Metron Consortium

"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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Metron Consortium
Basic Information

Beta Quadrant

Warp Capable:

Pre-23rd Century

Major Species:


Political Information

Representative (speculated)


The Metron Consortium is a political and possibly military organisation in the Beta Quadrant, first encountered in the 23rd century, encompassing the Metron people and their subject planetary systems.

Very little is known about the origins, deployment and population of the Consortium, and there have only ever been two known contacts with them by a Federation starship; once by the USS Enterprise in 2267, and once again by the USS Endeavour in 2386.

The history, structure and power of the Consortium can only be speculated about, as in the two short contacts with the group, very little information about the Metrons themselves has been imparted upon Starfleet personnel. The rough borders of the Consortium have been estimated on Starfleet charts by means of inquiry; several ships have been curiously turned around without their pilot's knowledge when entering a region of space, and other races have also shared with the Federation their own knowledge of assumed-Consortium borders.