaped him. Fearing he would hurt her he forced himself to seek further guidance from a Counselor.

The Counseling helped as did the offer that he had the grades in High School to possibly join Starfleet Academy. His training in mixed martial arts gave him an advantage, and what he loved more than anything. He wanted to protect people and Starfleet would give him that chance so after speaking to Jennifer who had been with him for a couple years now he set off to take the entrance exam. The test was a difficult task, but he managed to barely scrape by and was admitted in 2369.

Starfleet Career

He served his four years in school struggling with the class work, but excelling in the fighting styles that were taught during self defense and offensive hand to hand tactics. Barely surviving all four years he came into service during a bad time in Federation history. It was right before he was assigned and deployed that he proposed to Jennifer. They married late in the year 2373, but he was sent away from her to serve on board the U.S.S. Archer.

During a patrol of the Cardassian border an attack group of Cardassian ships attacked the Archer and nearly destroyed the ship. The Assistant Chief Tactical and Security Officer was killed in action. During the fighting Kevin managed to save the bridge from intruders by leading a small team of Tactical Officers and crew onto the bridge where they killed all the intruders. After the battle the Captain of the ship seeing the potential in the young officer promoted him to the position of Assistant Chief Tactical and Security Officer.

At the end of the war he was finally up for transfer and took a position serving on board a small outpost, Outpost Fourteen where Jennifer was able to live with him. On several occasions he was offered new positions, but he did not wish to leave the woman he loved and allowed his career to slow down. He wasn’t promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade until 2380 when he’d served as an Ensign for years and the Captain put him in for the promotion. Outpost Fourteen was close to the core worlds, where not a lot ever happened, and it wasn’t until he transferred to his next station that things for him changed.

In 2381 Lieutenant Kevin Enola transferred to the U.S.S. Iwo Jima a Nebula class starship operating along the Romulan and Federation Neutral Zone to deter pirate activity that had been happening along the border. His wife was able to come along with him because the Federation was at peace, and the couple settled back into ship life now able to live that life together. He was assigned as the Chief Tactical and Security Officer, and during multiple occasions he assisted in destroying pirates who were rampaging across the sector. Even assisting in taking down an entire band of pirates on a permanent basis. It was a few years later that they would find out that she was pregnant, and nine months later their first and only child would be born.

It was in 2389 that a new position was open and on board a more warlike starship that he’d always wished to serve on. He requested the transfer and was moved to serve on board the U.S.S. Nakatomi a Ronin Class starship, and took his wife and young four year old son Joey with him.

Service Record

Y-c1.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year One 2369 - 2370
Y-c2.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Two 2370 - 2371
Y-c3.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Three 2371 - 2372
Y-c4.png Tactical/Security Cadet Year Four 2372 - 2373
Y-o1.png U.S.S. Archer, Tactical/Security Officer 2373 - 2374
Y-o1.png U.S.S. Archer, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2374 - 2375
Y-o1.png Outpost Fourteen, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2375 - 2380
Y-o2.png Outpost Fourteen, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2380 - 2381
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Iwo Jima, Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2381 - 2389
Y-o2.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, Chief Tactical/Security Officer 2389 - PRESENT