Temporal Meddlings (USS Endeavour Mission)

"Temporal Meddlings"

Alpha Quadrant

Ships Involved:
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"Temporal Meddlings" is a planned episode for the USS Endeavour simulation that has not yet been utilised or scheduled for the simulation timeline.


Temporal Meddlings is to be set predominantly in the past, during the 22nd Century. The USS Endeavour is to chase a starship from the present to the past, where it will encounter a predecessor of itself - the NX-class Endeavour. Despite the Temporal Prime Directive, the ship will be forced to work with its counterpart from the past in order to prevent the alteration of history by the vessel which the present-day Endeavour chased back through time.

Background Information

  • The specific details of this mission are not yet known and are likely to be formulated only when the mission is to take place.
  • The villain of the mission (who initiates the first time portal) has been postulated to be from a number of races, organisations or governments, including;
    • Romulan
    • Orion Crime Syndicate
    • Renegade Federation citizens (non-human)
    • Breen