USS Vancouver

USS Vancouver
Technical Details
Class: Intrepid
Registry: NCC-76432
Role: Explorer
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Sengar Anjohl
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6
Second Officer: Lieutenant Austin Greenwood
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Vancouver is an Intrepid class starship in Pegasus Fleet in Task Force 11 Task Group Hyperion, under the command of Commander Sengar Anjohl and his Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6.


Construction and Launch

In Service

The USS Vancouver, was named after Captain George Vancouver, who was the first European to explore the Pacific Coast of North America. Since then, he has had several things named after him, an Island, a city, a line of ships in the Royal Canadian Navy, a ship in the US Navy, and a few starships.

Captain George Vancouver (22 June 1757 – 10 May 1798)
HMCS Vancouver (F6A); 1928; Thorneycroft S class destroyer; Royal Canadian Navy
HMCS Vancouver (K240); 1942; Flower class corvette; Royal Canadian Navy
USS Vancouver (LPD-2); 1960; Raleigh-class amphibious transport dock; US Navy
HMCS Vancouver (IV); 1965; survey ship
HMCS Vancouver (FFH 331); 1989; Halifax-class frigate; Royal Canadian Navy
USS Vancouver (NX-26); 2163; Daedalus Class Starship; Starfleet
USS Vancouver (NCC-1865); 2252; Miranda Class Starship; Starfleet
USS Vancouver (NCC-20354); 2354; Miranda-refit Class Starship; Starfleet
USS Vancouver (NCC-56853); 2367; Centaur Class Starship; Starfleet
USS Vancouver (NCC-76432); 2389; Intrepid Class Starship; Starfleet

USS Vancouver Crew

Commanding Officer Sengar.jpg R-o5.png
Commander Sengar Anjohl
Executive Officer Image Pending.png R-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander 4 of 6
Second Officer Image Pending.png T-o3.png
Lieutenant Austin Greenwood
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer Image Pending.png R-blank.png
Position Vacant
Security and Tactical
Chief Security/Tactical Officer Image Pending.png Y-o2.png
Lieutenant Dante Evaristo
Chief Operations Officer Image Pending.png Y-o1.png
Ensign Cosette Fauchelevant
Chief Engineer GCarlstrom.jpg Y-o3.png
Lieutenant George Carlstrom
Chief Science Officer Image Pending.png T-blank.png
Position Vacant
Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer Greenwood.jpg T-o3.png
Lieutenant Austin Greenwood
Chief Counsellor Image Pending.png T-blank.png
Position Vacant
Chief Intelligence Officer Image Pending.png S-blank.png
Position Pending
Chef Image Pending.png W-blank.png
Position Pending

Top Open Positions

USS Vancouver Mission Logs

USS Vancouver Missions by Season
Season 1 Prologue: Coming AboardEpisode 1: TBD

USS Vancouver Missions by Type
Main Missions Prologue: Coming AboardEpisode 1: Missing on Duty
Shoreleave Missions Episode 1
Planned Missions Episode 2: TBD

Guest Appearances None

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