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Jailynn Beckinsale
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2357 (34)

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112 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet




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Lieutenant Jailynn Beckinsale is a Federation Starfleet officer serving at Starfleet Security Headquarters.

Physical Description

Jailynn is a tall woman with long smooth blonde hair that sits down to her mid-back and hazel eyes. She has an athletic build from years of physical training from her time in the Marine Corps.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jailynn is what some would consider rough around the edges. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she will not bow down to those that think women cannot do the same tasks as men. Jailynn enjoys physical activity and is not afraid of a challenge.

However despite her brash attitude Jailynn is easily approachable and her devotion to the well-being of her friends and family is unending and unconditional. She would gladly put herself in harms way for them.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+Physically Fit
+Especially loyal and caring to those close to her.
+Intelligent, open minded

-Overly Emotional


Jailynn constantly strives to improve herself and those around her. She is always looking to gain knowledge no matter the source. She one day hopes to command a vessel of her own.

Hobbies & Interests

Extra-Curricular training.


Federation Basic


Mikeal Beckinsale

Father: Mikeal Beckinsale -

Katherine Beckinsale

Mother: Katherine Beckinsale -

Sergeant Amarylis Beckinsale

Sister: Sergeant Amarylis Beckinsale - Sergeant Beckinsale currently serves as a Marine Sniper aboard the USS Calypso in the 7th "Theta" Fleet.


Early Years

Jailynn is born to Mikeal and Katherine Beckinsale in Frankfurt Germany. She would be the first of two children birthed by the Beckinsale's. Three years later Jailynn would be accompanied by her sister Amarylis. Their childhood would be set on a Starfleet Military base where her father Mikeal served as the base Commandant. The two were brought up in a strict environment learning the importance of hard work, self sustainment and to pay a particularily great attention to detail in all aspects of life. Their mother Katherine believed Mikeal was overly harsh on the children and thus they would become rebellious. She once told Mikeal that having a three year old help with the yardwork was ludicrous. Nevertheless Mikeal would stand by his methods and he believed one day she would see things his way.

Unfortunately for Mikeal, that one day came in the form of a nightmare he never would have wished for. The two girls now seven and four were playing hide and seek in a wooded area not far from their house. Amarylis went to hide while Jailynn would be on the hunt for her. Although she never told Amarylis, Jailynn would make herself an easy prey so Amaylis would find her faster. She enjoyed scouring the area for her sister much more than simply hiding in a hole. Not only did it satisfy Jailynn's desire to track, it also gave Amarylis much pride thinking she was superior at the game. However on this day Jailynn would find much more than what she had bargained on. While searching for her sibling Jailynn heard sounds of vicious hissing and growling nearby her. At first her instincts told her to take cover however she overcame her fears and creeped closer to the noise. Soon after the sinister growls were accompanied by screams from her sister. Jailynn rushed to the source to find a wolf assaulting her younger sibling. Without hesistant and in the heat of an adrenaline rush Jailynn broke a branch from a nearby bush and used it to fend off the hungry attacker, but not before the animal inflicted several harsh wounds to her sister. Jailynn took Amarylis in her arms and ran out of the woods crying for help. Mikeal would eventually hear his daughters call and rush to their rescue. Amarylis' injuries were not permanent however the pride of her father in Jailynn heroics was. From then on Katherine would not question Mikeal on his parenting tactics.

Upon successfully graduated Elementary school Jailynn progressed to the Frankfurt Military Institute located on the base. Unlike tradition public school systems, the Frankfurt Military Institute would extend it's studies into Military History, Basic Military Drill and Basic Military Knowledge. Throughout their time here Jailynn and Amarylis would be in constant competition for their father's pride. Amarylis would always feel she had to push extra in order to outshine the shadow cast by her sister's actions in their early childhood. Mikeal thought it "healthy" competition and would not comment during their feuds over who had the shiniest boots or who was the third Starfleet Chief of Staff. It was also here the girls began to first realize their destiny for a life in Starfleet. In the later years at the Frankfurt Institute the students would be opened to studies in basic tactics as well to Starfleet. They would study the famous starfleet battles such as the Enterprise-C's fate at Narendra III. The battle struck a particular chord with Amarylis as she remembered what could of been that one day in the woods...she wondered what would have happened had Jailynn not arrived.

Service Record

Starfleet Marine Corps Academy

Dominion War

Upon graduating from the Frankfurt Institute Jailynn and Amarylis pursued careers in the Starfleet Marine Corps and were enlisted into the Starfleet Marine Academy. Due to the dwindling forces and dire straits Starfleet was facing in the war, Jailynn and Amarylis were deployed on their first assignment to fight in the Dominion War. In one particular instance Jailynn and Amarylis were sent on a boarding party to investigate a ship suspected of supplying the Dominion front lines. While surveying the ship the team was ambushed by a strong enemy resistance quickly devastating their numbers. Despite lacking any formal training and combat experience Jailynn and Amarylis held the position until their vessel could provide reinforcements saving the lives of two of their team members. During the course of the war the sisters were given field promotions to both Private First Class and Lance Corporal in addition to receiving medals of bravery for their valor.

Return to Starfleet Marine Corps Academy

Now 'seasoned' with combat experience and with the end of the Dominion War. Jailynn, Amarylis and the other recruits were returned to the Starfleet Marine Academy to undergo the requisite formal training for recruits. The two along with their superiors from the war thought the training unnecessary as combat had given them lessons the academy could not. To the Academy staff the sisters would be thought of as cocky and over confident. This attitude caught the attention of a Master Sergeant Perkins whom made it his mission to humble the so called 'veterans'. He would present the sisters with physical and mental challenges suited for marines with far more time in then they. At times Amarylis would become frustrated by the Master Sergeant's methods however Jailynn reassured her he was playing mind games and together they would push forward.

USS Tiamat

After successful completion of her training at Starfleet Marine Academy Jailynn and Amarylis would be promoted to Corporal but separated for the first time in their careers with Jailynn being assigned to the USS Tiamat and Amarylis assigned to the USS Thor. With the Dominion still reeling from the loss of the great war Jailynn found herself spending most of her time on the holodeck honing her skills through simulations. Although she was very social and bonded well with her crewmates Jailynn stayed away from any relationships instead maintaining her focus on her career. She was hesitant to commit to one person and risk being 'tied down' to a specific assignment or posting. Jailynn was not one to make a commitment unless her heart was completely in it and as such could not make a promise of marriage or even a relationship to a man.

USS Atlantis

Jailynn is promoted to Sergeant and assigned aboard the USS Atlantis. Upon her arrival she was informed she was to be part of a covert mission on Romulus to explore reports of a new cloaking technology that would shift the balance of power in the quadrant. Jailynn and a team were to go to Romulus and confirm it's existence. The team would get themselves to Romulus via supply freighters and through backdoor deals. Getting to the technology would prove not only a challenge but also entail a great deal of patience. Jailynn and her team would have to be methodical and become shadows in their surroundings to come upon the information required to reveal the location of the device. This assignment would also cause Jailynn to have to step beyond her boundaries and engage in a fake relationship with a Romulan scientist under the guise of a wandering trader. This charade carried on for several months and with each passing day placed an increased strain on her mind. Eventually the team would successfully find the cloaking device and be extracted from Romulus.

Starfleet Academy

After her assignment on the Atlantis Jailynn chose to take a commission and became a Security Officer wishing to leave behind the memories of Romulus and the Marine Corps, however she could not fully give up what she knew she excelled at. She would submerse herself in her studies to keep herself off the radars of any prying eyes and counselors looking to help her deal with her demons. Jailynn had always been taught by her father to fight through the tough times and to always be strong so she could aid those who were not. Thus her marks woulld excel, but her social life was non-existent.

USS Talon

Upon her graduation from Starfleet Academy, her instructors noted her talent for understanding both the roles of an officer on the ground as well as that of an overseer. As such she was placed in the Basic Special Ops course at Starfleet Security and promoted to Lt(JG) to reflect her past experience as a marine. Still reminscing of Romulus she reluctantly accepted the course knowing it would further advance her career. Once she completed the course she was assigned to the USS Talon as a Security Officer. Her assignment was mostly routine until she was given an assignment by her Captain. The assignment would involve a Romulan scientist suspected of illegally acquiring Starfleet secrets. Jailynn would be dispatched to a planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone to investigate the validity and severity of the situation. However the pain of her memories from the Atlantis were still too fresh and Jailynn felt it too great a distraction and thus rejected the assignment.

This incident would be followed by an inquiry launched by the ship's Commanding Officer and the counselor into Jailynn's mental state. After several tough and revealing sessions Jailynn revealed to the counselor what had transpired on Romulus and as such was diagnosed with mild PTSD.

USS Glenn

Upon the recommendation of her Commanding Officer and the Chief Counselor, Jailynn was given a transfer as it was believed that distancing her from the initial trigger would aid in her recovery. Given her past experience and meritous record with the Marines, she was assigned to the USS Glenn as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer where she would instantly be plunged into a battle between man, cat and beast.

Deep Space Ten

With the sudden retirement of Captain Blackcat of the Glenn, Jailynn was transferred to Templar Station given the same position as Chief of Security and Second Officer. Along with this she was promoted to full Lieutenant. However her assignment was short lived as Captain Louris retired suddenly. As such she was reassigned to Starfleet Security Headquarters as a consultant with the brass hopeful the assignment would remove the sharp edge from the brash security officer.

Starfleet Security Headquarters

Jailynn is currently a security consultant at Starfleet Security Headquarters.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2373 Starfleet Marine Corps Academy
Marine Recruit
2373-2376 Various Assignments (Dominion War)
Private First Class
Marine Infantry

2376-2377 Starfleet Marine Corps Academy
Lance Corporal
Marine Recruit
2377-2380 USS Tiamat
"A" Platoon
2380-2381 USS Atlantis
Squad Commander
2381 - 2385 Starfleet Academy
Security Cadet
2385-2387 USS Talon
Lieutenant JG
Security Officer
2387-2388 USS Glenn
Lieutenant JG
Chief of Security/Tactical
2388-2389 Deep Space Ten
Chief of Security/Tactical and Second Officer
2389-Present Starfleet Security Headquarters
Security Consultant