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"Refined Relations"
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USS Vesta


The USS Vesta delivers relief to a Republic mining facility, and gathers diplomatic information.

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USS Vesta

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"With Starfleet starting to explore the region making first contact with The Republic of the First Worlds is a top priority. Initial long range scans and reconnaissance show that the Republic is a collection of unified worlds similar to the U.F.P. It is Starfleet's hope that the Republic can become an ally within the region.

The USS Veta is ordered to Boen system in sector 872 where a Plasma Storm has just passed through damaging a known Republic mining facility. A four-day journey from Republic space the mining facility is relatively isolated and you, the USS Vesta, appear to be the closest vessel in the area.

Your primary objective is to provide engineering and medical assistance to the Facility. Secondary objectives include gathering information on and starting peaceful relations with the Republic.
    —As Ordered by:
Captain Taylor Wood, Task Force 37 Commander Officer, 11th Fleet.

The Vesta arrives at the Republic mining facility only to find that its help is not wanted. Instead, the base's Director V'Karix, a Ziapteryx wronged by impostor posing as Starfleet's Captain Janeway during the Voyager mission of two decades prior, attempts to seize control of the Vesta in retaliation.

Outsmarting the Director, the Vesta crew manages to break free of their short entrapment and turn the scenario to their own favor, but only draws the ire of the Director and Starfleet Command both. With relations fraying and time running out for the workers on the irradiated planet below, the Vesta finds relief from both the Republic Governor of the sector and Starfleet as well. The USS Miyamoto takes over the relief effort, sparing the Vesta to head to its next adventure.

Memorable Quotes

From "Given the Green Light"
Sara thought through the question for a bit. "No, I am feeling pretty good." She thought some more. "Well actually do you have anything that can help me remove my foot from my mouth?"

From "Back First Impressions"
"Your species is persistent, and annoying. What?" the translator finally spat out.

From "I, Binar"
The child rolled his eyes. "I'm a pediatrician, not an electrician," the monk quipped back dryly.

Sliding the padd from off the counter top, the woman thrust the patient chart out at the boy as she said, "Well, now you're an electrician." And, with that, she just turned and left.

From "A Plan of Attack"
A race of cunning, of predatory nature, proud and vicious, somehow it had been outsmarted by a primate.

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Guest Appearances

  • Director V'Karix, a Ziapteryx, a Republic official in charge of a damaged Republic mining facility
  • Governor K'Stral, a Ziapteryx, a Republic official overseeing the region including the mining facility, commands the Solar Wind capital ship