This article has been created using a mixture of Trek Canon content and content pulled from other sources or created by the author.
To view the official Trek Canon information as set out in the Star Trek series, please see the appropriate article on Memory Alpha located here

This template is designed to be used with pages which contain items of Star Trek Canon intermixed with GAC Articles or Fleet Canon content. There are two ways to use this template:

Typing {{TrekCanon}} at the top of the article will create the template with a link to a memory alpha page with the exact same page name as the article itself. For example, an article on the PF Wiki named 'James Tiberius Kirk' would create a link to a memory alpha article named 'James Tiberius Kirk'

If the name of the article on memory alpha is different to the name of the article on the PF Wiki, then typing {{TrekCanon|MA Page Name}} will create a customised link, where you can specify the article's name - e.g. 'James T. Kirk'.