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<h1>Upcoming Featured Articles</h1>
<h1>Upcoming Featured Articles</h1>
{{Featured article | date= | article=Ascension class | image=Image:Ascension_Class.jpg | content summary=Designed in early 2345, the ''Ascension''-class was meant to be the next flagship of [[Starfleet]]. However, due to the sheer size of the vessel, the power requirements, and the prohibitive costs of building it, the design was shelved.
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In [[2380]], after the [[Dominion War]], the [[Borg]] attacks on [[Federation]] space, and other minor skirmishes, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau pulled the design for the ''Ascension''-class off the shelves and had a closer look at it. They started to update the design, utilizing lessons learned on the [[Vesta class|Vesta Project]]. The designers also looked at the hull and shields, which at the time were inadequate for a capital ship such as this. They added an additional layer of hull to make it triple-layered, incorporated a regenerative shield system (similar to the one equipped on the {{Class|Sovereign}}), enhanced the shield generators to produce more shield power, and increased the available power to the shield generators.
Next they looked at the power systems, which required a drastic upgrade to accommodate all of the modern weaponry. There was also a requirement for a higher warp factor. The designers and the [[Starfleet Corps of Engineers]] worked tirelessly on this problem for months, experimenting with various types of warp cores, even upgrading them to produce more power, but no design proved to be enough to power such a large ship. The designers decided to get radical. Thus far, the tests of the {{Class|Excalibur}} with its dual warp core system had proven quite successful. They ran a simulation of with three warp cores in the same fashion and were quite pleased with the results they achieved. Two warp cores running at 75% could power the ship for normal operations, with the third kept on hot standby. In Red Alert conditions, the third warp core could power up to provide much of the needed power for shields and weapons. They also installed massive fusion reactors to power the impulse systems and provide secondary power for the ship, which can power the shields at 50% while the third warp core is brought online.}}

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