Louise Hamilton

Louise Hamilton is a Starfleet officer onboard the USS Washington.

Louise Hamilton, PC
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USS Washington


Chief Counselor

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Physical Description

Quite slim for her height, Louise can still be an impressive height. The copper red hair often has a shine to it that reflects the light to give her an almost glow around her.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Most counselor's often have a cool exterior, and a general detachment to people in general, but a strong connection to those they have as patients. In that regard, Louise is very much to the mould.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A study of personal behaviour, Louise is a master at noting differences in people. She can tell when someone is having problems.

While she can be very adept at playing the role of therapist, Louise can often take that too far, loosing her touch with friends. It has brought her marriage to the brink of destruction on one occasion, and it is hard to find the balance between professional distance and friendly closeness.


Chair for the Department of Psychology, Harvard University. Every therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist dreams of holding the Chair. While it may take her career from her, Louise is a psychologist first, a healer second, and a Starfleet Officer third.

Hobbies & Interests

When not on Duty, Louise likes to take some time on the Holodeck, or read a novel. While it may be a closely guarded secret, the psychologist can in fact play the Piano quite well.


Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan



  • Christopher Erickson


  • Catherine Erickson (nee. De'Nidell)


  • Roger Hamilton (18)


  • Dr. Richard Hamilton, MD


Louise hadn't always had her heart set on being a counsellor. In her youth, she had yearned to be a Pianist. She spent hours a day from the time she big enough playing the Piano at her family home. Nothing could give the little girl greater pleasure than to sit and perform a Mozart Sonata, or a Strauss Waltz.

It was something her parents encouraged as much as they could, and Louise cherished every minute she got to play the antique instrument. Yet, as the teenage years came, interests changed - as is often the case - and Louise lost most of her passion for music. She'd still play the piano now and then, but her primary focus was on something else. Something that few would have suspected.

Realising the scope of human behaviour, Louise became a student of it. Even while she was still in school, the young woman couldn't get enough of Psychology, and Xenopsychology. Seeing the shift in their daughter, the Erickson’s were dismayed, but not wanting to put their daughter off a new-found passion, so encouraged her to turn the interest into a career.

Seeing there was little opportunity for a civilian Counselor, Louise made the bold move to go to Starfleet Academy, train as an officer, and serve as a Counselor in the Fleet. It was not something the Erickson’s were keen to accept. However, they realised that their daughter would find a way to realise her dream with - or indeed without - their support. So, it was with a heavy heart that her parents gave their blessing, and in 2380, Louise Eriksson entered the Academy as a Freshman Cadet.

Louise's career in Starfleet had almost come to an end before it was off the ground. Her first year professor in Psychology was a man whom Louise instantly felt an attraction towards. Even though the 18 year old was 20 years his junior, it didn't prevent a scandalous affair from starting. It was months before anyone realised it.

It was only thanks to the Professor - who surrendered his post with a plea on behalf of Louise - that kept her from being expelled, although a formal reprimand was placed in her Service Record. From then, the Cadet focused on her studies, not wanting to make any more mistakes with her love life.

While nothing more can be said for her Academy life, her posting after graduation was the opposite of empty. Posted Aboard the USS Dunkirk as a Counsellor’s Assistant, Louise found the Intrepid-class Starship to be full of challenge. Her year learning field experience was not without interesting situations. From a home-sick Ensign to a Second Officer on the verge of melt-down, Louise had witnessed it all on her first assignment.

Yet, it would be Starfleet Medical that would turn her life around. Having completed her field training, Louise was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and assigned as a full counselor to the Medical Department of Starfleet Headquarters. While it wasn’t exactly the ship-board posting she had hoped for, it would nevertheless offer her something she would never have expected.

In the two years she spent at Headquarters, Louise Erickson became attracted to a civilian physician there. One Dr. Richard Hamilton. Over the course of her posting, the two began to date, and even got engaged. On Stardate 63754.2, Louise Erickson became Louise Hamilton when she and Richard were married. It was a day that was better than any she could ever have imagined.

While her job as a counselor was pleasant, Louise began to feel as though she could do more, as though there was some way she could push herself to be more than she currently was, so when a post opened up on the USS Einstein, for a Chief Counselor, Louise grabbed at it with everything she had.

Knowing it would mean being away from her husband for long periods of time, Louise was nervous about telling him, but Richard knew what such a position would mean for her, and did nothing to stand in the way of her career, stating he would always be there for her when she returned home. So, when the Einstein returned home, Louise transferred on board, as a full Lieutenant, ready for the adventure that would lie ahead of her.