Ritorian Confederacy

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Ritorian Confederacy
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1200 CE (Local Warlord Alliance)

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2110 CE

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The Ritorian Confederacy is the governmental body of the Ritorians, a humanoid species first encountered by the United Federation of Planets in 2291.

This first encounter with the Confederacy was hostile as the Ritorians were occupying the Archa system through the use of psyonic generators in the planet's orbit. The Excelsior was recorded as being fired upon, and in the ensuing battle disabled the pysonic generators in the system, releasing the Ritorians' hold on the Archaans.


The Confederacy Government's structure is only known to Starfleet in the loosest of terms. It is known that the government is a basic monarchical structure, with the individual known as the Pontiff overall ruler of the Confederacy and its systems. Immediately below the Pontiff, and the only other known structural level of the Ritorian Government is the Cibet Gessen Sula - roughly translated; the Blessed Council. It is believed that this council is the legislative of the government, but in theory it could in fact be performing multiple roles within the governmental system.


Little is known of the Ritorian military, other than the fact that they have two distinct branches; the Ritorian Army, and the Ritorian Navy. Both branches are commanded by the individual known as the Brai Kataarik - roughly translated as the Commander-in-Chief. Starfleet Intelligence has been able to obtain a list of the Ritorian rank structure, and have translated the titles into their rough Federation Standard equivalents.

Ritorian Army Ritorian Navy
Ritorian titleTranslationRitorian titleTranslation
RitaarikMajor General   
GroltaarikCommandant SholtaarikVessel Commandant
GroltasinArea Commandant SholtikanVessel Leader
GroltrilRank Commandant   
GroltinSquad Commandant SholtraaVessel Guardian
GroltasGroundsman SholisVesselman

Starship classes

The Ritorians have developed a wide array of warships designed with specific missions and purposes within the fleet. Below is a description of several types of vessels and their Federation Designations.