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Ryan Dominic Grimes
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Federation/Starfleet Marine Corps


Aldaris IV (NPC)


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Matthew Williams

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Ryan Grimes is a 24th century Starfleet Marine Corps officer, most noted for his service as the former marine commanding officer and executive officer of the Starfleet starship USS Babylon, and for temporarily assuming command of the marines stationed aboard the starship USS Tethys, during Major Palacios' short incarceration. He is currently the commander of the company of marines stationed on Aldaris IV, near Starbase 386.

Physical Description

Ryan keeps his hair, which is now completely silver, cropped short, in-keeping with the military style the regulations required of him when he started out as a soldier. With a strong jawline, occasionally covered in stubble, his face is not one of a man who over-indulges himself on snacks and unhealthy foods. A well-muscled body is maintained by regular exercise, often leading a group of the marines under him on runs through the terrain surrounding the base on Aldaris IV every morning.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ryan has always been called a bit of a joker. His jovial attitude permeates through everything, and he can even crack jokes during the most dire of crisis situations. However, he still knows and understands the need to be serious, a fact which has ensured that he wasn't reprimanded for his behaviour in a way that would have denied him any chance of reaching his current rank.

During dangerous situations on missions, he very often antagonises his enemy with quips and comments, being outright sarcastic if he ever gets captured. Oddly, this can turn into an advantage, as Ryan often has a knack for antagonising people so much that they do things against their better judgement, just to try and get some peace and quiet from his tormenting.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ryan's body is in great physical shape, and he is able to run a one and a half mile circuit in under 9 and a half minutes, which results in his body rarely letting him down. He has a strong sense of tactics and a competitive attitude always pushing him to win.

His jokes can sometimes cause more problems for him than they solve, and more than once he has been ordered to shut his mouth. He doesn't have a very strong understanding of science, which leads to a slight disliking of scientists in general.


Ryan's primary ambition in his career is to reach the rank of a full-bird Colonel and be able to proudly display his wings on his uniform. He wouldn't mind a promotion to one of the General ranks, but he'd rather not have the desk that comes with it.

Hobbies & Interests

Ryan likes fishing, motorbike driving and firing rifles on the range. Often in his time off-duty, he can be found fishing in one of the nearby lakes on Aldaris IV, even though he knows that there are no fish in it. Whenever he is asked about this odd habit, he always replies that it's all about the act of fishing, and not actually the act of catching any fish. What "it" is, nobody knows. He has also enjoyed playing baseball since he was a child.


English, Russian


  • Father - Jonathan Grimes
  • Mother - Samantha Foster
  • Spouse - Sara Grimes (Deceased)
  • Child - Gary Grimes (Deceased)


Ryan was born to his unmarried parents in Colorado Springs, USA, Earth. He lived a standard life as a child, attending elementary school right through to high school, without much in the way of big events. He was often in trouble at school for his sarcastic sense of humour, and was not above throwing jokes at the teachers while in detention, which is most probably the root for his behaviour when in a hostage situation in his adult life. While his humour often made him likeable by a lot of his peers, it didn't help with his studies, as when he wasn't in detention, he would rather be outside playing baseball.

As soon as he finished school, he joined straight up into the Starfleet Marine Corps, electing to go in as an enlisted soldier rather than an officer. Spending a year going through basic training - where his sense of humour quickly proved him to be popular with the other recruits, as it had in school, he passed out with the rank of Private. He was remarked as a miraculous shot for someone of eighteen who had never fired a real weapon before, and he came to enjoy his time on the ranges - a hobby and pass-time which he still keeps up over 30 years later. After four years, at the rank of Lance Corporal, he was made an offer by Starfleet Intelligence; to infiltrate a pirate group operating out of a system within the immediate vicinity of Sector 001, mostly made up of humans. In return, he would be given a commission and a boosted pay rating.

Ryan accepted the offer, and underwent training in Special Operations - it was here that he had paid the most attention to any lesson in his life, as the information being given to him was a lot more interesting than the 'useless junk' he had learnt in school. He learned how to hack into computer systems, how to use high-tech surveillance equipment and how to make himself fit seamlessly into an enemy operation and make them believe he was of their own. He also learnt how to more efficiently take out a specified target, using a number of different means. Unfortunately, by the time his training had finished, the cell he was to infiltrate had been broken up by some extremely poor command decisions on behalf of their leader - now in a penal colony serving a life sentence - and so he was returned to regular duty, with a simple promotion to Corporal, despite the long months he had spent training. Returning grudgingly to the standard work of an enlisted marine, his new rank did at least grant him command of a squad, rather than just a fire team.

Two years later, Starfleet Intelligence had a chance to finally make good on its offer, and called him in.

This time, he was to infiltrate a terrorist cell which had been operating along the Romulan Neutral Zone - attacking both Federation and Romulan forces. After a thorough briefing and surgical alterations to his appearance, he was sent on his mission with the blessing of the director and with the commission he had been promised.

He spent two years as a part of the terrorist operation, and as part of his undercover duties had to take part in a number of raids to keep his cover intact, a fact which he is not proud of. One raid in particular, he was ordered to shoot an unarmed woman, to prove to the leader of the ship they were raiding that they meant business. Despite delaying as long as he could, he was forced to choose between killing the woman, or blowing his cover and dying there and then, his mission a failure. He was forced to choose the death of the woman, a decision which has haunted his dreams ever since.

He sent information back to SI HQ on a weekly basis, but at irregular times, in hopes to prevent the transmissions being intercepted and identified for what they were. The intelligence agency finally made a move against the group, and with the help of the information Ryan and his undercover colleagues had gathered, prevented any more raids being carried out, and any more innocents murdered, with most of the higher leadership of the group being charged and placed into penal colonies, few escaping the arm of justice. After this operation and its subsequent debriefing and rehabilitation period, he was assigned back to regular duties onboard the USS Galileo as a marine officer, his facial features restored to their old human visage.

Ryan spent his first year as an active marine officer on the Galileo, serving as the Marine Executive Officer. When the Dominion War broke out in late 2373, he and many other marines were quickly reassigned to ground assignments, or dangerous insertion operations. For large periods of time, his assignment was a bit ambiguous - he didn't seem to belong to any specific ship, moving where he was needed and spending almost all of his time time either on the ground or travelling to the next planet.

Finally, when the War ended in 2376, he and his fellow marine veterans - now truly battle-hardened - were reassigned to regular ship duties. For some, it was a difficult transition, and a few of them never really made it. It was an odd transition for Ryan, too. Where he had been just weeks ago fighting in an all-out war, now he found himself a soldier in peacetime, struggling to find something meaningful to do. That wasn't to say that he was ungrateful for the war's end - far from it, and he adapted more readily than most of the marines in his platoon. Eventually, he did settle back into the old groove he had been working on on the Galileo, and on his various assignments before his operation with Starfleet Intelligence. For his bravery under fire during the Dominion War, he was promoted to First Lieutenant.

Grimes worked on a number of different assignments in the years that followed, hopping from one assignment to the next, as his orders dictated, never really settling down. He married in 2378, to a woman called Sara, whom he had met during his assignment to the training base on the colony of Gabrielle IX. Unfortunately, the following year, Sara died in childbirth. To make matters worse, the child was still-born. It tore a rent in Grimes' life, and caused him to retreat inside himself for a full two years. He contemplated early retirement at this time, and performed his duties to the minimal level that was considered acceptable and expected from him. He only snapped out of this mindset when he was nearly killed during an away mission whilst assigned to the USS Hadrian. Facing his own death for the first time since the Dominion War, made him realise that he couldn't focus on what he had lost, and needed to strive forward, making the most of what he had been given, and what he had left. For the actions he took to protect the lives of the away team, he was promoted to marine Captain.

By 2384, he was assigned to the USS Babylon, a Nebula-class vessel serving the 8th Fleet, as its Marine Commanding Officer. Like most Starfleet COs of the time, Commander Tom'ak was not initially fond of having a marine presence onboard, especially not when combined with the fighter wing presence she was ordered to take on as well. Fortunately, she grew accustomed to Ryan, his jovial attitude helping to smooth over any initial dislike she might have held before meeting him, and after the death of her original first officer, Ryan was offered it in addition to his post as Marine CO, a position very rarely given to a marine, and only granted by Starfleet Command due to his experience since the Dominion War serving on the senior staff of starships. It was also at this time when he was given a promotion to Major.

Following the Babylon's destruction at the hands of a plot between two warring planets, Ryan was temporarily assigned to Starbase Sanctuary with the majority of the Babylon crew, until being scooped up by 8th Fleet's Judge Advocate General's office, to temporarily take command of the USS Tethys' marine detachment, whilst Major Palacios was taken into custody to answer charges being brought against her. Following this assignment, he was assigned to the marine barracks on Aldaris IV, under the watchful eye of Starbase 386 and Rear Admiral Locke, and placed in command of the marines there, organising training missions on the ground, and reporting in to the station commander. When the station was handed over to Captain Lange, Grimes remained as the commander of the base on Aldaris IV, the only change from his point of view being that there was someone new behind the desk.

Service Record

- Enlisted, passed basic training assigned as Private

- Made an offer by Starfleet Intelligence - accepted and given SpecOps training

- Infiltration mission scrapped - promoted to Corporal for his troubles

- Called in for a new infiltration mission - sent to RNZ with a commission to Second Lieutenant

- Operation against terrorist cell successful - debriefed and rehabilitated.

- Assigned to the USS Galileo, Marine XO

- Fought in the Dominion War - fluid assignment

- Reassigned post-war to regular duties. Promoted to First Lieutenant

- Married

- Widowed

- Promoted to Marine Captain

- Assigned as Marine CO, USS Babylon

- Assigned as XO, Marine CO, USS Babylon

- Promoted to Major

- Assigned temporarily, Starbase Sanctuary

- Assigned as Acting Marine CO, USS Tethys

- Assigned as Commanding Officer, Aldaris IV Marine Barracks


USS Tethys

  • Mission 2.3: "Spectres of the Past"
  • Mission 2.4: "Hopeful Future"