Martin Tam

Martin Tam is a Starfleet officer onboard the USS Washington.

Martin Tam, PC
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USS Washington



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Physical Description

Martin is fit with an average body and several tribal tattoos: on his right calf; his right shoulder that runs down his right arm and hand. Martin likes his hair a good 5 or 6 cm long and occasionally dyes his hair but reverts to black often.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Martin will stand up for what he believes in and to support his friends when they need it; he prides himself on his sense of loyalty and friendship. Martin sometimes has a hard time trusting as he only has a few true friends. He tries to keep an open mind when he meets new people but continues to be cautious. Martin considers himself a pretty boy and sometimes worries what others think of him; loves socializing although knows not to let it interfere with his job; hard worker when he needs to be and loves being center of attention though not all the time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

- Is a perfectionist when it comes to his appearance and has been known to do so to his friends.
- Can lack tact at the best of times and it is something he is working on improving.
+ Very social and so makes friends easily; occasionally some have not been only interested in friendship.
+/- Cares about those he calls friends and will do what he can to help them; sometimes getting in trouble as a result.
+ Martial Arts guru.


A captaincy one day though has his doubts he will ever reach it. To achieve the highest level in Velocity, both with a partner and, although mainly, solo; also to be unmatched in multiple hand held weapons training. Learn about what new weapons technology that can be used to defend the Federation. A personal ambition is to one day have a family of his own.

Hobbies & Interests

He every now and again partakes in several holo programs like Captain Proton and a few Spy themed programs (sometimes with his brother Andrew). Another short lived interest was Parrises squares while at the Academy but hopes to play again. Swimming is in his daily routine to keep fit, he attends the Gym straight after a swim for weights training before a massage to help keep his body well looked after. On his days off he will catch a few games of Velocity either alone or with a competitive colleague.


English, Romulan and Klingon



  • Simon Tam


  • Kaywinnit-Lee Tam


  • Nick Tam (engineer)(Quadruplet)
  • Cody Tam (science officer)(Quadruplet)
  • Andrew Tam (intelligence officer)(Quadruplet)


One of the male quadruplets born to Simon and Kaywinnit-Lee ‘Kaylee’ Tam. Both currently are serving together aboard the U.S.S Heart of Gold; Simon as Chief Medical Officer and Kaylee as Chief Engineer. Martin enjoyed getting into mischief all his childhood along with his brothers; their parents finally had given up and sent the boys back to their grandparents living on Earth; of course often having regular vacations to visit the boys. Eventually and after both primary and secondary schooling the Tam brothers joined Starfleet Academy at 19 (Martin), 19 (Nick), 18 (Cody) and 18 (Andrew). Martin meanwhile had his hobby of researching weapons and religiously enjoyed all things martial arts, combat and tactics so he selected the Security Tactical branch; Nick went for the technical side of things as he enjoyed building, fixing and taking things apart, he had a knack for it so he applied for the Engineering Operations branch; Cody had developed an interest for all things scientific and elected the Sciences branch; and Andrew however liked to put his stealthy skills for spying and intelligence gathering to good use by applying for Intelligence branch. The brothers did express some interest in each others' areas as Starfleet Academy favoured those who generalised in most subjects. Upon graduating their basic and advanced general courses at 24, 24, 23 and 23, the brothers went for additional year of training in their respective fields: Martin did his extra year at Starfleet Tactical learning and contributing to all the research and development projects of weapons and defenses; Nick joined the crew of the U.S.S da Vinci that is assigned to the Corps of Engineers. He learned about the how and what for all the latest technologies that were in development; Cody attended seminars and workshops at Starfleet’s Science Directorate where he learned as much as he could of the Directorate’s accumulated knowledge; and Andrew went on an undercover mission that spanned a few non-Federation worlds with the objective of obtaining certain information and forming a network of contacts that Starfleet Intelligence could use after Andrew had returned home a year later, he received commendations.

Service Record

  • 2352 – Born
  • 2370 – Attended Starfleet Academy
  • 2376 – Work experience at Starfleet Tactical, Earth
  • 2386 – USS Washington, Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer