XO's Yeoman

Command Division Uniform
The XO's Yeoman is a position in Starfleet associated with administrative and clerical duties. Yeomen may be of any rank, including officers, and be a member of any division - though commonly they are considered members of the command division and are an enlisted officer.

The XO's Yeoman primarily assists the ship's Executive Officer in the administrative work associated with his or her posting, often dealing with high numbers of reports, and requiring the skill and knowledge to be able to prioritise what the XO sees first, and what needs the XO's direct attention. They hold no official authority over other members of the ship's crew beyond their rank, but orders passed through a yeoman are considered to be as if from the XO's mouth him/herself.

An XO's Yeoman is a rare sight on smaller ships and installations, and the yeomanry is typically confined to just the Captain's Yeoman except on exceptionally large commands.