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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Chief Medical Officer / Chief Counselor

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Matthew Williams

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Lieutenant Commander Samantha Jones is a 24th century Human Starfleet officer, most recently serving as Chief Medical Officer on Starbase 386 and its garrison vessel, the USS Peacekeeper.

Previously, she served with disctinction as chief counselor of the Starfleet starship USS Wright followed by her service as joint Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counselor of the starship USS Olympus.


Samantha, or Sam, was born in space, in her parent's personal yacht. Needless to say, her parents were both very wealthy, and where in the process of returning to Earth after discovering her Mother's pregnancy while on one of their long-distance trips - they had wanted their daughter born on Earth, the central point of the Federation. Though that wish was not fulfilled, Sam and her parents were happy never-the-less.

Sam went to a private school in Northern England, attaining very high grades in her subjects, and receiving continuous praise from her teachers. During her school life, Sam gained her first boyfriend, John. John was a bit of a rebel, which was perhaps one of the reasons why Sam was attracted to him in the first place. Her parents disagreed with her desire to date him, but she ignored them. After a year of dating him, however, Sam discovered that John had been cheating on her for a number of months, and broke off the relationship, distraught.

As a result, her grades slipped, and her teachers became worried about her, though were slightly more understanding when her parents told them about the breakup. Eventually though, Sam's perseverance carried her through, and she managed to get over John, and raise her grades back to their rightful place.

Upon leaving school, Sam started college, which she attended for two years, attaining A-Levels in Sociology and Psychology, among others. Sam had valued the help her friends had given her in the form of informal counseling when she had broken up with John, and had long since aspired to becoming a full-time counselor herself. This she achieved when she applied for Starfleet, gaining a place on a Diplomatic ship as a trainee counselor.

Throughout her Starfleet Career, Sam eventually rose through the ranks, and although still young, managed to attain the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Eventually, in the year 2384, upon recommendation of the Chief Counselor with whom she had worked with since the start of her career, she was transferred to Horizon Fleet, and given the Counselor's office on the USS Wright. Shortly afterwards, before the vessel had even departed on it's first voyage, her orders were rescinded, and she was instead transferred to the USS Olympus with the rank of a full Lieutenant, and enrolled on a Medical course, as she was to serve as joint Chief Medical and Counseling Officer on the tiny little ship.

The Olympus held many fond memories for Sam, and she served there under Captain Celezar throughout her time as a Lieutenant, eventually being promoted to Lieutenant Commander under him. Serving as the ship's Second Officer during the Cold Station 12 incident, she temporarily took command of the ship while the Captain and his First Officer were each unable to.

Eventually though, after an encounter with a group of Romulans hell-bent on catching a terrorist suspect they believed was being helped by the Federation, the Olympus was destroyed in battle, and though her crew managed to escape before the ship exploded, it left a profound impact on all of them.

Having been ordered to see a counselor herself for a number of months, Sam was eventually given the all-clear to return to full duty, and so waited at Starbase 386 for her next assignment - Chief Medical Officer on the USS Peacekeeper.

Personal Life

Jones dreamt of becoming a Counselor professionally since her friends helped her recover after the break up with her first boyfriend. She is always kind, and willing to help others, even if it puts herself in danger. She is not, however, a woman who will shy away from action or adventure, and will often be seen on the holodeck on one of a large variety of simulations, and will often volunteer for away team missions eagerly.

Jones has confessed in the past that there are some pieces of Starfleet technology that some would use frequently with little effort that Jones struggles with. One such piece of technology used to be shuttlecraft, which Jones had little knowledge of up until her time aboard the Olympus, where she began to take piloting lessons from the ship's helmsman.

One of Jones' main hobbies, which she began in her early school years with financial help from her parents is music and the performing arts. She considers herself a skilled actress, and can play a variety of instruments, including the Saxophone, the Flute and the Violin. She also enjoys partakes in various sports, from swimming to rock climbing and trampolining, among others, and can occasionally be found with a sporting-themed program in the holosuite.

While off-duty, Jones also enjoys reading, though not so much writing. He favourite genre of book is science fiction, though some of the older books that she reads are closer to the current truth than the genre's name would suggest. She will also occasionally dip into History-Fiction, or Crime and Thriller books.

Personal Relationships


  • Father - James Jones
  • Mother - Katherine Jones
  • Uncle - Barry Jones
  • Aunt - Janet Lloyd
  • Cousins - Robert Jones, Kyle Jones


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Year Placement Rank Assignment
2374 Starfleet Academy
Cadet, 1st Year
2375 Starfleet Academy
Cadet, 2nd Year
2376 Starfleet Academy
Cadet, 3rd Year
2377 Starfleet Academy
Cadet, 4th Year
2378 - 2380 USS Gryphon
2380 - 2384 USS Gryphon
Lieutenant JG
2384 USS Wright
Lieutenant JG
Chief Counselor
2384 USS Olympus
(Awarded Medical Doctorate)
Chief Medical Officer and Counselor
2384 USS Olympus
Lieutenant Commander
Second Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Counselor
2385 USS Peacekeeper
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
2385 - 2386 Starbase 386
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer

Preceded by:
Lieutenant JG Darija NaVer
Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 386
2385 – 2386
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Chief Medical Officer of the USS Peacekeeper
Succeeded by:
None; Ship Garrisoned
Preceded by:
None; Position Created
Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counselor of the USS Olympus
2384 – 2385
Succeeded by:
None; Ship Destroyed
Preceded by:
None; Position Created
Chief Counselor of the USS Wright
Succeeded by: